130120 G-Dragon Ceci Popular Award GDA in KL

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130125-26 BIGBANG @ The Final Alive Galaxy Tour in Seoul
130125 BIGBANG Backstage @ The Final Alive Tour in Seoul 
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130125 Lydia Paek with G-Dragon


Can you guess who?? #guessinggame


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Star column - BIGBANG] Behind story of the World tour.- G-Dragon

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Hello, this is Jiyong of Bigbang.!!^^ It's late but, happy new year and may you always be healthy.First of all, only the final concert in Korea is left and our world tour is about to finish successfully, thanks to fans and staffs who have helped us. Clap clap clap!! Thank you all for the hardwork~!! and I'm looking forward to your favorable help for concerts in Korea ^^

Nah~ what can I reveal exciting episode only in this star column? I was thinking a little, to me, Bigbang world tour is not schedule, it's like exciting trip to me. So looking back, there are many interesting memories left. Of all, I'm gonna tell you special story~ It's kinda short but powerful, so pls look forward to it!^^

First thing I can think is that we were with Dara noona. She came to PH to see our concert. (Noona~ Thank you!!^^)  We kept asking her to see a better place because we thought she knew very well about PH because she were in the business in PH. So she said she knew a great restaurant, asked us to go eat something. So we decided to eat out, We kept asking her to see a better place and this was the first time to all 5 members eating out abroad.

Members, manager hyungs, staffs and securities were all going out!! We were so excited to eat out abroad, dressed up and followed dara noona. At first, we got so excited, talked this and that and looked out of the window. She said we were going to the edge of town, so we all knew it but we kept going~ going~ going.

So some people got tired, fell asleep, the sun went down and darkness fell. (We heard about it later, dara noona said she was so nervous from that moment, we didn't know that because we took different car...ㅠㅠ)

So it took 2 hours to outdoor restaurant, we could have meals with nice view especially with great sunset, if we came here in the daytime. B.U.T. we left hotel too late and arrived here in the dark evening... So we should eat in the dark place. Jeez~! (Dara noona ver.^^) But it's famous restaurant so we had nice food that Dara noona recommended and talked this and that so we had great time.

(The picture that I took here is long~ beer barrel that I already showed you. You know it, right??) pic.twitter.com/BDwlak6Y

After we ate food, we heard that there was same restaurant near the hotel, it's 5 minutes away from the hotel... Jeez...ㅋㅋ. But we had no regrets bcz we could spend time having nice food, talking with good people. Except.. it took 2 hours to go to hotel again...^^. Dara noona!! Thank you for making good memory! Thank you~!!!^^

And there's no special episode, I stayed at London for a few days, had nice trip after the concert. Seeing, feeling many things and meeting fans who knew me... It's not the comfirmed schedule, so we couldn't prepare for this trip, and we underwent trial and error. But it's also good memory. I should take a car and move quickly, so I rarely walk.

But in London, I was happy to make good memories while walking slowly, looking around, talking with staffs and eating street food.^^ I couldn't stay for many days because of next schedule, I will go there again if I have chance ^^

We, Bigbang, always love to eat nice food. So whenever we go any countries, we eat speciality of that country. In SG, at every meal, we had crap food so that we got tired of eating crab, which is our favorite food. hahaha^^; (But we can eat again!!) And the restaurant that we should go was Korean restaurant~! We had eaten Korean food, it seemed like we had much korean food not in Korea. Sometimes we got surprised because in some restaurant, their foods were better than restaurant's in Korea.^^

Before we went to the stage, we should eat side dishes, kimchi that we brought from Korea, and Korean food that cook made for us. Thanks to staffs again that they helped us to do our best to make good stage.^^

Ah!! It's not the memory about the country, it's about the concert. After concert began, in backstage, it's like a war zone~ To dress up, have our hair done again for seconds, many staffs and members were really manic.

But in this chaos, there's one thing that we should do, It's to see Seungri's solo stage!! Especially Youngbae and Daesung bursted out of the dress room and sat in front of monitor although they were not ready for their stage. And they looked very cute..^^ Seungri is still a little brother to us and everything he does is so cute so now it became like a program to monitor his solo stage

He appears to look cool but is it just us that it looks a little cute~?^^ (Seungri's fans~ don't get me wrong~! To us, Seungri is always handsome as well!!^^)

After the concert, we were talking about that day's concert. Talking about fans' reactions, and secret behind story that only we knew, we couldn't go out from the waiting room. We are all men, but we cannot stop talking when we all are together.^^

We always talked that 'let's have a trip', but we couldn't, to me, I had a nice trip with members through this tour,so that it's kinda much special. We couldn't usually go out from the hotel, so we spent time swimming and talking in the room.

Before the world tour, we couldn't spend much time together because of solo promotions, abroad schedules. This time, it felt like we got much close because we spent so much our own time together~^^ (Of course, we got already close like family, sometimes more than family^^)

With good people, going good places, having good foods and talking about good stories.. These are the things that I have learned through this world tour and I want to say that I'm happy because of these things!^^

Jiyong's story, finished~!!! Good~~~bye~~~~!! guys~ See you at Seoul concert~!^^

Translated by: @LueKim & BIGBANGGisVIP

130121 G-Dragon in Paris

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In paris!!! With xxxinxx , @ibgdrgn

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With GD Leader in Paris ! Thank you @xxxibgdrgn #gdragon #gd #giyongchy #bigbang #paris

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130121 Lee Soo Hyuk with G-Dragon

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I meet my friend in paris! @ibgdrgn



130120-21 G-Dragon Instagram Update: London >>>>>>> Paris

London »»»> Paris

In Paris w/ @xxxinxx @lxxsxxhkkk + ?

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130120 G-Dragon and Yoon’s Instagram Updates: "YTD, ASAP party"

YTD, ASAP party w/ @xxxinxx @chaelin_cl

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130115 G-Dragon Arrival @ KLIA (HQ Pictures)




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130120 one of a kind + Crayon - G-Dragon GDA in KL

130118 G-DRAGON @ JTBC Enternews - GDA Cut!


130116 GD Pictures  @ GDA


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130118 G-Dragon Twitter Update

This #birkin bag is super cool

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130118 CL, GD and Yanggeng @ Year Zero London

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