BIGBANG - 5th Mini Album "ALIVE" Released!

posted on 02 Mar 2012 11:42 by moomooae

Big Bang members receive loving help on ‘Running Man’

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The recent episode of SBS‘s ‘Running Man‘ featured the second part of the Big Bang.

Big Bang were the chasers this time and searched the building top to bottom to find the ‘Running Man‘ members before the cast completed their mission. What was particularly funny during their search was the aid they got from the female workers in the building. The workers were all portrayed with hearts in their eyes.

When Daesung asked politely, “Did you by any chance see any members?” the workers subconsciously blurted “We saw a lot.” Throughout the episode, the female workers kept reporting to Big Bang members about the other members even though they seemed very shy to do so.

On this episode, the Big Bang members and the ‘Running Man’ members tied in their race so the group each sent a leader, Taeyang and Gary, to compete one to one. Taeyang won the game, in a sly fake-out, and Big Bang came to be the ultimate winners. You can watch the antics below: