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111105 photos of BIGBANG for "Soul by Ludacris"

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Jung Il Woo to become in laws with G-Dragon?

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At a press conference for new tvN Kdrama ‘Pretty Boys’ Ramen Shop‘, actor Jung Il Woo began to talk about his beloved Shar Pei, Ah Woo with his fans who were present at the event.

“My dog who was given to me as a birthday gift from my fans last year now weighs nearly 40 pounds, and won’t listen to anything I say,” he said. “When I was filming ‘49 Days‘, G-Dragon who also has a Shar Pei called me and asked if I was interested in letting our dogs get married“, he revealed.

But due to the busy schedules of both, the dogs have been unable to meet yet. He continued, “I was so busy filming the drama, we were unable to get together to arrange the marriage for our dogs… And also because Ah Woo is female, I feel like she should play a little hard to get anyway. If he contacts me again, though, I think I just may allow it.”

And in regards to his fans, he said, “My fans keep me grounded, and they are my source of drive. They are the reason I am able to keep a good head on my shoulders… My fans that have been with me since my debut know me better than my own family. To me, they are my acting coach, and my stylist, and I work hard and am always aware of my actions because I don’t want to disappoint any of them.”

In his new drama ‘Pretty Boys’ Ramen Shop’, Jung Il Woo plays the role of a handsome high school student, Cha Chi Soo, who develops a romance with the athletic Yang Eun Bi, the daughter of the Ramen Shop.

The drama is a feel-good romantic comedy and will begin airing on the 31st at 11PM KST.

Source & Image : SportsSeoul via Nate
Credit: Allkpop

111103 BIGBANG @ Heathrow Airport in London ☆ 1


Credit: I Heart BIGBANG@Facebook
GD's first impression of (and colors he uses to represent) his BIGBANG members

Taeyang: I was really scared when I first met Taeyang. We have very different personalities. I used to be really introverted when I was young but he's more introverted now. When we first met, we were like strangers but from the moment we started being YG trainees together to going through so much hard times and until now...we know what the other is thinking just by looking at each other. Taeyang, and I say this about all the members...they are like family to me. I will say that Taeyang's color is red because he's 'the sun'. A fire that keeps burning. He looks cool on the outside but is really passionate on the inside.
Daesung: I realized how important one's personality is after I met Daesung. His color is yellow because he's like a lightbulb that can shine light on everything. He is especially gentle and he can make everything so much brighter when he's around.
Seungri: My first impression of Seungri.........awful (laughs). Seungri became part of BIGBANG through the company audition, but I knew about him through the Internet that he had already been through a lot of auditions too. That's why my impression of him wasn't that great. I even wanted to discipline him at first...Seungri is the type of person that is really greedy....and has a lot of passion for everything. It's good if he uses it in the right place, but I'm very regretful to say that he doesn't. He should find a certain thing and put all his effort into it, but he can only concentrate for a limited time and then he will shift his entire focus onto something else. He always gives up in the end....when I talk about that, I really feel that he's a maknae. If I have to categorize Seungri as a color then he would be ivory; not white & not yellow. He's still in the process where he doesn't know what he wants yet. Seungri will change the most when he grows up. But no matter what I said, Seungri is a very warm and cute kid (laughs).
T.O.P: I knew T.O.P in high school. He was a well known rival of mine back in the day but 3-4yrs after, I saw him by chance again and T.O.P greeted me first. That's how we started talking. Hm..everyone must think that T.O.P is an especially good looking and perfect guy right? Actually he has a lot of weaknesses (laughs). I think that's his charm though. As a color, he will be peach. It doesn't matter if he's there or not and even if you hear his voice...as long as you've seen & heard him once, you will never be able to forget him. I think that's something that only T.O.P can do!
GD: My color? Transparent and colorless. If a dye is dropped onto a piece of cloth, won't that cloth have color? I want to become a person like that. I'm working really hard to become that. Simply put, I'm transforming from a kid to an adult.
*This is from BIGBANG's first official Japanese pictorial interview

Translated by: jwalkervip@tumblr

111103 Daesung: "Started to Understand Why Celebs Commit Suicide"

In a recent interview, Big Bang’s Daesung opened up about his feelings for the first time since being involved in a car accident last May. He held an interview session with his church, Pyung Gang Jaeil, on October 2, which was posted on the church’s website as well.

“It was extremely painful for me after the accident. I almost thought, ‘If I didn’t have faith in God, I might have done a lot of bad things.’ After the toughest three, four days of my life, I met the head pastor of my church. He encouraged and relieved me, and after that, I felt much at peace of mind. Since then, the only place that made me feel truly comfortable was the church,” Daesung said.

He continued, “A lot of celebrities have been committing suicide lately, and I started to understand why. This is why celebrities commit suicide, I thought to myself. Not that I thought about hanging myself, but I did feel like I could have made the decision to do so.”

In particular, he said, “Back then, every single comment on the Web felt like it was drilling my heart. The toughest thing was being called a ‘murderer.’ For a while, it felt like people viewed me as a ‘murderer.’”

“Anyways, it was my mistake, and I felt so bad for the victim, so I just kept praying. I would just start praying and say, ‘I’m sorry,’ but wouldn’t say a single word after that. For 20 minutes, I would just repeat ‘sorry’ and continue to cry. I was really feeling a lot of pressure. But I was involved in the accident and I brought tears to their family so it felt like I obviously had to visit the victim’s funeral. I couldn’t even look at their faces, but they were the one’s who actually comforted me,” he added.

“Back then, I was just so out of it, but after some time, everything kind of settled down. During that time, I focused on the habitat community work and was able to reaffirm my faith in God. During the habitat work, the thoughts of the accident didn’t come to mind at all. The thought of, ‘If I work this hard, I’m sure God will like it. He will lead me to the right way,’ encouraged me to move on every day,” Daesung said.

He also mentioned G-Dragon in the interview. “Because I almost lived at church, G-Dragon told my manager that he wanted to come visit me one day. All Big Bang members are close friends, but G-Dragon is the leader and always tries to take care of me.”

Reflecting his peaceful state of mind, Daesung is slowly preparing for his comeback. First, he will have his comeback stage at the YG Family Concert in December, and his upcoming drama “What’s Up,” which was filmed before the accident, is also scheduled to air in December. We will keep you updated on Daesung, so please continue to show support for him!

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Big Bang en route from Incheon Airport to ‘MTV EMA Belfast’
Big Bang is back! Fans finally got to see all five members together again at Incheon airport as they moved to catch their flight to Belfast, Northern Ireland.

On November 3rd, the airport was crammed full of paparazzi and fans, who were hoping to catch a glimpse of the boys. Known for their fashion sense, Big Bang didn’t disappoint as they showed up wearing comfortable, yet stylish ‘airport fashion’. Seungri and T.O.P. in particular won points with fashionistas with their chic accessories, such as T.O.P.’s cravat and Seungri’s thick cowl.

Big Bang is flying out to attend the ‘2011 MTV Europe Music Awards‘ in Belfast, scheduled to take place on November 6th.

Source: Allkpop
Taken from: http://bbvipforum.tumblr.com
Big Bang leads with five Nominations at the 2011 MAMA! ::

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One of Korea's most esteemed awards ceremony will be held in Singapore for the very first time. Organised by CJ E&M and MediaCorp VizPro International, the 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards (2011 MAMA) will be held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Nov 29.

Fans will be able to catch their favourite artistes at the four-hour show. A two-hour red carpet event will also happen prior to the awards ceremony, where fans can get up-close and personal with their idols.

Held in Macau last year, the 2010 MAMA attracted nearly 30,000 fans. 8,000 tickets were sold out within three days. The event also saw the attendance of over 80 artistes, including award presenters, recipients, Asian and international singers. This year, 5,000 seated tickets are  available for sale. As of today, all 5,000 tickets are sold out. However, the organisers are looking to release some standing tickets.

Nominees for the 2011 MAMA were released yesterday, with one of Korea's top boy band Big Bang being nominated for up to five awards, including Best Male Group, Best Dance Performance - Male Group, Best Music Video, Song of the Year and Artist of the Year. Fans can now begin voting for their idols at the 2011 MAMA website.

Furthermore, Mnet will also be offering seats at the event, roundtrip tickets to Singapore, accommodation and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to appear on stage!
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Coinciding with the 2011 MAMA's theme of going beyond Asia and bringing global fans together through music, this year's 'Music Makes One' Song Dance Relay aims to allow fans from all over the world to communicate with each other.

To participate in the event, fans must upload a message for their favourite K-Pop singer, along with a clip of them shuffle-dancing on YouTube, then click on Mnet YouTube to update their entries. Three winners will be selected for their enthusiastic and creative ideas. Additionally, 25 participants stand to win exciting prizes.

While no attendees to the event had been confirmed, 2011 MAMA recently uploaded a promotional teaser with Super Junior, FT Island, Infinite and Brown Eyed Girls, fuelling speculations that these four groups might be coming to Singapore.

Tickets for the 2011 MAMA are now on sale.
  • 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards
  • Date: Nov 29, 2011 (Tuesday)
  • Time: 6pm (Red carpet starts at 4pm)
  • Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
  • Ticket prices: $198, $158, $128, $98 (excluding $3 SISTIC fee)
  • Keep Voting for Big Bang here~>  http://mama.mnet.com/en/vote.asp

Source: xinmsn.sg
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BIGBANG Lotte Duty Free November 2011
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G-Dragon and Taeyang for Vogue Magazine (November 2011)
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Only 3 members of Big Bang perform at K-Pop Super Concert ::

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On the 28th at 7:30 p.m, Korean star Ha Ji Won and Kim Hyun Joong emceed K Pop Super Concert, which was held at Busan Gwang-An Beach. U Kiss started off the concert with “Neverland” and “Man Man Ha Ni”.Also, T-ara, Jay Park, ZE:A, Sistar, Double A, Kim Hyun Joong, Big Bang’s Seungri, T.O.P, Taeyang, Se7en, Shinee, Psy, and Kara gave a breathtaking performance.
It was a shame that not all the members of Big Bang and Kara were able to perform due to some unavoidable reasons.
Daesung, who is having time for self-reflection after a car accident, and G-Dragon, who has had his indictment suspended, didn’t join the stage. Therefore, the members of Big Bang had to be satisfied with their solo stages.Seungri sang “What Can I Do” and “Strong Baby”. Even though he slipped and fell during the stage, he finished the performance undaunted.

Taeyang sang “Where You At”, “I Will Be There” and “Super Star”. Taeyang stated, “I am glad to perform on such a nice stage. I hope you enjoy the concert until the very end.”

T.O.P captivated the audience with his solo “Turn It Up” and “Digital Bounce”, a duet with se7en.
<Park Gyuri of Kara couldn’t join the stage. According to DSP Media, she wasn’t able to attend due to the musical concert of Beautiful Girl, which is held in Japan. Gyuri will be performing the musical all across Asia until the 6th of next month.

Psy also brightened the stage. He made the fans excited by singing “Right Now” and “Shake It”.
Ha Ji Won made a special appearance on Double A’s debut song “Because I’m Crazy” and showed a sexy wave.
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Source: TV ReportTranslation: Korea.comShared via bigbangupadtes@twitterCredit : bbu

Credit: ohmygoodness28@YT
15th Anniversary 2011 YG Family Concert special  -Surprise Event - :: Posted Image

[Surprise Event] 2011 YG Family 15th anniversary concert!
YG Family has been together for 15 years!!
 From a big senior Jinusean to a new-comer Tablo!
Who do you expect the most to see on the stage at 2011 YG Family Concert?
Select the artist and leave your comment with the number listed below!

3. 1TYM
5. SE7EN
8. 2NE1
10. PSY

BIGBANG with all the old school people~~!!

Source : YG Family Facebook
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Report cards for idol groups revealed, which groups have been dominating this year?

Much like last year, thus far in 2011, the Korean music industry has been dominated by idols. With top idol groups promoting overseas as part of the Hallyu wave, their influence has spread beyond Asia into Europe and South America as well.

With that said, the “report cards” (aka the album and digital sales) of boy groups and girl groups for this year were compared.

▶ Idol groups’ impact on the music industry
According to the results of Gaon Chart this year (from January 2nd to October 1st), idols have placed 51 songs out of the top 100 songs on the digital chart.

The idols that make up the top ranks include Hallyu’s top idol groups: T-ara, 2NE1, Big Bang, f(x), CNBLUE, B2ST, miss A, SECRET, SISTAR, etc.

When the album chart was reviewed, it was clear that idols had a stronger influence on album sales than in digital sales. For the album charts from the same period, idol groups had 69 albums out of the top 100, and the entire top 10 (from 1st to 10th) were all albums belonging to idol groups.

▶ Girl groups dominate online sales (mp3), while boy groups dominate offline sales (CD)
Girl groups clearly dominated the digital charts. Out of the 51 idol group songs in the top 100, 31 (61%) of those were by girl groups.

In contrast, boy groups had a strong hold over the offline or physical album sales this year. The top 10 album sales for this year (with the exception of KARA at 8th place) were all from boy groups. Super Junior, TVXQ, and JYJ comprised of the the top 3 album sales this year.

Choi Kang Ho, director of the Music Contents Industry Association (which runs Gaon Chart) stated, “For offline or album sales, the majority of the consumers are made up of loyal fans of idol groups rather than regular music fans… Boy groups, who have more intimate fans compared to girl groups, have been showing high album sales.”

▶ Girl groups to dominate the rest of the year
Girl groups are expected to continue their streak for the remainder of this year. With groups such as SNSD, Wonder Girls, T-ara, and SECRET having already made or planning to make their respective comebacks by November of this year, the fans’ anticipation has been growing.

In addition, the popular boy groups will all be targeting the overseas market, leaving the Korean market wide open for the girl groups to dominate.

Although there is much support for idols and their music, there has also been growing concern over the imbalance of the current music industry. One album producer stated, “With producers all jumping on the bandwagon of producing for idol groups, the idol market has become saturated… To solve the imbalance of the Korean music industry and the continuous progress of Hallyu, investments must be made in other genres.”

▶ Idols vs Non-idols Digital Market Share
(Survey period: 1/2/2011 ~ 10/1/20112011, Digital Chart Top 100)

Idols: 56% (11,079,642,386 Gaon points)
Non-idols: 44% (8,750,954,178 Gaon points)

※Gaon points: streaming + MP3 download + BGM sales + mobile sales

▶ Idols vs Non-idols Album Market Share
(Survey period: 1/2/2011 ~ 10/1/20112011, Album Chart Top 100)

Idols: 81% (3,063,899 copies sold)
Non-idols: 19% (707,498 copies sold)

▶ 2011 Digital Sales Ranking(1/2/2011 ~ 10/1/2011)
1. “I Cheated”(Feat. 박봄) – Infinity Challenge GG (G-Dragon & Park Myung Soo)
2. “Please” – Kyung Yeon 2. “Singing Each Others’ Songs” – Kim Bum Soo
3. “Roly Poly” – T-ara
4. “Don’t Cry Don’t Cry” – Park Bom
5. “Pinocchio (Danger)” – f(x)
6. “Lonely” – 2NE1
7. “Tonight” – Big Bang
8. “The Story Only I Didn’t Know” – IU
9. “I am The Best” – 2NE1
10. “Intuition” – CNBLUE
11. “Rainy Days” – B2ST
12. “My Heart is Beating” – K.Will
13. “Ma Boy” SISTAR
14. “Starlight Moonlight” – SECRET
15. “Good Bye Baby” – miss A

▶ 2011 Album Sales Ranking (1/2/2011 ~ 10/1/2011)
1. ‘Mr. Simple’ – Super Junior
2. ‘Keep Your Head Down’ – TVXQ
3. ‘In Heaven’ – JYJ
4. ‘Big Bang 4th Mini Album’ – Big Bang
5. ‘Fiction And Fact’ – B2ST
6. ‘Break Down (EP)’ – Kim Hyun Joong
7. ‘First Step’ – CNBLUE
8. ‘STEP’ – KARA
9. ‘Mr. Simple The 5th Album Repackage (A-Cha)’ – Super Junior
10. ‘Hands Up’ – 2PM
11. ‘Big Bang Special Edition’ – Big Bang
12. ’2NE1 2nd Mini Album’ – 2NE1
13. ‘Infinity Challenge West Coast Highway’ – Various Artists
14. ‘Take A Deeper Look (EP)’ – Jay Park
15. ‘Pinocchio’ – f(x)

Source: Naver, allkpop
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Introducing Bigbang on allkpop's me2day Monday's ::

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Hello everybody and welcome to our compilation of celebrity me2day accounts!

For this week’s me2day monday, I would like to introduce the members of Big Bang! You can follow them under the following accounts:

  • Seungri (December 12, 1990)
  • Daesung (April 26, 1989)
  • G-Dragon (August 18, 1988)
  • Taeyang (May 18, 1988)
  • T.O.P (November 4, 1987) <– His Birthday is coming up soon!
me2day, the Korean Social Networking Service recently launched an English version and allkpop is now on me2day!

In addition, by signing up for me2day you will be able to make friends with your favorite K-Pop stars, as well as read all of their updates.

We hope this feature will help make it easier for you to connect with your favorite celebrities in real time!

So what are you waiting for? For the latest K-Pop updates follow us at: http://me2day.net/allkpop

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YG Concert in Japan shooting for a record 30 billion won in ticket sales

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YG Entertainment is shooting for the largest ticket sales in the shortest time in the Korean music industry history.

YG Entertainment will hold a total of 4 concerts titled, ’15th Anniversary YG Family Concert’ with 2 dates in Kyocera Dome in Japan (1/7 and 1/8/2012) and the again 2 dates in Saitama Super Arena near Tokyo (1/21-1/22/2012).

Given the fact that 2NE1, managed by YG Entertainment, has sold out their Japanese tour starting the end of September through the beginning of this month and that Big Bang’s Daesung will be back after 8 months on hiatus after the car accident, YG Family’s first Japanese concert has many aspects that can draw a lot of attention. It’s expected that the tickets will be sold out.

If the concerts in Japan are sold out, it will gather a total of 160,000 in the audience. SM Entertainment has gathered about 150,000 people for the 3 dates in September at Tokyo Dome and this would push their numbers above and beyond.

As verified by Star News, YG Family concert ticket in Japan will sell for 12,800 Japanese Yen, which translates to about 190,000 KRW. If all 160,000 tickets are sold, the ticket sales alone will bring in 30,300,000,000 KRW ($26.26 million at press time).

Such sales would be the largest sum in the shortest time period by any Korean artist or any company brand concert.

The 15th anniversary of YG Entertainment is celebrated with the YG Family Concert in Korea as well, in December this year. On December 3rd and 4th, there will be 3 concerts at the Seoul Gymnastics Stadium with 40,000 audience members. The tickets in Korea will sell for 88,000 KRW per, bringing the total to 3,200,000,000 KRW.

Source: Star News via Nate
Translation from Cowfart @ kpopfever
Taken from: bigbangupdates

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Korean indie band Toxic, the winner of KBS reality show "Top Band" has confessed their admiration for Bigbang's G-Dragon, especially regarding his touching lyrics in Heartbreaker. "It is amazing how he can express the lyrics like that"

"Kwon Jiyong(GD), SANULRIM, 10CM, they all have great sense in writing lyrics"

The article also mentioned that they have recieved love call from YG entertainment, but they drew the line with the statement "We like Kwon Jiyong, but signing for YGE is another story "

111019 YG Family Concert 2011 in Korea and Japan Details

YG Family Concert in Japan
January 7th, 2012 (Sat) - 4PM Doors Open / 6PM Show Starts
January 8th, 2012 (Sun) - 3PM Doors Open/ 5PM Show Starts
Venue: Kyocera Dome Osaka, seating capacity 36,477
Contact: Kyodo Information (Tel 06-7732-8888)

January 21st, 2012 (Sat) - 4PM Doors Open / 6PM Show Starts
January 22nd, 2012 (Sun) - 3PM Doors Open/ 5PM Show Starts
Venue: Saitama Super Arena (Stadium Mode), seating capacity 37,000.
Contact: DISK GARAGE (Tel 03-5436-9600)

Cast: Gummy, SE7EN、BIGBANG、2NE1、PSY, others
(*BIGBANG's G-DRAGON's appearance is yet to be determined)

Tickets: Reserved Seats Only 12,800YEN (inc. tax)
Tickets only for those older than 3 years old
No admission for those under 3 years old
General ticket release date: December 17th, 2011 (Sat) from 10AM

Comment from the artists
Since the YG 10th anniversary concert, it's been a long time since there was a family concert in Japan!! Everyone, I will work hard with my activities in Japan so please look forward to enjoying the Live performances together. I will practice hard to show you a good performance so let's look forward to it together!! Everyone! Please look forward to the YG Family Concert!! (GUMMY)

Hello! I'm SE7EN. I'm really glad they decided to hold YG Family Concert in Japan. I want to quickly meet all the Japanese fans!! I, SE7EN, will also show you a cool stage so please anticipate it!! (SE7EN)

We're really happy since it's been a long time since there was a YG Family Concert held in Japan. We'll show you cool stages so please look forward to it!! (BIGBANG)

We're so happy to be able to participate in the YG Family Concert to commemorate the 15th year anniversary of YG. Recently, at 2NE1's tour, the YG Family senior artists that appeared as guests will definitely give you an amazing lineup at the concert so there's no mistake that it'll be fun stages! Let's play together with everyone again!! (2NE1)

From YGFamily Official Concert Website:

YG Family Concert in Korea
Concert Name: 2011 YG FAMILY CONCERT 15th Anniversary
December 03, 2011 (Saturday) at 6:00 pm
December 04, 2011 (Sun) 8:00 pm / 3:00 pm
Location: Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium
Tickets: 88,000 won (including tax)
Sponsors: Gmarket, GScaltex, Look Korea, Copyright Research and Info Center, Sunny10, Nikon

Ticket Information:
Start Selling: October 27, 2011 (Thursday) at 8:00 Pm
Website: www.gmarket.co.kr
Contact: 1566-5702

Sources: YGEX, http://concert.ygfamily.com
Translated by aNono @ygladies.com
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GDTOPVI @ MTV Seoul Sunday Live Tweets
Which member do you think is mama boy? (in English)
Seungri: (thinks hard) I think TOP.
GD: I think so
Seungri: He (TOP) loves his mom.
GD: (like huh?) I love my mom too.
TOP: You don't love mom? (and touches seungri's knee)
Seungri: I love mom too. But everyday (TOP) [gestures a phone] he's on the phone, phoning his mom. (everyone laughs)
TOP: [in Korean] I think I'm a mama boy. I love my mum. (smiles sweetly)
What did you want to be when you were a kid? (GD version)
G-Dragon: I...when I was little..(laughs to himself) I wanted to be a dragon
Seungri: I heard that you wanted to collect marbles
G-Dragon: I've collected lots of them
TOP: Where are they?
G-Dragon: I want to ascend to heaven (laughs)
G-Dragon: Did you like the video for "High High"? 
Seungri: I felt like I was at the airport 
G-Dragon: Airport? 
Seungri: The concept of the video was like two pilots and many flight attendants having a party. 
G-Dragon: You know a thing or two about flight attendants. 
Seungri: (Hurriedly) Not really. I'm not interested in them. (GD laughed to himself) I was too excited at the party, but these two should have been the center of attention. 
TOP: There's one more person who was as excited as you 
G-Dragon: Yes, Taeyang was also having fun. 
Seungri: He was pole dancing. Why don't we enjoy it together? "High High" (tilts head left and right) 
G-Dragon: I'm so high 
TOP: Ha ha ha ha ha
If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?
TOP: It would be great if I can time travel. I could change the things that I regret and things that I couldn't do well. I want to be able to fix my past. I want to travel to the future and see my future wife. I'll come back to the present and try to find my wife-to-be. I want to have control over my life.

Seungri: I'm going to collect people with super powers, and form a school for them. 
G-Dragon: Like that guy in X-Men?
Seungri: (looks at G-Dragon) Magneto? (nods) I'm going to start a school for those who have super powers, and form an organization for them. 
TOP: You like forming all sorts of organizations
Seungri: I do.
TOP: You like collecting people. 

G-Dragon: (in English) I want to read somebody's mind. That's very cool.

Seungri wants to be Korea's president when asked what he wanted to be when they were still kids.

GD wants to be a dragon and TOP wants to be BIGBANG.

Actually, they are just showing BIGBANG's past music videos. #MTVSEOULSUNDAY

GD thinks his acting on My Heaven is great. #MTVSEOULSUNDAY

Seungri speaking in english is SMEXY!

A fan asked Seungri what animal he wants to be aside from being a panda. He answered white horse but he likes black. #MTVSEOULSUNDAY

GD said that while filming High High, he and top was drinking at the same time. #MTVSEOULSUNDAY

[quote]What super power they want to have? TOP answered time travel. He said he wants to go to his past and correct his mistakes and go to his future so he could see his wife-to-be and go back to the present to find his wife-to-be #MTVSEOULSUNDAY

A fan asked who they think among the members is the most mama's boy. GD & Seungri voted for TOP, which he agreed on.

About the super power thing. Seungri said he is go to collect people with super powers and make an organization for them.

GD revealed that Seungri was banned to go to Las Vegas because he made the other members worried. #MTVSEOULSUNDAY

I forgot to tweet this. They were asked what was the craziest thing a fan did to them. Seungri said it was when a fan threw sunflower seed to TOP's face. The manager asked the fan why. The fan said she heard that to make an impression she needs to slap that person on his face. But GD & TOP thinks that Seungri was just making up a story. LMAO.

About the craziest thing. GD answered that it wasn't the craziest but he waa scared during a concert and evertone was dancing he saw a fan just sitting straight and was looking intently at him.

Credit: iBigBang@twitter
GD: did you like the video for "high high"?
seungri: I felt like I was at the airport 
GD: airport?
seungri: the concept of the video was like two pilots and many flight attendants having a party 
GD: you know a thing or two about flight attendants.
cr: whimsicalgt
via mystifize @ twitter
Seungri: Ah.. I want to be..a horse
G-Dragon: Why? (laughs)
Seungri: (Serious) I want to..uh.. I want to run. (GD laughs while TOP continues smiling coolly)
G-Dragon: Seungri wants to be run faster
Seungri: Fast, and strong. I want to be a horse (GD laughs uncontrollably while TOP looks at GRi coolly with an occasional smile) But, a white.. (TOP chips in to say something). No no, a horse. Very fast, a horse. And erm.. a white horse. (GD&TOP burst into laughter) Like princess. Oh no, a prince, sorry. (smiles confidently/cutely)
G-Dragon: I want to ride you.
Seungri: Okay

*they spoke in English!
cr : jwalkervip @ tumblr

GD&TOP "The Lotte Festival" Ads
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More G-Dragon Pictures with 'Little Dragon'
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G-Dragon Making Pictures from Soul by Ludacris Headphones
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GD’s major endorsements’ final decisions after his incident

GD’s current endorsements
- Bean Pole
- North Face
- G-market
- Sunny 10
- Nikon Cameras
- LG Smartphones
+ extra ones combined to be a total of 10 ads

His major endorsements’ final decisions after GD’s incident made headlines

1. Bean Pole
We choose fashion models based on different seasons and we will still use G-dragon in the next one. After G-dragon endorsed our brand, sales have jumped 30%. Not only is he at the center of the kpop hallyu wave but he also showed that he’s willing to self reflect and that is a good role model so it’s a decision based on many factors.

Contract: 10 months // Modeling fee: 1 billion (there hasn’t been any other idols in history to earn this much)

2. Sunny 10
From our understanding, we cannot break a contract with our model who has not been indicted. Before our contract expires, we will still continue to use GD in our promotional activities. Our contract with BIGBANG extends till June of 2012.

3. North Face
Since we are using BIGBANG as our models and not G-dragon alone, therefore this problem does not exist. We will not edit out GD’s parts during our contract with them. To be honest, after BIGBANG endorsed the North Face, everything that they have worn in our promotional ads have almost been sold out.

4. G-market
“We will determine what happens if there are further developments in the case”
But, G-dragon represents G-market so this problem doesn’t exist.

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111008 Big Bang postpones DVD + best-of album release after G-Dragon’s scandal

After BIGBANG leader G-Dragon became wrapped up in a marijuana scandal earlier this week, Universal Music Japan announced that two of the group’s upcoming releases will be postponed.

BIGBANG had originally planned to release a live DVD titled “BIGBANG PRESENTS ‘LOVE & HOPE TOUR 2011′” on October 19th, followed by a best-of album titled “THE BEST OF BIGBANG” on November 23rd. However, both have been indefinitely postponed after discussing the matter with YG Entertainment and taking social influences into account.

Additionally, the GD&TOP unit under avex Entertainment has put their Japanese debut single “OH YEAH feat. BOM (from 2NE1)” on hold.

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G-Dragon's Interview for 1st Look Magazine
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1st Look Magazine Cover Story: Rule The Nation

G-Dragon is suggesting a new standard in the Korean pop music industry. His thoughts on fashion, music, musicians and K-wave. His thoughts are bigger and broader than expected.

The era of dance artists and idol groups started in the 1990s. Despite its short history, the people who changed the trend of their time will always be there. People like Seo Taiji & Boys, Deuce, and H.O.T set some standards through their music and dance before. Isn’t G-Dragon someone who can succeed this kind of legacy? This enfant terrible, who is the leader of Big Bang and also a solo musician himself, is only 24 years old. Of course, his beginning was not too different from other idol stars. Being selected at an early age, he was raised as a star going through the stage of a so-called “trainee.” However, G-Dragon did not simply constrain himself with singing and dancing, he is now working as an idea bank and a producer who controls fashion, attitude, choreography, stage design, album art work, not to mention the music composing. This is why we cannot just call him and Big Bang a mere idol group.

“YG made all things possible -- the environment, the way people work and everything. Family-ship is really strong here. We are all like brothers, so we are really not “working” but “playing” together. When we work with the intention of producing a hit song and a very popular music, it never works out well. Rather, when we work while hanging out with a drink or playing games and suddenly come up with an idea, that's when the song really works well. Even during holidays I would come to the office and hang out with my brothers, working and hanging out with them. I think this is the reason why I can work more than others and make good music.”

However, these days, G-Dragon is mentioned more as a fashion icon than as a musician. Some even parody his bold and adventurous fashion style. We should acknowledge that G-Dragon has a part in the popularity of Jung Hyung-don, who insists the "no mercy" fashion sense to be his unique style and challenges GD, or the web-based cartoon “Fashion King,” that constantly mocks fashion.

“I find it fun. Infinity Challenge is indeed my favorite program as a common viewer. I found out about Fashion King from my fans but I haven’t read them yet. I’m sure it's also fun since the title is Fashion King. I think it is really nice as a celebrity to be mentioned continuously without having to be involved.”

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He, who is passionate not only about music but also about fashion, is now planning a new project.

“Whenever I go travel abroad, I go to stylish shops and meet wonderful friends. However, in contrast, I cannot think of a place in Korea that people from other countries should come check out. I want to make a cool and stylish space with friends who I think are really cool and stylish. Not a mere business that sells clothes and various items, but a cultural place where you’d go to see, feel and learn Korea’s street style. A place where everything is gorgeous, from the styles of employees to the interior, music, products. A place that is totally worth visiting. I am preparing for this project slowly, waiting for the right time.”

Aside from fashion, what he is really plugged into these days is his second solo album.

“I am preparing for my solo album, but because of lots of Japanese events and commercial schedules, it is getting delayed a little.”

His first solo album, Heartbreaker is indeed an album that showed the essence of G-Dragon. From beginning to end, from outside to inside, we could feel that he poured all his energy to make it as “his album” wholeheartedly.

That is probably when we started seeing G-Dragon as a producer and a musician, not just an idol singer.

“I consider my albums as my diary. Something that can remind you of your thoughts, your way of thinking and your energy at the time you made it. Therefore, every album has a special place in my heart. However, now that I listen to them, the songs sound very childish and embarrassing. It feels like I merely “exploded” my energy prematurely. This album will be a lot more mature.”

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Also, his solo album will be hip-hop based, which is his musical root. It will be different from his previous one that was more of a mixture of various genres and styles.

“I personally think that all the good music is already out. Now the key is how to mix them well to make it your own. Because of this, artists in and outside of Korea are trying different music instead of separating genres. This album will have lots of hip-hop elements. I had slow-tempo tracks and pop-style tracks in my previous album but this time, every music will be hip-hop based. You will think, “oh, it’s hip-hop” as soon as you listen to it.”

Meanings of words change as the society changes. In old days “musicians” can survive just by writing songs, showing great singing skills or focusing on music, but the situation has changed. Nowadays, if you want to label yourself as a “musician”, you need to control your fashion, performance, visual elements and make them your own. This corresponds with GD’s desire of wanting to be a “new standard.”

“The reason why I wanted to become a singer was because singers looked really cool back then. No other reason, it was just because they looked really cool. I thought, “wow, I just want to live like them.” Even now, their music and performances are really cool. However, these days, there are no more musicians who are as cool as them. This is why I want to show the best answer to people. I’d be thrilled if I become the standard in terms of good music -- that will make you decide what is good and what is not -- among the overflowing singers these days. Yes, you can say that is my dream.”

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In the young age when you are supposed to be busy with just building yourself up, it is astonishing that he sees the music industry as a whole and tries to find his place in it. However, his mature thinking does not stop there. His duty is even heavier in the situation when K-pop and K-fashion are getting attention from all over the world, much recognized as “K-wave.”

“In Korea's current state, whatever you do will work and people are going to pay attention to it. Rather than considering it as a temporary “wave,” we should grow this so that our Korean music can have its voice in the world. If all the musicians can work together to show good music and grow the music industry well, we can make a market that is as big as Japan’s, and even further, we might be able to lead the world’s music market. We are now given a really good opportunity and I am so worried that we may blow it.”

This is why he's working on his solo album in a slow pace. He wants to produce good music and to be a standard, and because he wants to pull Korean popular music a step higher, he has lots of thoughts and worries. Nobody asked or forced him to do it, but why is he carrying this enormous and heavy responsibility on his shoulder? An enthusiastic cheer-up for GD, who is stepping forward one by one each time with the heavy load.

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