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YG artists will not promote on Music Bank in the future

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Artists from YG Entertainment, one of the largest agencies, are expected to not be seen in the future in KBS 2TV Music program ‘Music Bank’.

On the 27th YG officials explained in an interview, “Despite the fact that YG members G-Dragon and TOP, as well as Seungri, are currently having activities, they have not once appeared on KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’ this year.“

He continued, “GD&TOP and Seungri who are already promoting at MBC’s Music Core and SBS’s Inkigayo almost every week, we consider it unlikely that they’ll be able to perform on other music programs“

“Furthermore, in the future for a considerable period YG artists will not appear on ‘Music Bank’, for Big Bang’s comeback in February, this will be the same too,” he said.

Some in the music industry have assumed that this occurred because YG refused to let his artists attend KBS’s Gayo in 2010 because they disagreed with the idea of giving out an award at a festival.

However YG’s side once again cleared up the rumors and stated, “There’s not a bad relationship between us and Music Bank‘.

Source: Daum l Translated: alee @ ibigbang
GD&TOP to perform “Don’t Go Home” on this week’s “Inkigayo”

Although GD&TOP’s “Don’t Go Home” failed to pass its re-evaluation with MBC after it was banned earlier this month, YG Entertainment assured fans that they could still enjoy the song through SBSand KBS.

Representatives of YG Entertainment spoke with Star News on January 26th and revealed, “‘Don’t Go Home,’ a track from their new album released last month, was banned from public broadcast for its lyrics. We didn’t believe that there was anything wrong with the lyrics so we re-submitted the song for another evaluation without making any changes.”

They continued, “However, the song did not pass the re-evaluation. Since it was already accepted bySBS and KBS on the first review, fans can look forward to hearing ‘Don’t Go Home’ on those two channels.”

GD&TOP will be performing “Don’t Go Home” for the first time on the January 30th episode of SBS’s “Inkigayo“.

Source: Star News via Nate

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GTOP on 10asia cover
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5 million views for HIGH HIGH MV

American DJ and music producer DIPLO is making headlines in the Korean news for his high praise of Big Bang's GD&TOP.

DIPLO is widely-known in the club circuit for delivering a vast range of sounds that trespass beyond the constraints of musical genres. Considering how he's worked with the likes of M.I.A., Santigold, Missy Elliot, and Lil' Jon, DIPLO's praise of the GD&TOP unit has brought down international interest upon the eclectic duo.

On January 19th, DIPLO wrote a post on his label's official blog ("Mad Decent"), which delivered a hype introduction to some of K-pop's hottest stars. The producer wrote:

"I went to seoul to DJ last year for the first time.. i dont even remember how I met any of the Kpop crew.. but some one i got in touch with someone.."

"i was a super fan of 2NE1.. those girls are killing it.. people dont know that Kpop sort of runs all of asia and now Japan is the main market for these artists.. but everyone of these guys have proper korean and english skills.. so my beat was for some kids in the Kpop crew.. One of the biggest groups is BIG BANG. the sort of nkotb/jayz/mileycyrus and justin beiber all mixed into one act…"

"GD and TOP are the main rappers that go in for verse 3 in every big bang song… but u can tell from GD and TOP.. they are rapper rappers.. not phony.. the have crazy flow. they wear tiny pants on top of tanks talkin about Swag.. these are my favorite new rappers.. so i didnt realize they were a big deal. its just a beat i sent over a couple months back and then the youtube hit and got @mil views in 2 weeks.. kinda swag.. the styling is sooooo much better then US rap its really sad."

"anyway im moving to Korea now."

GD&TOP are currently promoting their five title tracks, while preparing for Big Bang’s official comeback.

source : OSEN via Nate, Mad Decent official site
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GD&TOP MBC FM4U『No Hongchul’s Best Friends』Official Photos
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GDTOP MBC Interview(110119)

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G Dragon's Message to Daehan

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long time no see, i’ll pray for u so hope you get well very soon! hwaiting!

Signature & Message~

Daehan! wish u wake up very soon and perform with me on a stage!

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Big Bang’s 2011 BIG SHOW CONCERT sold out in 5mins!
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Big Bang’s upcoming concert shows just how much the fans missed them during the 2 years they were taking a break.

On the 18th on G-Market, the first round of sale for Big Bang’s 2011 Big Show was opened and within 5 minutes, it was sold out and once again showed how popular Big Bang really is.

On this day, 150,000 fans came into the site to reserve the tickets and only 14,000 tickets were available, making the ratio of actually buying the ticket 10:1.

During their first concert, the ticketing server was down so the date to sell the tickets was post-poned and Big Bang has shown, since their debut, their power of selling all the concert tickets and the ability to crash down the ticketing server, and this happened again.

During this concert, Big Bang’s new album will be revealed along with GD&TOP’s unit album and Seungri’s solo album. A lot of brand new songs will be revealed on the day of the concert and because of that reason, this concert is starting to become an issue.

At Japan, they won the Best Rookie Awards and have succeed in many other countries and that’s why many asian fans are participating in trying to reserve a ticket.

Also, a lot of fans failed in getting a ticket during the first round and are currently waiting patiently waiting for the second and third round to open up.

A staff said, “For those who weren’t able to reserve a ticket during the first round, don’t worry because there’s still the second and third round. We’ll make sure to put on a great show and pay you back for all the waiting you did.”

Big Bang’s concert, 2011 Big Show, will continue its ticket reserve on the 20th.

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GD&TOP’s album is a “warm-up” before Big Bang’s comeback

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GD&TOP recently sat down for an insightful interview with SPN, which explored their concerns over their duo project, their anticipation for the Big Bang album, and their future plans.

As usual, the boys delivered honest answers when it came to questions about their achievements. “We worried since it’s been such a long time that we last released an album, but we even won on music programs. It’s so refreshing.”

The duo managed to rank first on various music programs within two weeks of their promotion cycle. “It’s been about two and a half years since we last stood on a Korean stage, so we always wondered whether we’d have the same impact as the old times. We fully believed that it was a hiatus long enough for fans to have forgotten us.”

Naturally, once they made their return, it was apparent that their fears were unfounded. “Now we’re really excited about what our fans will think of our next Big Bang album.”

G-Dragon continued, “Before, we melted all five of our charms into one song; but we created this album with just the talents from us two rappers. It feels like our skills have improved.“ T.O.P expressed, “We built upon our efforts layer-by-layer in order to complete a song. It’s a fun warm up before Big Bang’s official comeback in February.”

Speaking of Big Bang, what could G-Dragon and T.O.P tell fans about the upcoming album?

“After lengthy discussions with the members, we all came to the conclusion that it’d be better to return to the original image of Big Bang that the public fell in love with, instead of attempting something new,” they explained.

Although zero details about the album were revealed, the boys hinted, “The public and our members seem to be tired of electronic sounds, so we’re preparing warmer, more emotional sounds that give an analog feel. There is a bit of rock influence as well.”

They concluded, “Since it’s the first time in a while that we’re all promoting together, we want to make sure that we show everyone how much we’ve improved as ‘Big Bang’. We’re also planning more long-term projects and songs in order to meet the fans who have been waiting for us for so long.”

Source: SPN via Nate (2)
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