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posted on 25 Aug 2011 20:14 by moomooae
BIGBANG with a Fan @ 10CORSOCOMO After Party
c: afiction @ tumblr
Source: afiction@tumblr
110915 GD and Taeyang spotted at airport coming back from Jeju Island

source : GDWORD_ @ twitter

GD's friends talk about Seungri & GD gets protective

Aren't Seungri and Hyuk Soo quite close friends? Anyway GD and Hyuk Soo went to a gathering, but that gathering is open to the general public. I know an onnie that knows the person in charge of the gathering. When GD and Hyuk Soo were talking to each other, his phone suddenly rang.
GD: Mm...meeting with a friend now...outside, Ah...sure...ah.
(GD exchanged a few words over the phone like that. When GD hung up...)
Hyuk Soo: Who was that?
GD: Seungri.
Hyuk Soo: Ahh...I haven't seen Seungri in a very long time. Really miss him..
GD: Why are you missing him?!?!!
This one is from GD's good friend. He bought a lot of good food for Seungri since he saw Seungri being dragged around all the time by GD and felt sorry for him. He asked GD to give it to him. GD then said loudly,
GD: Why are you buying him all these?? I know how to take good care of him and feed him good stuff even if you don't, so you don't have to worry about him anymore!

Translated by: jwalkervip@tumblr