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120319 G-Dragon HQ Fantaken Picture @ Gimpo Airport

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How the Big Bang members get their girls

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The Big Bang members are freely handing out information these days, but who knew they′d be so open about how they seduce women?

Big Bang appeared on the March 18 broadcast of SBS’ You and I to perform the singles from its fifth mini album.

During a talk session of the show, the MCs boldly asked the members how they approach the women they like. G-Dragon first said that he would show his affection openly by staring at her strongly and so on.

Daesung said he would suddenly pop up in front of her and say, “It’s the first time.” He explained that it was a good way to start an easy conversation as she always answers with the question, “What do you mean?”

T.O.P. was the most daring of the members. He said he would put his cell phone in the woman’s back pocket. When Lee Hyori pointed out, “Then you would be touching her butt,” he corrected, “Then I’ll put it in her front pocket,” but the only thing he got out of the statement were boos that his correction was even weirder.

Taeyang chose a more timid way; he chose to ask a fellow member for help, and for Seungri, T.O.P. took it into his own hands to reenact Seungri’s methods. He then started staring someone up and down, drawing out more boos from the audience, and Seungri had a hard time trying to explain himself that he had never done so.

Which way would work on you? Or do the methods not matter as much as the men?

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Big Bang's way of picking up the ladies, on SBS ''You & I'' ::

    G-Dragon: If there was a girl I had interest in, I would look at her with intense eyes and then ask her out right on the spot.
    Daesung: I would leave a great impact on her by saying one thing, "You're the first." And then she would have ask, "First what?" But I would just walk away silently while making a V-sign with my hands.
    Taeyang: I really suck at these things, so I would probably just be like, "Hey, Seungri.. I like her right there" or tell the other members who I like instead of going after her.
    T.O.P: For me, I would slip my phone in her back pocket as I walk by.
    Lee Hyori: That means you would have to touch her butt.
    T.O.P: ......then I'll slip it in her front pocket..;;

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120319 Press photos of BIGBANG on “You and I”

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BIGBANG Special on Space Shower TV - 120318 - (Tidbits)  ::

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On his hair color
TOP: “The reactions were surprisingly good. I’ve never tried this new hair color before so it was interesting. I thought of this color whilst preparing for our new album (Alive) so that’s why I dyed it mint green.”

Why is the new album called Alive?
TOP: We decided to name our album ‘Alive’ after many rounds of discussion.
GD: Not only is it the most important word to us right now but when we think of what word that describes our determination and awareness, ‘Alive’ appears in our mind. We’ve been through a lot and we want people to know that we’re back.

Reactions on releasing ‘Alive’ in Korea first
GD: The response to our mini album in Korea was really good, and of course we look forward to releasing it in Japan as well. A lot of people have high expectations and love towards our new album release, as it’s been awhile since we’ve done any promo activities in Japan.

Using Japanese to record (the songs)
Daesung: The hardest part about recording in Japanese is the pronunciation, like “Feeling”….we need to pronounce it clearly to show that effect in the song. It’s hard…and also ‘n’…it’s an intimate pronunciation!

GD’s View on TOP
GD: TOP is the member that surprises us the most. He’s perfect in everyone else’s eyes but it’s different when we see him on stage. The “real” TOP has lots of flaws, is very interesting and likes to keep pushing himself forward. He works the hardest because he likes to show the best side of himself on stage. Since he has acting experience, sometimes even I don’t know if he’s role-playing or really being himself in real life. He’s a hyung that has a very interesting personality.

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120318 Seungri's me2day update - Hyungs look at me.

I am receiving love.. They look at me.. When no one else looks at me or notices me, my hyungs will look at me.. SBS Lee Hyori, Jung Jaehyung You & I at 12AM. Make sure you tune in for Big Bang’s glamorous stage and talk.

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Big Bang - FANTASTIC BABY (Mar 18, 2012)

Big Bang - BLUE (Mar 18, 2012)

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Today's Winner is Big Bang (Mar 18, 2012)


The Vancouver Sun: "Big Bang’s latest video is fantastic, baby" ::

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"Big Bang: Blowing up."
K-pop sensation Big Bang’s latest video is fantastic, baby

The boy band genre may be slowly fading in North America, but over in Asia, one act is blowing up all over the place.
If you haven’t yet heard of K-pop sensation Big Bang, an ultra-stylized five-piece boy band from South Korea, chances are you will hear about them a whole lot more in the near future.
Consisting of G-Dragon, Taeyang, T.O.P., Daesung and Seungri, Big Bang has been active since 2006 and has released various EPs that helped it break into the Japanese market.
The group’s latest “mini album” Alive was released in February, and single Fantastic Baby has garnered over eight million views on YouTube since it was released just 10 days ago.
It doesn’t hurt that Fantastic Baby is easily one of the most colourfully twisted pop videos we’ve seen in a while, combining RPG style art, riot gear, steampunk elements and street pop swagger.
Rumours abound concerning a worldwide tour, so keep your ears peeled.
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BIGBANG_0318_SBS 'You and I'_SPOT

Billboard introduces Bigbang  : ''The Leader of the new Korean Wave'' ::

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Recently, five men idol group Big Bang is attracting worldwide attention.

Big Bang is attracting public gaze because they ranked the top of iTunes Chart in various countries including
Britain, France, and Brazil. Not only that, many news regarding Big Bang were broadcast on America’s popular music shows and award ceremonies.

On March 13, Big Bang has been introduced to world-famous music chart, Billboard. Billboard introduced Big Bang with the title, “Big Bang is Unstoppable.”

Billboard also mentioned, “Big Bang’s fifth mini album, Alive ranked 150th place on Billboard 200. The music video for one of the album’s songs, ‘Blue’ exceeded 14 million views.”

The show also introduced Big Bang’s world tour. Billboard stated, “The first day of world tour, Alive Tour 2012in Seoul, was a great success. Thirty thousand fans visited the site. They will be performing in 25 capitals of 16 countries including Asia, North and South America, and Europe.”

The MC of the show added, “Almost all the songs from the album Alive entered top ten of the K Pop Charts. Big Bang will make a tremendous change in the upcoming K Pop Charts.”
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YG to establish branch offices in Hong Kong & USA ::

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The company responsible for hot sensations, Big Bang and 2NE1, YG Entertainment is starting on their world-wide advancement. On the 15th, it was revealed that YG is closer to launching their branch offices, and would be establishing “YG USA” a branch office for their artists’ US advancement, while “YG Hong Kong” would be for their Asian market advancement.
YG has been preparing for world-wide advancement since spring of last year, a YG official reported, and this spring, they are hard at work in their preparations for the establishment of their branch offices in the United States and Hong Kong, and has made this announcement in advance of their formal launching.
The YG branch offices in the US and Hong Kong would be working hand in hand with the domestic agency to help the company’s artists in their overseas expansions. Unlike the traditional way of hiring competent coordinators in the country where they will be advancing into, this way of advancement would allow the artists to work with their own domestic company’s branch offices’ staff.
Meanwhile, YG has been extensively using YouTube and social networking systems like Twitter, as marketing tools. Through this, their artists like Big Bang, have topped the charts in iTunes and other international music charts, even without any overseas activities and promotions. With a branch office like YG USA, their artists like idol groups, Big Bang and 2NE1, would be supported by full-time personnel and the necessary manpower, to bring their music into a more international market, and is expected to also make their fanbases increase in number.
Source: Osen Via NateTranslated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara
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BIGBANG Comment on Their Win Last Week @ M Countdown


120315 BIGBANG @ M Countdown

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BIGBANG Next @ M Countdown Cut

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BIGBANG - Fantastic Baby

BIGBANG - Ain't No Fun
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The appearance of Big Bang on Grammy's main page proves their global dignity

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It is the first time for a K-POP star to appear on the main page and main photo session of grammy's website.

The photo of Big Bang has appeared on the main page of Grammy's official website. It was taken on 11st when they were attending 'K-Collection' (a fashion cum music show) in Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium. It is the first time for a K-POP star to appear on the main page and the main photo session of grammy website.The caption of the photo is: South Korean quintet Big Bang go kaboom during a performance in Seoul, Korea, on March 11.

Netizens commented, ' I cannot believe Big Bang is on the main page of Grammy's site'. Some of them said ' Big Bang on Grammy's page? BigBang has already gone global.' Some said, ' Big Bang is treated the best among the KPOP stars, they enjoy lots of fame no matter where they go.' Or "Big Bang should go onto the stage of Grammy Award.'

Source: TVreport
Translated by: Rice

[Audio] BIGBANG - INTRO (ALIVE) (Official Instrumental)

[Audio] BIGBANG - INTRO (ALIVE) (Official Acapella)

[Audio] BIGBANG - LOVE DUST (Official Instrumental)

[Audio] BIGBANG - LOVE DUST (Official Acapella)

BIGBANG (Daesung Solo) - Wings (Official Instrumental)

[Audio] BIGBANG (Daesung Solo) - Wings (Official Acapella)

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Big Bang and Girls Generation donate items for charity auction Posted Image

Hallyu stars have stepped forward to lend a helping hand to victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake. Sankei Sports reported on March 14 that the Korean Cultural Center of the Korean Embassy in Tokyo would be holding an exhibition of items donated by hallyu stars from March 13-25.

The exhibition will have Girls’ Generation’s tote bags, a guitar that Big Bang actually used onstage and a range of 50 other items including costumes, signed CDs and umbrellas. Most of the items will be auctioned off for a fund which will be donated to victims of the earthquake. Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation revealed the music video for its first Japanese ballad piece Time Machine on March 13, and Big Bang will be returning to Japan with a new album on March 28.

Source: Mnet Global
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Billboard Korea: #BIGBANG is unstoppable  ::

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Debuting at No. 1 last week, with their lead single "Blue," BIGBANG -- as predicted -- has gone on to dominate the top of the chart taking no less than half of the spots of the Top 10 on this week's K-Pop Hot 100 chart.

The excitement around the new EP "Alive" has translated elsewhere from just digital downloads as the music video for "Blue" racking up over 14 million views so far. Capitalizing on these successes, the boys just kicked off their world tour, titled "ALIVE TOUR 2012," in Seoul which drew more than 30,000 fans to the three-day event. BIGBANG will hit 16 different nations and 25 cities in Asia, North and South America, and Europe.

While every track from the EP charted with "Bang," a track featuring only member Daesung, missing the Top 10 at No. 13 and the EP's "Intro (Alive") at No. 19, we look into three singles from the album that landed at the top of the chart.

While "Blue" spends its second week at the top, "Love Dust" shot up to the No. 2 spot, pushing miss A's, "Touch" down to No. 4. "Love Dust" is a collaboration between producer Teddy and BIGBANG member G-Dragon. In this song, they put a rock twist, over the electro-pop, sample-heavy beat to compliment the soothing vocals and rap.

Looking down one spot on the chart one finds "Bad Boy," debuting at No. 3, is a concoction of R&B melodies, hip-hop beats and little bit of jazz piano. The track was produced by G-Dragon and Choice 37, an in-house YG Entertainment producer. In the accompanying video, the boys stride down the streets of Brooklyn while adding in some free-flowing raps and sensual vocals. The members each get their own turn in the spotlight with G-Dragon and TOP's singing/rapping combinations, Taeyang's charismatic tone, and Daesung and Seungri's melting voices all flow well togeth

Unlike, "Blue" or "Bad Boy," the next highest charting single, "Fantastic Baby," is a big-time head-banger, with its catchy beats and infectious chorus verse, that is sure to make all types of pop fans happy. With a breakdown that sounds similar to the Jennifer Lopez/ Mick Jagger collaboration " T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever)" and a catchy chorus ("I wanna dan- dan- dan- dan- dance") the song is perhaps the most accessible to American audiences. In the music video, the boys flaunt their over-the-top personalities that made them famous in Korea with some eye-popping outfits, props, and hairpiece

FANTASTIC BABY BIGBANG's big splash on the charts this week is obviously creating waves and a big shake-up in the rankings. Ailee (No. 5 - No. 6), K. Will (4 - 9), John Park (6 - 11), all slipped down the chart. An interesting note does come for the four-week chart topper Lyn, however, who debuts at No. 20 with her new single, "Let it Rain." But for now, BIGBANG rules.
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G-Dragon for Gmarket

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120313 Big Bang will carry out promotional activities in Japan and Korea concurrently

In the morning of 13th,a staff of YGE had made a phone call with OSEN,'when BB comeback in Japan on 28th,they will promote in Japan and Korea at the same time. Big Bang will start their japanese promotion in the following week but they will carry out their promotional activities in Japan, Korea and several other countries at the same time.'

Big Bang will release a Japanese album which consists of 9 songs. All the lyrics and melody are composed by G-Dragon.

G- Dragon shared his feelings through a local press, 'we are back to producing good music and focused on improving our stage performance. Big Bang members are expected to develop their own colors. Last year, there were several things happened and then we realized the importance of fans, stage and music. We are grateful and sorry to the fans. Now, we try not to make them worry and they will be able to find us through our albums and concerts.'

After the release of their album, Big Bang is going to start their concert tour from 17th of May in 5 Japan cities and a total of 130000 people are expected to participate.

On 31st, they will participate in 'Spring Grove' Hip Hop festival in Japan with 2NE1.

Source: Osen
Translated by: Rice

{ME2DAY} G-Dragon 's  '' Seung ri pu-ing pu-ing '' me2day update (130312) ::

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Original text : 승리 뿌잉뿌잉

TRANS : Seung ri pu-ing pu-ing

Source : G-Dragon@me2day
Translation via @yynnnn 

*Note : "pooing ppooing" is an action when you puffed your cheeks and put your both hands on them. (Via @marthapido)

K-Pop royalty Big Bang speaks to fans with ‘Fantastic Baby’

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Isn't it wonderful when your idol does not only create good music but also produce a work of art that speaks straight to you?
Hallyu stars Big Bang has done it again. The group's latest MV "Fantastic Baby" is a beautifully shot video with a slew of symbolic images that communicates straight to the heart of their fans--the VIPs. It is a well-known fact that Big Bang, one of the top (if not the top) K-Pop acts, suffered a number of publicity blows in the past year including the car accident involving member Daesung and the drug-related incident involving leader G. Dragon. Throughout all of the negative publicity and discouragement, the VIPs gave the group unending support and the "Fantastic Baby" video is obviously a tribute to them. Let us reflect and dissect some of the major symbolic highlights of the video.

The VIPs: Big Bang's Soldiers

In "Fantastic Baby," the story starts with a clear revolution aimed at stopping music symbolized by the simplified version of the Big Bang skull logo with a slash. The black masked persons refer to Big Bang's haters who capitalized on the past controversies and tried to discourage, discredit and ultimately disband the group. The white masked persons refer to the VIPs who continued to defend and protect the Big Bang boys from these attacks. Big Bang was quoted to have said that it was their fans who kept them together and this is a clear acknowledgment of that. During the 2011 MTV Europe Awards where Big Bang took home the "Best Worldwide Act", they expressed that: "This is only because of our fans. Through the ups and downs. Thank you for standing by us."

Big Bang: The Musical Revolutionaries

These three frames of T.O.P. wearing a variety of outfits reminiscent of historical world revolutionaries such as George Washington and Napoleon Bonaparte represent Big Bang as K-Pop's musical revolutionaries. As I had mentioned in my article "Why is Big Bang so Big?," this group lead by the musical genius G-Dragon started the electronica trend that is still very much alive in K-Pop. Their unique and innovative musical style which is much copied but never equaled is evidence that G-Dragon, Taeyang, T.O.P., Daesung, and Seungri are considered as musical revolutionaries not just in K-Pop but in world music as well.

The VIPs: Daesung's Saviors

The image of Daesung in chains is a clear representation of the emotional and psychological torture he experienced last year during the aftermath of his car accident. Daesung, a known Christian, recognized this major crossroad in his life, which as he admitted in the show "Healing Camp," threatened his very will to live. The beautiful image of a falling Daesung gently caught by a sea of white masked VIPs communicates that the support of his fans aided in his healing process.

Big Bang: Silenced and Scarred yet still Unstoppable

The images of a frozen Taeyang, a scarred Seungri, and a seemingly silenced G-Dragon portrays the publicity nightmare the boys faced in the past year. On close-up, G-Dragon's interesting lip art seems to show black leaves representative of his marijuana-related case. It seems to show a subtle artistic image of his admission to the deed. The bloody scratches on Seungri's chest reveal the painful consequences of past trials while the frozen Taeyang who later sits in a meditative pose shows the silent struggle of the members. Despite these somber images, however, Big Bang stayed together and remains strong. The lyrics of "Fantastic Baby" specifically the lines "I'm forever a celebrity," "Feel who I am," and "Can't stop this" ensures fans that the boys are back and they know their place in the industry.

Big Bang: K-Pop Royalty

I have time and time again referred to Big Bang as K-Pop royalty and this image is indeed fitting. I cannot imagine any other K-Pop (except for Shinhwa) group who can have a photo like this taken and not look silly. With their talent, style, influence and longevity, there isn't any doubt that Big Bang is K-Pop royalty and this video is, just like its memorable lyric, "WOW, FANTASTIC BABY!"

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120311 Intro(Alive)+Bad Boy/GD VER 「K-Collection in Seoul」

photos of G-Dragon @ Running Man filming

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120312 G-Dragon’s Collaboration with Hip-Hop Mogul Ludacris

Big Bang member G-Dragon is to work with American hip-hop mogul Ludacris.

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Big Bang member G-Dragon is to work with American hip-hop mogul Ludacris.

YG Entertainment official stated, “G-Dragon’s collaboration with Ludacris was finished at the end of last year. Ludacris will participate in G-Dragon's new solo album by featuring in one of GD’s songs. We hope many look forward to the results, as G-Dragon has worked with world-wide musicians.”

Ludacris is known as a hip-hop mogul in the US having sold 24 million copies in the world-wide hip-hop market. He also appeared on movies such as ‘Fast & Furious,’ and ‘Max Payne.’ He has launched his own headphones ‘Soul by Ludacris’ that he designed himself. He signed an MOU with YG Entertainment and Soul &Media Group. At that time Ludacris also mentioned Big Bang and 2NE1 as Korean artist he is taking interest.

YG Entertainment added, “This work will most likely be in G-Dragon’s new solo album that is planned to come out this summer.”

Source: KPOPstarz