120723 G-Dragon Harper's Bazaar Photoshoot

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120815 G-Dragon Twitter Update

To. y'all luv. I miss you guys, too. It's coming soon. You guys are all confused about everything going on, right? Me too, hehe. You know, surprised are supposed to be fun, so don't worry because I'll appear when I catch you guys off guard. Wait for me with a fluttering heart and open mind. I'm trying to do well, too. Then, see you guys soon."

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G-Dragon sends a sweet message to his fans via Twitter ::

After teasing fans with multiple photos offering a glimpse into his comeback concept, Big Bang‘s G-Dragon wrote a heartfelt message to fans via his official Twitter page.

He wrote, To y’all luv. I want to see you guys too. It’ll be soon now. You guys have no idea what’s going on, huh? I don’t know either haha.

Surprises are always fun. I’ll make a surprise appearance when you guys least expect it so don’t worry and please excitedly wait for me,” he continued.It’s only because I want to do this well. Ok then, see you guys soon.”

The sweet message was met with explosive reactions from fans who are eagerly awaiting his highly anticipated solo comeback.

In related news, the singer will be celebrating his 24th birthday on August 18th.

Source & Image : G-Dragon‘s Twitter /Shared via @allkpop / Credit : akp

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G-Dragon teases fans with a photo from the set of his MV shoot ::

Big Bang‘s G-Dragon who is due to release his new solo album very soon has continuously teased fans via his Twitter page with several hints about the new release.

Most recently, the singer who was reported to be focusing on filming multiple music videos for the new album once again turned to his Twitter to write, “Little by little, I’m starting to hear the sounds, little by little.

With the tweet, the singer also shared a photo of what looked to be a monitor on the set of his MV shoot, featuring a live tiger. G-Dragon is known to be a dynamic artist that challenges convention, and the tiger further raised expectations and left fans curious as to what kinds of ‘sounds’ G-Dragon was referring to.

Source & Image: G-Dragon‘s Twitter / Shared via @allkpop

{TWITTER} G-Dragon's '' I can subtly hear the sounds,subtly '' photo update (100812) ::


@IBGDRGN“ : I can subtly hear the sounds, subtly. “

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G-Dragon Begins Filming New MV Today, Aims for August Comeback
Big Bang’s G-Dragon has started filming a new music video for his upcoming new single, local media Star News reported in an exclusive report.

According to Star News, multiple sources have told them G-Dragon is currently filming his new music video in a studio just outside of Seoul. Starting from today, G-Dragon is expected to film several scenes not just for his new title track, but for other tracks as well, just like he did for his previous solo album.

The report added G-Dragon is shooting for a comeback on August 18, the same day as his 24th birthday.

This album would mark G-Dragon’s second solo album, following his debut solo album “Heartbreaker” in 2009. It was the highest-selling solo album in Korea back then.

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment declined to comment on this matter, and no official word has come out regarding G-Dragon’s new album.

Credit: Soompi

120808 New G-Dragon Twitter Profile Picture


Source: @IBGDRGN

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120808 G-Dragon Twitter Update



Big Bang’s G-Dragon wears special edition headphones


Big Bang’s G-Dragon recently took a picture while wearing a set of special edition headphones.

On August 8, G-Dragon tweeted a picture of himself wearing a pair of orange headphones with the comment in English, “Soul by Ludacris “Big Bang” special edition.”

In the picture, G-Dragon is wearing the Soul by Ludacris Big Bang special edition headphones, which were released in August, like they are a pair of sunglasses.

People responded: “Is your face small or are the headphones big?” “He is really handsome.” “G-Dragon is greater than the headphones.”

Big Bang will start their Asian tour, starting in Singapore on September 28, Bangkok, Thailand on October 6 and 7, Jakarta, Indonesia on October 13, Taipei, Taiwan on October 20 and 21, Manila, the Philippines on October 24, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on October 27, and in Hong Kong on December 8.


Taken from: en.korea.com

G-Dragon Set to Come Back to MBC?

Will the viewers see G-Dragon on stage in MBC? G-Dragon’s possible appearance in MBC is slowly gaining more credibility as Yang Hyun Suk, the CEO of the YG Entertainment, reportedly met with the management of the MBC’s entertainment division.

YG’s idol groups like 2NE1 and Big Bang were confined to SBS ‘Inkigayo’ when it came to their appearance in mainstream TV music chart programs. However, the recent appointment of Song Seung-jong, a man well-versed in TV music programs, to the post of the deputy director of the entertainment division, has given more credibility to the claims of YG’s return to the MBC.

G-Dragon, the leader of Big Bang, is set to come back with a solo album within this month, so his appearance in TV music programs are a highly anticipated affair. Big Bang, currently on their world tour, has taken to the Mainland China with high anticipation and approval of the local fans.

YG is known for their avoidance of their participation in TV music programs. Specifically, they have been expressing their distaste in the rankings given by these programs, and have stood by their conviction to only appear in stages where the quality of their performance is guaranteed. As a result, they have been embroiled in rumors of their resentment of specific broadcasting stations as well.

CEO Yang Hyun Suk, on the official blog of YG, has revealed last year that “the reason YG has been trying to reduce the number of appearance in TV shows is because we wish to care about our singers” and “the singers must participate in rehearsals and undergo so many preparations, just for the 3 minutes of their stage time. 2NE1, who needs to prepare for their hair and makeup, must start their preparations from 2 a.m., and if they have a schedule beforehand, they can’t even get some sleep before their performances.”

“While 2NE1 did not have much activities, like four weekly music shows, late-night music shows, commercials and photo shoots, performances, foreign activities, and radio programs, what I have seen during the past few months were their exhaustion, and their desperate wish for even an hour of sleep.”

“If YG adheres to the demands and the positions of the broadcasting companies, and strive more towards the bond with them, we will certainly have an easier life than now. However, the reason why we choose the hard way, regardless of knowing all these, is because we believe that there are promotions which is made more valuable by continuous efforts to strengthen and polish them, even with the cost of lesser numbers, than the promotions which succeed by sheer numbers.”

120807 G-Dragon Twitter/Instagram Update
축구시청준비완료 한국화이팅!!!!!!
Preparations for watching soccer completed. Korea fighting!!!!!!

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 120805 More BIGBANG HQ Fantaken Pictures @ Alive Tour in Beijing



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Will G-Dragon flaunt a sculpted body for his comeback?

Is G-Dragon transforming his body for his impending comeback?

G-Dragon is known not to have much interest in building his body, but recently, he has been frequently spotted making daily visits to the YG Entertainment gym for workouts lasting several hours.

It seems to be a preparation for his solo album, which is scheduled  for release near the end of August.

An associate shared,”It’s not for a sudden image transformation, but he’s managing his health for his solo activities. He’s consistently working out for several hours a day.”

As a trendsetter that received much attention from the music and fashion scene for his first solo album ‘Heart Breaker‘ back in 2009. G-Dragon intensified workout regime has increased fans’ curiosity over the new image for his comeback.

Source+Picture: OSEN via Naver

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(GD's twitter update)

촬영끝- 피날레를 얘랑하는구나..
End of shooting- I made a finale with this kitten..
120720 G-Dragon @ Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 in Shanghai Press Conference Picture
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120803 BIGBANG HQ Fantaken Pictures @ Incheon Airport to Beijing

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120728 G-Dragon HQ Fantaken pictures @ Alive Tour in Guangzhou



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120729 G-Dragon Backstage @ 2NE1 Evolution Concert


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Is this what GD was thinking when Seungri made that confession in AliveTourGZ? A VIP’s Analysis !!


You were not that shocked when he spoke the 3 words at the concert. You knew he would say this kind of stuff with this kind of atmosphere, especially when the VIPs in the audience were holding this sort of light board conveying that meaning. You know he said it to get a reaction from fans, but even if you knew that in your heart, it was hard to hide your happiness when you heard him say those words. You couldn’t help but have a happy smile on your face, but you also reminded yourself not to be too open about it, so you chose to bite your lips to stop yourself from grinning.

And then you wondered why he would suddenly bow in front of you; it was funny and it also made you speechless. This kid is always doing things you cannot understand, but isn’t that why you love him?

So that’s why you raised your mic when the fans were screaming the loudest to mumble back the 3 words he just said to you. You don’t know if he heard it nor would you know how many people would have heard it since you said it so quietly but you still said it, because that was your response to him.

You wish that one day you could be like him and say the 3 words loud and clear in front of everyone. At this moment in time however, you can only use this quiet method to express it because after all your experiences, you understand clearly that if you make a careless or silly mistake, you have to bear a huge responsibility for your actions. You can’t let him get hurt again and you don’t want to see him cry because of what you did.

That’s why you can only use your own method to carefully protect him. You know he will understand and sympathize you, because you know he is also using his own method to protect you and not make you go through all that pain again.

Source: LSH_CHICHI/weibo
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120729 G-Dragon HQ Fantaken Pictures @ Incheon Airport from Guangzhou



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G-DRAGON Interview - PSY TV Cut! @ PSY me2day!

120725 G-Dragon to release his solo teasers starting in his birthday? YGE responds, “No. That was information released by a different, baseless source.”

Posted Image

YG Entertainment has disputed the rumors about G-Dragon’s solo comeback teasers being released on his birthday.

According to YG Entertainment on the 25th (KST), it is true that G-Dragon has entered his final stages of solo album recording and that it will be his second time releasing a solo album in three years after his “Heartbreaker” album in 2009.

But according to the information that was released by a different source, G-Dragon has planned to release the first teaser of his upcoming 2nd album on the day of his birthday. He has decided to do so since that was the same concept tactic that he had used back in his 2009 “Heartbreaker” solo comeback where he released it on August 18th, on his 22nd birthday. (Click here to read.)

However, YG Entertainment disputed that source and further stated that no date for any of his solo activities have been confirmed. They went on to state that G-Dragon’s comeback had been arranged for the middle of August, but plans may change depending on the situation and schedule.

A representative of YGE told Star News, “Although there was an earlier report this morning saying that G-Dragon was going to release his teaser on the date of his birthday, it was all false information released by a different, groundless, and baseless source. We (YGE) are still discussing matters regarding specific dates and schedules.”

They continued, “Although he is in his final stages of solo recording, the music video and album jacket cover filming has not yet been started.”
Irrelevant information omitted.

Source: Star News
Translation: swaggalevel-1000.tumblr.com

G-Dragon to possibly release his new solo album in August?


G-Dragon has been giving us small hints at a possible comeback with a solo album the past few weeks, and it seems music industry insiders have obtained more information to share with us!

According to industry officials, G-Dragon has entered the final stages of his new solo album with a comeback date set around the end of August. This will mark his first return with a solo album in three years after ‘Heartbreaker‘ in 2009.

Although the expected time period of comeback is sometime in August, the exact date has not yet been decided upon. With ‘Heartbreaker’ having been released on his birthday on August 18th, some insiders predict that the singer may be taking the same approach this time around as well.

However, another source revealed, “G-Dragon will release a teaser on his birthday on August 18th and then take the following steps for the comeback. I believe that the release of the album will be around the end of August.”

Stay tuned for more updates!

source: allkpop.com

120725 G-Dragon Instagram/Twitter Update


콜라 앉아!
Cola, sit!
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120724 G-Dragon Instagram/Twitter Update
You don't even know....

GDRAGON - Harper's Bazaar Making [ENG SUB]

120721 HQ Fantaken Pictures @ Alive Tour 2012 in Shanghai, China
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120722  G-Dragon HQ Fantaken Pictures @ Incheon Airport


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120723 G-Dragon Harper's Bazaar Photoshoot