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BIGBANG for Still Alive

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G-DRAGON - 2011 YGFAMCON Making Cut!


G-Dragon Pictures @ Alive Tour 2012 in Japan


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G-Dragon Special Edition -' Still Alive Concept Photo


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"The successful boyband Big Bang is back with a new clip called Monster which will be available next June 3.
Big Bang has apparently finished promoting their mini album Alive where you can find great songs Bad Boy , Fantastic Baby and Blue .
The song Monster comes from their new album Still Alive - Special Edition to be released on the same day as the Video Clip.

Meanwhile, the Korean group has unveiled teaser posters for each member. G-Dragon, TOP, Taeyang, Seungri and Daesung have a single image which shows the atmosphere of the new clip Monster . We can therefore guess that Monster will be quite a clip, with explosions, fire, much like Love Song , but with more original costumes!
As a reminder, Big Bang has planned a world tour under the name Alive World Tour in 2012 , dates will be available soon!"

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BIGBANG to focus on world tour, no promotional activities for 'Still Alive'


YG Entertainment has revealed it will not hold promotional activities for Big Bang’s much-anticipated special re-release album Still Alive.

The special edition album is scheduled to drop on June 3 with five additional songs in addition to the songs from the mini album Alive.

However, a source close to YG Entertainment revealed the group has decided to not hold any performances for the new album, including music shows, and focus on its ongoing world tour 2012 Big Bang Alive Tour instead.

Big Bang is in the midst of a series of concerts lined up in Japan, with concerts in Osaka from May 31 through June 3, Saitama from June 17 through 17 and Fukuoka from June 23 through June 24.

In the midst of the packed concert schedule, YG Entertainment and Big Bang decided that planning, rehearsing and performing stages for the album in-between would prove too much. Big Bang’s world tour will also take them to Asia, North and South America and Europe to wind them through 16 countries and 25 cities.

Still Alive, its title song Monster and music video will all be unveiled on June 3, while the hard copy will be available on June 6.

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Big Bang No Performance Planned for New Special Edition Album


Big Bang has decided not to have any performance activities with their special edition album "Still Alive" in Korea.

Big Bang will present five new songs in their new special edition album 'Still Alive' including their songs in their 5th mini album on June 3, but the fans in Korea will not be able to see Big Bang perform them.

On May 29, YG Entertainment (YG) has shared with OSEN that "Big Bang will release a new album on the 3rd next month (June), but they will not perform them on stage in Korea. There is just no time since Big Bang will be holding concerts in Japan non-stop until June 24 as part of their world tour."

Further, YG added, "'Still Alive' was produced to repay the fans for their great love they have shown for the 5th mini album. Right now, we are grateful for all the interest the title song 'Monster' is getting from the still cuts and teaser."

‘Monster’ is known to be a much more intense song than the usual Big Bang music. It has been said that the music video has been filmed up to Blockbuster standards.

In this album, 5 new songs are to be revealed with the songs from Big Bang's 5th mini album, ‘Blue,’ ‘Bad Boy,’ ‘Fantastic Baby,’ and ‘Love Dust.’ Through the collaboration with Hyundai Card, the uniqueness and stylishness of Big Bang in this album will be upgraded by newly polishing the album design and the Big Bang logo.

Meanwhile, Big Bang began holding concerts in 5 major cities in Japan starting with Nagoya on May 17 and ending with Fukuoka on June 24. After, Big Bang will be having concerts in Asia, North and South America, and Europe. They will hold concerts in 25 cities in 16 countries for their world tour until the end of this year.

Bigbang members look like ''X Men'' in the new music video ?! ::

Five-member idol group Big Bang is getting a lot of attention from recently-released pictures that remind people of the movie X-Men.

On May 28th, Big Bang’s agency, YG Entertainment, released pictures of G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri on its official blog, YG Life. The pictures were captured from the music video of the group’s new song “Monster”.

In the pictures, the group members show off their charisma through their costumes, hairstyles and makeup.

T.O.P, with his cold face and a black cape, looks like a young Magneto from the movie, X-Men. G-Dragon sports a red hair and is wearing black clothes, and looks like he's making fire with his hands. Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri also look mysterious like heroes from the movie.

Big Bang will release their special album, which includes 9 songs, in Korea on June 6. The album includes 5 new songs, including the title song Monster, which is written by G-Dragon and Choi Pil Gang, Still Alive, Feeling, Bingle Bingle and Ego. Songs from their 5th mini album (Blue, Fantastic Baby, Bad Boy and Love Dust) will also be included in the album.

The new songs will be pre-released digitally on June 3 and a music video for “Monster” will be released on the same day as well.

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Polite G-Dragon’s ‘Folder Greetings’ impress fans


G-Dragon‘s ‘Folder Greetings’ are creating a buzz.

Recently on an online community board, several pictures have been posted with the title ‘G-Dragon Folder Greetings’.

In the pictures, G-Dragon is bowing 90 degrees in respect looking like a folder folding. G-Dragon’s ‘Folder Greetings’ are truly impressing the fans as he is not only greeting the sunbaes (seniors_ of the music and broadcast industry this way but even towards hoobaes (juniours) and audience members.

Netizen comments on G-Dragon’s ‘Folder Greetings’ include: “G-Dragon used to have sort of a rough-around-the-edges kind of image but it’s good to see that he is so polite”, “How can you not love a hoobae like that?”, “Not only entertainers but even average Joes should learn from G-Dragon”, and “I always felt that G-Dragon was polite.”

Source: Seoul News via Nate
BIGBANG Official Pictures @ 2012 Alive Tour (Kanagawa, Japan)


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BIGBANG Backstage @ Alive Tour 2012 in Yokohama, Japan


Singer Kim Bum Soo has been closely observing Big Bang’s G-Dragon?


Singer Kim Bum Soo has been keeping a close eye on Big Bang‘s G-Dragon.

On the May 25th episode of SBS ‘Go Show‘, guest Kim Bum Soo shared the differences between himself and the Big Bang member.

“When signing autographs, G-Dragon humbly signs his name like a true star, and maybe gives them a small nod,” he said.

Kim Bum Soo then explained that when fans ask for his autograph, he excuses himself and gets on one knee to sign the autograph. He then bows 90 degrees to the fan, and even takes friendly pictures with them, posing for the photo.

“I have been observing GD,” he said, emulating G-Dragon’s mannerisms to evoke laughter on set.

The singer also drew attention by referring to G-Dragon as ‘senior G-Dragon‘, displaying his respect for the younger star all throughout telling his story.
Source & Image: Newsen via Nate
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BIGBANG Interview on Ray Magazine


> Daesung

Q: How do you sleep?
Dae: Sometimes I wear pajama, but usually I only wear pants. Even during winter, I keep myself warm with blanket while wearing nothing and go to bed.

Q: What will you do if you have 3 billion?
Dae: I’ll make a plan to travel around the world with cruise, plane, train, etc.

Q: Among the five members, who will be a good boyfriend?
Dae: SOL. He’s hardworking and kind too (from girls’ perspective).

Q: What things are you addicted to?
Dae: BIGBANG. There were many things happened last year, so I want to focus on doing what I couldn’t do last year.


Q: What will you do if you have 3 billion?
TOP: I’ll give the money to my parents

Q: Among the five members, who will be a good boyfriend?
TOP: From girls’ points of views, every member has their own good and bad points and I’m sure our magazine readers also have their own taste too.

Q: How do you sleep?
TOP: In pajama.

Q: What kind of person is SOL?
TOP: Sometimes he’s like a kid. He’s honest and always feels lonely too.

Q: What is your ideal date during summer?
TOP: I want to spend my time with my girlfriend in a place where there’s no one else. If I can spend time with just the two of us, it’s already enough for me.


Q: Among the five members, who will be a good boyfriend?
SOL: Nobody! *laugh*

Q: How do you sleep?
SOL: I used to wear pajama but now I only wear pants.

Q: What will you do if you won 3 billion lottery?
SOL: I’ll buy a mansion. But if it really happened, I’ll give the money to my parents. I don’t like money.

> G-Dragon

Q: How do you sleep?
GD: I take off all of my clothes. Just kidding. I wear pants only.

Q: What will you do if you won 3 billion lottery?
GD: I’ll give it to V.I. I believe he’ll start business and gain a lot profits. I’ll ask my money from him after that

Q: What kind of person is V.I?
GD: He’s our youngest brother, but really hyperactive. Kinda scary!

Q: Among the five members, who will be a good boyfriend?
GD: D-LITE. He’s awesome.

> V.I

Q: What kind of person is D-LITE?
VI: He’s cheerful and our mood-maker. He’s hardworking too. Even when we have busy schedules, he will wake up early to read newspaper or books. He’s smart!

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"Monster" M/V Pics (GD)


GRi's Q&A in Ray Magazine (June 2012) ::


Q: If I got depressed after breaking up with my other half, what BIGBANG song should I listen to?[img][img][/img]

Seungri: Tell Me Goodbye. The song is very carefree and I like that the meaning of “understood, enough” could translate to “goodbye” (laughs).

GD: Love Dust (in Alive album). Actually the lyrics talk about that kind of scenario. I think it’s a song that will give energy to those who fell out of love.

Q: Any Korean dramas or movies that you recommend?

Seungri: Secret Garden - a drama that talks about how a male and female switch roles. It’s very interesting. Our parody of it is already included in the DVD - please watch it!

GD: There’s a lot but I would still recommend Queen Seon Deok. Go Hyun Jung played the evil role in the drama and I loved the drama a lot after watching it.

Q: What is V.I like?

GD: Even though he’s the maknae but he’s very hyper, kind of scary (laughs).

Q: What do you wear when you go to sleep?

V.I: I only wear the bottom part….don’t think anything weird (laughs).

GD: I take it all off….just kidding (laughs). Well, for example just my underwear because I want to feel relaxed when I sleep.

Q: What would you do if you won 300 million yen from the lottery?

V.I: I’ll give 100 million to my parents and donate 200 million to the people affected by the earthquake.

GD: I’ll give it to V.I. I believe he will use it to invest in some sort of business and gain a lot more profit from it (laughs).

Q: A summer style you like/want girls to wear.

V.I: Reveal as much as possible but then if you reveal too much it’s not sexy anymore. I think see through material items are quite nice; the ones that kind of half show half hide (your skin)…that would make me interested.

GD: T-shirt & jeans. For shoes, I think wearing Converse would be nice. There’s even a song in Korea that praises girls that wear jeans. I admire girls who mix and match different styles.

Q: BIGBANG member that would be an ideal boyfriend?

V.I: G-dragon san. He will surprise you a lot, make a song for you and even cook for his girlfriend.

GD: D-Lite. D-Lite is awesome.

Q: How do you achieve your dream?

V.I: My English name is Victory, Korean name is Seungri which means to win. “Winning” has an opposite meaning though; if you find that your dream is getting further away from your original goal, then it’s important you change your dream into something else.

GD: If I talk about dreams, then I always feel that it’s better to have a big dream because the dream will always be achieved. Don’t have a small dream. It’s important to think and decide what your dream is every single day.

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Bigbang for 10Asia+Star Magazine ::

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BIGBANG for Jeju Air
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YG Had Stroke Symptoms and Fear of Death After Daesung’s Accident and G-Dragon’s Marijuana Incident
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SBS “Healing Camp” has now established as the replacement of “Golden Fishery” if not a show that has moved beyond its predecessor. The lineup of its guests is nothing short of extraordinary and the types of confessions that occur on the show are always fascinating.

Finally through the episode that will broadcast on May 21, we get a glimpse of what it was like for YG when his agency’s main idol group Big Bang fell into a crisis. (The crisis meaning Daesung’s car accident, and G-Dragon’s marijuana incident)

YG stated, “I never really expressed it but it was an emotionally difficult time. I doubt that I had a more difficult time when that happened.” He revealed that because of the shock he had stroke symptoms and also felt the fear of death. YG also stated, “Every morning and dinner I still take medication.”

Credit: : jbarky@soompi
BIGBANG Official Pictures @ ALIVE TOUR 2012 in Nagoya, Japan: Taeyang's Birthday Celebration

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Big Bang’s Nagoya concert causes chaos for Japanese railway system

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Big Bang‘s recent Japanese concert has brought chaos to the Japanese railway system in Nagoya.

Starting on May 17th and 18th, Big Bang kicked off their ‘2012 Alive Tour‘ at the Gaishi Hall in Nagoya, Japan. On May 18th, JR Tokai Railway company halted service at the Kasadera station temporarily due to fear that a large number of people would come in due to Big Bang’s concert. However, the train operator forgot to check on the station status, and passed by Kasadera when service continued. Ultimately, 800 people missed their ride.

A representative from Tokai explained, “We figured there would be a lot of confusion since the Big Bang concert was taking place near the Kasadera station. We initially decided to temporarily halt service at the Kasadera station, but the train driver rushed and packed passengers in and did not check new station points when he departed Kamagori station. He eventually passed by the Kasadera station.”

Big Bang’s concert tour will be covering Nagoya, Yokohama, Osaka, Saitama, Fukuoka, and more. Originally, the concert tour was to cover 5 cities with 10 concerts. However, 1 million fans flooded ticket reservations forcing Big Bang to add 3 more concerts to their list. Even with the additions, there were many complaints about lack of tickets. Thus, Big Bang has recently decided to add two additional shows. An additional concert will be held on November 23rd in Kyosera Dome, Osaka. The last one will be held on December 5th at the Tokyo Dome.

Source + Photos: Sports Chosun via Nate
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1220518 G-Dragon HQ Picture @ Alive Tour 2012 in Nagoya, Japan

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Rolling Stone Magazine: BIG BANG One of the 10 Kpop Bands most likely to break in America ::

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Posted Image Despite a nearly two-year hiatus, boy band BIG BANG continues to be one of K-Pop’s most established and popular groups. Before their comeback this year, BIG BANG made a statement at the 2011 MTV European Music Awards by winning "Best Worldwide Act." The award was voted on by fans and saw the group beating out Britney Spears and other popular artists from all regions.

The group reemerged with their Alive EP, which included mid-tempo R&B-influenced ballads like "Blue" and high-energy bangers like "Fantastic Baby." The set charted on the Billboard 200 at Number 150 despite no physical release or active promotion in America. BIG BANG members G-Dragon and T.O.P in particular have caught the eyes of super-producer Diplo (who produced a track for their duo project titled "Knock Out") and British pop singer Pixie Lott (who features them on the track "Dancing On My Own" for the Japanese release of her second album

Click here to know which other kpop bands made the list! 
 Rolling Stone Article.

Source: Rolling Stone Music
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HANGAIN refuses to choose between WONBIN and GDRAGON.

On tv daily HanGain took a fun questionnaire asking about her preferences. In one portion there was a list of male celebrities and she was asked to pic only one for every pair written on each line.

On the photo below, question number 23 and line number 3, HanGain was made to choose between WONBIN and GDRAGON, the witty actress couldnt pick one so she didnt encircle a name instead she wrote "uh".

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BIGBANG Rehearsal at Gaishi Hall in Nagoya, Japan
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G-Dragon for Jeju Air

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