GD&TOP, "We want to fulfill our dream as rappers"

posted on 03 Feb 2011 15:50 by moomooae
Seungri “After the First Program I got a Text from GD…”
The group Big Bang’s youngest, and between all the solo artists unfolding a music world of their own, how is Seungri constructing his area? Seungri, who is showing us a successful solo activity using the mini album that he recently composed, wrote and produced , revealed his true feelings about his personal music greed and the responsibility feels towards being a part of YG entertainment and Big Bang in the interview with <10 Asia>.
“Actually it wasn’t an easy situation for me to produce a solo album. This is because it was a situation where YG had to have Big Bang’s album out soon. The fans had waited for too long.” Just as he said, in a situation where Big Bang’s new album had been extended several times, making a solo album was also a big burden for the fearless youngest member. This is why it was also a situation where Big Bang had to show something. “The reason why they trusted me and let me produce a solo album this time was probably because I wasn’t greedy and I did well in the 2 years. When the other Big Bang members were popular, I wasn’t impatient and I waited. Instead I wanted to show people that I could do anything anyone wanted me to