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BIGBANG's "ALIVE" mini album "Perfect All-Kill" on charts

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Big Bang has achieved a ‘Perfect All-Kill’ as soon as the group released all the songs in the 5th mini album, ‘ALIVE’. Currently on February 29th, Big Bang’s songs are dominating the charts on Melon, Bugs, Mnet, Olleh, Soribada, and others.

The songs Bad Boy, Love Dust, BLUE, Fantastic Baby, Aint No Fun, Wings, and Intro (ALIVE), are ranked 1 thru 7 practically owning the charts. It is especially notable to mention the track ‘Intro (ALIVE)’, as it is purely an intro as described and yet it is ranked at No.7.

BLUE, which was released before the full album album has ranked No.1 on most charts. Seemingly, all of Big Bang’s songs are loved by the fans because the group is able to tackle many different genres such as hip hop and electronic.

The 5th album was produced by many YG producers with strong personalities such as G-Dragon, Teddy, and others. The music video for ‘Bad Boy’ was also unveiled with the release of the songs.

Big Bang has signed a deal with the world renowned concert production company, Live Nation to produce their world tour. Seoul concerts will be held from March 2nd through the 4th.

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Big Bang chosen as "Sunny10" models  ::

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On the 28th, Coca Cola announced that BIGBANG will continue to endorse Sunny10 Sparklingade.

Last year, Sunny10 had G-Dragon and T.O.P as their main advertisement models and they did a re-make of Sunny10's CF song, which was a big hit.

This year, with BIGBANG's comeback, all the members of the group will be working as Sunny10's Sparklingade models.

Coca Cola said, "Idol group BIGBANG's trendy and stylish character matches Sunny10's Sparklingade's image. Because of this, we decided to go with BIGBANG for Sunny10's new CF. BIGBANG making a comeback to the public after a long a break and Sunny10's Sparklingade are both fresh and we believe that Sparklingade's 10% fruit juice will grab younger consumers' attention and love."

BIGBANG recently shot a TV CF with the message, "FRESH SWITCH" to Sunny10's Sparklingade. It will start airing this March.

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