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posted on 01 Apr 2012 20:21 by moomooae

120419 ‘Go Show’ Go Hyun Jung finally meets BIGBANG

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Go Hyunjung has finally met with Big Bang.

Recently, Big Bang had participated in the recording for the new SBS Public Situation Talk Show ‘Go Show’, revealing their hidden charms and sharing their honest opinions and stories. With Big Bang participating as guests on her show, Go Hyunjung’s long awaited wish of ‘wanting to meet an idol group’ has finally come true, garnering much of the heated attention from netizens.

The theme of this day’s episode was ‘Person with (Supernatural) Powers’ and each of the Big Bang members revealed a “power” that they have never yet revealed so far.

As soon as the recording began, TOP sat on Go Hyunjung’s lap and shook up her emotions by leading her on with his charismatic charms. He also shared a story of an episode when he flustered a fellow actor with his intense eyes. At the end, he finished by holding a staring contest with Go Hyunjung.

G-Dragon, who has brought into the world a