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BIG BANG to attend MBC's 50th Anniversary concert in Thailand!

Top Kpop Idols MBC’s 50th anniversary concert in Thailand!

MBC’s 50th anniversary concert which is also know as the Asean Charming Festival Concert will be held on 12th march 2011 at the Rajamangala National Staduim, Bangkok, Thailand between 7pm-11pm.

Top idols such as Girls’ Generation, SHINee, Big Bang, 2NE1, SE7EN, 2PM, 2AM, KARA, T-ARA, Secret, 4minute, BEAST, MBLAQ, miss A, and After School are scheduled to attend and perform at the concert.

With so many idol groups attending the concert could be a huge success.

Tickets will go on sale February 2011.

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The United Group of BIGBANG - GTOP born to be Hippies


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Editor's note: In the ever changing showbiz, the expiry period of the popularity is very short. You can be in the headlines today but tomorrow you might have already been replaced by the latecomers. However, no matter what ways they are heading to finally, the time when they are sparkling the most should be always remembered. Sina Korean Star news is here to lead you to find out their ways of success.

The weekly stars of this week are GD and TOP who came back as a united group. They have become the 'big bang' in the music industry recently with their irresistible music power.Although we have been prepared already, we have still fallen for their charisma due to the happiness and sincerity that we can find in their music. GD and TOP do not like lecturing us with a long face, since for them, the golden period of life came and will pass fast, it would be better if we seize the days and enjoy our youth right now.

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Play with the music as if there is no boundary

These two men are the ones who have been growing with Rap and possess the aura of hip-hop. Ever since they were in their 10's, GD and TOP has been doing hip-hop music and in various performing occasions, they came into contact with veteran musicians so they seized the chances to learn from them. GD and TOP can understand each other in the field of making music, when they are growing, their music style has changed too- from the weapons of expressing their anger and dissatisfaction towards the society to the playfulness that they have in the music playground even though they are adults now. Whenever we listen to their music, we can be relaxed since their music is unique, outstanding and has the rallying points which are beyond comparison. Once we are enchanted, we can just follow them unconditionally. This powerful vigor can also explain why GD and TOP has been becoming more and more popular.

The album released by the united group has been out on 24/12 and it is filled by unique style which can far be ignored. 'High High' and 'Oh Yeah' combine electronica and hip hop which make two very melodic title songs and these two popular songs also make people from the old to the young feel high. They chose to film the MV of 'High High where GD and TOP were dressed like playboys and their playful looks were really hilarious too. With the featuring of Park Bom, ' Oh Yeah' is a even more easy-to-be-remembered song. According to Yang Hyun Seok, the president of YGE, they will have 5 plugged songs from this album so we can expect GD and TOP will bring us more surprised consistently in the near future. In this album, not only is the music impressive but the lyrics are also the highlights. There are lots of critics comment that the lyrics are so real which are just like their biography. It is said that when these two men came to discuss about their united activities, the first thing came into their minds were lyrics. It was their original intention to write only their stories into the lyrics. YGE has also paid extra attention to the promotion of this album since a very grand world premiere was held a week before their album was released, Yang Hyun Seok had also come to show his support to his boys and prised them a lot afterwards.

In the past, GD regarded being a singer as his career so he would separate what he did on the stage and behind the screen very clearly but such detachment has become less obvious now. However, sometimes, he would feel scared because of it since he is afraid that others would peep into his private life. For they have been working so hard these days, dark circles has been spotted under GD's eyes already. Even though Yang Hyun Seok has already ordered they have to decrease their workload, their jobs are still coming non-stopped.

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GD's transformation from the hip- hop boy in the past

Ever since they were debuted, BIGBANG has been staying active continuously so the members do not have time to ponder about more profound things. They get such chances in the past two years. After GD finished promoting his solo album, he was granted a long vacation. During his holiday, he reflected about the past and also thought about the future which enabled him to become more mature in dealing with people and making music. The president has told them they had to look at issues from the perspectives of others so nowadays, the performer on the stage, GD is not the youngster who liked to grumble every now and then but a mature youth who treat every minor issue with a serious attitude.

GD was picked by Yang Hyun Seok when he was studying in primary school for he had showed great music talent and ever since then, GD has regarded producing music as his greatest responsibility in life. 'Lie' established the status of his being a superb music producer and then people has been seeing him as one of the latecomers who is very talented. Although he has been suspected to plagiarize others' music several times, he has been insisting his principle of not responding since he believes that time can tell who holds the truth. 'Heartbreaker' is the turning point of his life for the once so sunny young boy has gradually transformed into a slightly devil man.

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TOP acts out his own self

Contrary to his wild look, TOP has a delicate heart actually and he was the one who felt the most nervous on the stage too. He tried to act cool but that was only his disguise. For this time, the TOP we can see on the stage not only presents us an even outstanding appearance but he also can perform better on the stage. In these two years, TOP has been participating in TV dramas and film, he has also released his solo single. All of these trained his performance skills and strengthened him when he performs on the stage. He no longer waits for the response of his fans anxiously but now he knows how to lead the fans to taste the happiness of enjoying music. In the past, TOP was trying to act out someone on the stage though he also wanted to present his own self, he couldn't for he wanted his audience to enjoy his show more. How to harmonize the feelings of his and the fans has always been his first priority.

TOP and GD have times when they drink beer and share their feelings and they both agree that their present life is blissful yet lonely. In their early 20's, there are still lots of things which are difficult to them and the job of being an artist would also make them confused sometimes since they would doubt whether what they see are real or not. Right from the beginning, it was because they like Hip Hop, they joined YG and became a member of Bigbang. Unexpectedly, the door of acting has also been opened up for TOP later wards and even all of the dramas and film are big production. It is the chance which is yearned by many newcomers. TOP has lived up to our expectation and surprised all of us.

The comeback which is near

As the top band in Korea music industry, BIGBANG has been focusing on the overseas activities in these two years and they rarely carried out their music activities locally. Even though every member has been active in the fields of music, acting and variety shows, fans still want to hear the music belongs to the whole BIGBANG. The comeback in the form of a united group- GD and TOP has been the pioneer for the whole team and they also let the fans taste what they have matured in these two years.

There are so many people who are curious about what kinds of music BIGBANG will present us after these two years' adventures. GD, as the team leader surely has a lot of expectation about Bigbang's future. Bigbang is not the kind of band who only love to pretend to be cool but in the future, they want to dedicate more warm music to us and lead us to discover the treasures of life through their music.

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GD&TOP choose the Big Bang members with the most and least interest in women
During a recent interview, Big Bang’s G-Dragon and T.O.P were asked to pick members who had the most and least interest in women lately.

For the member who showed the most interest in the ladies lately, G-Dragon answered with a laugh, “All of them have interest in women, but Taeyang especially has been showing a lot of interest after singing ‘I Need A Girl.‘”

Taeyang’s well known in the Big Bang fandom to be shy and innocent, which contrasts with the sexy choreography he tends to perform on stage with girls. G-Dragon continued, “It feels like Taeyang has finally opened his eyes to the world of women. He never even used to go to locations where girls were present, but now he fits in well and is even in the center of discussion when conversing with them. It makes me feel so proud seeing him chat with girls.”

Meanwhile, T.O.P was asked to choose a member with the least interest, and he decided upon Seungri. He reasoned, “It feels like Seungri has lost interest in them since he’s well aware of his career as a celebrity.”

The duo were then asked about their ideal women, in which G-Dragon replied, “Someone that makes me feel comfortable upon first sight.” T.O.P answered, “A wise woman that handles herself well enough to express her unique charms.”

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Yang Hyun Suk explains why he encourages sub-unit and solo activities
The CEO was asked about why groups like Big Bang and 2NE1 present sub-units; this led to a lengthy response regarding why he feels sub-unit activities should be encouraged. 2NE1 and Big Bang have both led a solo/sub-unit boom last year with their individual activities, such as CL & Minzy and GD&TOP.

Yang stated, “We let the Big Bang members go solo in order for them to better focus on Big Bang itself. I’d like for Big Bang and 2NE1 to become groups that stay together for a long time. A lot of groups disband when their five or seven year contracts come to an end, and the reason is almost always the differences in musical opinion between each of the members.”

He continued, “It’s something that I experienced myself while working as a member of Seo Taiji and Kids. In order to solve such problems, I let all of the Big Bang members work as solo artists or sub-units in order to release as much of their musical creativity as they desired. After going through that process, they come back to the group with better focus, and nurture a stronger affection towards the group. 2NE1 is the same.”

When asked about why his groups do not appear on variety show programs, Yang answered, “The reason we minimize their variety appearances is because we care for our artists. If it’s a stage that’s perfected in every aspect and truly cares for the artist, there’s no reason we would reject the opportunity.”

He concluded, “If we became a company that succumbed to the requests of broadcast companies and stressed the importance of building relationships with related representatives, it would have been easier for us, but we are lasting as long as we can by having a different mindset from others.”

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Big Bang's Superb Dance, Vocal & Stage Performance @ Seoul Tokyo Festival
Bigbang has given a gorgeous stage at the Seoul Tokyo Music Festival. On the 2nd of January (today), SBS broadcasted the Seoul Tokyo Festival in which they started their performance by 'lie' and 'haru haru'.

Bigbang has been enjoying more and more support and love from the Japanese fans for they possess vocal and musical sense. Today, as usual, they have presented us a spectacular stage with their singing and dancing skills which further attracted their audience and fans.

While watching the show, by seeing the amount of fans there we can know how popular Bigbang is in Japan. By the way, on 3rd of November, last year, SBS also broadcasted the show in Saitama Super Arena of Japan and Bigbang, 4minutes, 2NE1, FT Island and CNBlue appeared there.

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Big Bang's G-Dragon & T.O.P unit - Part 3

10: But “HIGH HIGH” and “OH YEAH” were not composed by you two although they’re the title tracks to your album.

T.O.P: When we first started working together, we wanted to do more heartwarming music. But we needed to take the public into consideration to a certain extent and our CEO thought the same as well so we asked Teddy for his help. We set the direction the details to the songs would take but we somewhat needed to go with a style that people are familiar with.

GD : There actually hadn’t been that many of Teddy’s songs in Big Bang’s albums so far. We always talk about this with Teddy as well but it had been hard to work with him because composers with strong musical tendencies don’t work with each other a lot. But we came to realize that we couldn’t stay like this so we had talked with him from six months ago and reached a conclusion. (laugh) When we get a song from Teddy, he’ll pass a song to us after he comes up with the structure for it. He’ll take his hands off of it completely. Then we’ll talk again to him again to share our opinions. I think these are the two songs we worked on together properly.

10: That’s why “HIGH HIGH” very strongly exudes your style GD, even though you didn’t compose it. It’s as if the song changes a level at each new section.

GD: I think it’s because I start the song and when I come in strong, T.O.P will set the grounds for the song and when T.O.P comes in strong, I’ll set the ground for the song, which is why the song was fun. We didn’t want it to be boring.

T.O.P: I think that’s the result of our collaboration. We all have different styles so the whole process was about us adding our individual interpretations of the song if Teddy presents us with the basic direction. I think that’s why it felt a bit different.

10: But the response for "KNOCK OUT," which you don't promote much and "DON'T LEAVE" which you haven't sung on television at all, have gained response as favorable as that of "HIGH HIGH" or "OH YEAH." It’s not easy for songs like “KNOCK OUT” that has no melody and contains only rap, to get such response.

T.O.P: To be honest, I didn’t think the public would like this song. But at the same time, I also had a hunch that they might. It’s true that hip-hop element becomes more prominent when GD and I work together but we just wanted to do something that can be expressed at our age. While taking a break from our activities as Big Bang, I think hip-hop was the music through which we could express what we have felt and learned instinctively. We could’ve gone the easy way but we wanted to draw a bigger picture for ourselves.

GD: We aren't not confident when we release new albums, whether it be Big Bang's or Seungri's. What we’re not sure of is the rapid change in music trend. We'll release an album but people will only listen to the title song and forget about the rest of the tracks. In the past, we used to have this nostalgia for music like how old I was at the time and how it comforted me when I was with who. But now everything is decided within three weeks time and most people go “I only remember the chorus of the song.” I think we need to make people think of every song in an album as title tracks to catch up with this trend. And in order to do that, the overall flow and the quality of the songs have to be close to perfect.

10: So you’re saying that “HIGH HIGH" is not the only title track?

GD: We wanted to create an album in which some enjoy “HIGH HIGH" and others prefer “BABY GOOD NIGHT.” So we didn't put in extra effort into the title track. Of the songs we worked on with Teddy, we decided that the piece that is likely to be embraced by the majority of listeners would be the title track and tried to balance out the album by including other songs with different charms.

10: Apart from “HIGH HIGH” and “OH YEAH,” your album seems to have reached out to genres beyond electronica, such as hip-hop or something entirely different.

T.O.P: This is the album that contains most number of music that we wanted to do. Electronica alone sounds too cold and we get tired of that easily. We wanted to put a lot of effort into inserting what we felt throughout our singing career into each and every one of our songs by using new methods.

10: Couldn't you have been more adventurous then? If you had chosen “KNOCK OUT" as the title track, you could have presented a new style to mainstream music.

T.O.P: That’s what we're disappointed about too. You're allowed to use the term 'knockout' and curse in dramas but that's not quite the case with music. We want to promote "KNOCK OUT" too. (laugh)

GD: I’m not sure if it’s alright to say this (laugh) but I got the idea for "KNOCK OUT" while watching “My Name is Kim Sam-soon (MBC, 2005).” Kim Suna keeps repeating “It completely knocks me out, it's a knockout." I started composing the song based on that idea but the screening committee will not give it the green light. (laugh)
10: That seems to be the most personal story of the songs to your album (laugh). But how does it feel to receive response to the music you two have most wanted to do? The lyrics also tell of your personal stories and it's all working with the public.

T.O.P:I think we had always wanted to create music of our own in which listeners have no choice but to recognize. So I think what we wanted to achieve the most through this album was to produce an album [so great that] nobody would say anything about Big Bang's music in the future, no matter what it's like.

10: I’m sure your thoughts on music has changed a lot as well. You’re both heading more and more towards doing music that is of your personal taste and talks about yourselves.

GD: It’s been five years since we debuted as members of Big Bang but I think we’re finally feeling a sense of satisfaction. I’m sure it would’ve been difficult to make a hit out of “KNOCK OUT” had we promoted it when we first debuted. But it feels like we’re heading in the way we intended them to. I think that the more we present people with such music, the more they’ll naturally come to accept it. It feels like things are going the way we hoped and pictured them to be.

T.O.P: If possible, we’d like for our album to be remembered as a work of art, something that people can picture in their minds, instead of something they just forget about after listening to.

GD: And if I may add one more thought about Big Bang, we are aware of the rumors of discord amongst our members with our album getting pushed back. But we’ve proceeded with both our and Seungri’s album thinking they are projects leading up to Big Bang’s album. What matters is not who comes out first and in what way it happens but that we present the path we want to take. If you consider our performances as ‘shows,’ there’ll be the show us to put on, Seungri’s show, and Big Bang’s show and I’m hoping you’ll enjoy all of them. We get upset over such rumors but they also cause headaches when we talk about them.

T.O.P: Discord or whatever it is people call it, we’ve never even fought before. (laugh)

10: What will Big Bang’s next step be?

GD: Whenever we get together, we always say we should do heartwarming music. People may think that singers are supposed to do music that will relieve them of their exhaustion from everyday life but we want to think of things on a bigger picture. We live in a harsh world and people have changed a lot. We may still be considered young but there’s a definite difference even between us and the generation below us. So if we could, we’d like to change that through our music. That’s why we want to do heartwarming music and why the next album we release as Big Bang may be very different from what you’re expecting from us. At the same time, there are reasons people like us because we have a style that is unique of us and for the music we’ve always done so we’ll still have to satisfy those two prerequisites.

10: It somehow seems you two have become grown ups while working on this album.

GD: During the past two years we halted our activities as Big Bang, there had been various rumors about us but I think we rather matured a lot because of that, growing closer to each other and forming stronger bonds. We may still be young but it’s as if Big Bang as a group has become bigger. I can’t tell you everything yet but I think proving how big we’ve become will be more important than what music we do.

10: A bigger Big Bang?

GD: Our upcoming Big Bang album will involve us working with artists in various genres which will largely expand the scope of music we do. I’m excited to get to create a bigger framework for ourselves. For example, you can consider Diplo’s participation in “KNOCK OUT” as the start to it. And it didn’t get included in the album but we tried to work with Tiesto as well. Through such collaborations, we wanted to show the public that such attractive music exists and encourage them to listen to it. We’re not teachers of any sort but as people who know a bit about music, we hope our music will tell people, “What do you think of this kind of music? Try listening to it. And try having fun like this.”

10: Your job is always about showing something to others but it feels like that with this album, you found the balance between talking about yourself and what you show on stage.

T.O.P: We have definitely changed in regards to personality but I don’t think for the worse. (laugh) Our perception has broadened a bit which is why I think we were able to enjoy more freedom in making in this album. I don’t think how we rank on music charts will matter anymore.

GD: Because we produced the album ourselves. We’d be putting on an act if the lyrics to our songs were about things we didn't or couldn’t do but what we speak of are things that only we can speak of. So that’s what we tried to write about as much as possible. In the future, when people listen to our music, we’d like to make people think, “Yes, they’ll think this because they’re Big Bang” instead of “Oh, they actually know how to think like this?”

Credit: 10asia

Big Bang's G-Dragon & T.O.P unit - Part 2

10: I think the other units would've been interesting as well.

GD : But it turned out that they're all busy with their individual activities and appearing on variety shows. (laugh) Only T.O.P and I had some time to kill so we ended up working together and producing the most songs together. (laugh) But our other projects were getting pushed back so Yang suggested we try various experiments for Big Bang’s music in the mean time and then have Big Bang's album itself contain songs with all five of our voices instead of in units. So that's why Seungri's song, which was actually supposed to go into Big Bang's album, will be released in his upcoming solo album and we're releasing our songs separately as well.

10: So it seems like your album came about by coincidence but how did you two actually make music together? It seems like you two had entirely different interpretations of “BABY GOOD NIGHT"?

GD : He has changed his name to e.knock now but that song was made when I was over at Kush's house. I was just hanging out with him when he played the arrangement for "BABY GOOD NIGHT" he'd made, asking me what I thought about it. I took it from him as soon as I heard it. (laugh) Then I came up with the melody that I thought would go with it, humming up the part that goes "Baby good night" and T.O.P added the rap to it. Then I added more lyrics to it, singing for the first time with this album. We made "DON'T LEAVE" after that.

T.O.P : That was the first song we completed together for the album. GD had been working on Big Bang's album and when I joined him after getting done with film “71 Into The Fire,” we recorded this song first but the result was satisfying so we started working together lot after that. In that sense, I think "BABY GOOD NIGHT" was how are album came about.

GD : For that song, the first thing we did was to come up with its theme. We thought of what song we would sing to our lovers if we had one. So we came up with the lyrics imagining that I was caressing my lover's hair while she sleeps, and then added the melody to it. We also wanted to make a very sexy song and I also wanted our song to be one that people would turn on when they want to create a romantic atmosphere with their lovers. (laugh)

10: Is that the reason you included narration in French for "BABY GOOD NIGHT"?

GD :I've done a lot of narrations for Big Bang's album and my fans probably won't mind hearing me do them again but I felt that other people might be sick of it. (laugh) I also wanted to give the song more of a movie-like vibe to it through the dialogue between a man and a woman, as well as use a language that goes better with the song's sound.

10: Are you saying that there are certain pronunciations that go better with certain sounds because GD, with all of your songs, it seems like you paid more attention to making sure you pronunciation mixes well with the sounds rather than making an effort to pronouncing everything accurately.

GD : People have pointed out problems with my pronunciation a lot since I was young but I thought about it a lot instead of trying to fix it. I feel that this is something I'm curious about as someone who listens to current music but I realized that songs become weird and their unique vibe gets lost when non-Korean songs are translated into Korean. It’s like how a movie seems different when it gets dubbed into another language. So I try tried to write the lyrics in Korean as much as I could but pronounce it differently. For example, I rolled my tongue more for pronouncing "round and round" in song "KNOCK OUT." I regarded my voice itself as an instrument so I paid careful attention to the effect that my voice is giving off.

10: I think that's why it seemed like you purposely affected your voice this time.

GD :Yes and I do it quite often. I tried as hard as I could to make it sound like an instrument and I also tried to make as many instrumental sounds as I could with my mouth.
10: T.O.P, you on the other hand, pronounce your words very accurately -- it's probably the most accurate you've sounded out of all of your albums so far. You've made the complete opposite choice from GD.

TOP : It wasn’t something I intended on, I just went with how I felt, but I have changed my vocalization technique. A lot of people listen to Big Ban's music so I want people to hear each and every sound, as if I'm talking right into their ears.

10: I think that’s how your voices work together to produce the songs we hear in the songs in your album. For example, in "HIGH HIGH" and "DON'T LEAVE," GD seems to be leading the flow of the sound rather than just rapping while T.O.P on the other hand gives impacts to the songs.

GD: T.O.P’s voice has weight and is very charismatic while mine is extremely light so I think we work well when I flutter around his grounded voice. (laugh)

10: But it's interesting to see that this is the album that two artists with such contrasting styles have produced. It's as if it reaches a bit beyond reality, that it's literally 'high.'

GD : Yes. That's the style we like.

T.O.P: We wanted to create music that is dreamy and with a sense of space.

10:Why did you choose to go with such sound? Both “HIGH HIGH" and "OH YEAH" seem to go beyond music one would listen to at a club to have fun and rather give off the vibe that you're 'drunk' with your music, as if you've reached a state of nirvana.

GD: We wanted to make music that can be pictured in one's mind, just by reading the lyrics, and we wanted to make music that is visual like a movie. It’s no fun simply enjoying yourself all the way from start to finish. During concerts as well, it is up to us to lead the crowd and in order to do that we have to know when to push, pull, loosen or tighten, because that’s how you create tension for excitement. So even during the short playing time, we changed the flow of the song and emotions expressed within it, and added in various effects to create ups and downs to make the listeners become immersed.

10: Is that how you brought the sense of space felt in clubs to life? You seemed to have made quite an effort to create the space at which your song is being sung as well as giving it different texture depending on what the song sings of.

GD: That's something we demand for in extreme detail. We don't say, “Hey, let's have that guy who's good at mixing work on our music” but instead explain everything saying, “Bro, this part has to ring more, as if we are singing from somewhere very far in the background and this part has to seem more as if we’re whispering.”

T.O.P :Our company also puts in the most effort into the sound mixing. Yang will sometimes do the mixing himself as well. For this album as well, the sound will seem different depending on whether you're listening to a CD or listening to the digital sound source because our boss personally took care of the sound mixing himself to suit the listening environment. (laugh)

GD: That’s why YG’s music is different depending on the generation you're in -- Perry’s generation, Teddy’s generation and our generation. Each producer will imagine of different sounds and that precisely is what gets reflected into the albums they work on.

10: That is why when you listen to "HIGH HIGH" or "OH YEAH," they sounded similar to Big Bang’s electronica style on the surface but it rather seems you two reproduced what goes on inside a club. And there may not be too many people who know how to enjoy themselves with the sort club that your song gives off.

T.O.P: We too knew we may be taking a chance. But if we had focused simply on the song's commercial success, we would've gone with the styles we did as Big Bang but we altered it a bit instead. And the first things we wanted to do was to present the public with our color to show who we are. We kept thinking that we need to seem different in some way since we're in front of the public for the first time in a while.

GD : Whether people know about club culture or not, I wanted to make them think, "Ah, so that's how you have fun in the club and that's how you move to this music to have fun" from watching our performances. We were confident that we could make people understand our music through our televised performance.


GD&TOP’s “Don’t Go Home” banned by MBC, but requesting for retrial w/out modification

Another one of GD&TOP's Vol 1 album title songs “Don’t Go Home” has been banned from MBC.

This morning Big Bang’s company 'YG Entertainment (YGE)' talked to 'Moneytoday Starnews' about getting “Knock Out” banned. "We had slightly expected that to happen so we are not planning to request the retrial, but we are a little surprised at MBC’s decision to ban “Don’t Go Home”.”

Continuing to speak, “We didn't think “Don’t Go Home” had any problems since the other broadcasting stations - KBS and SBS didn’t ban it. Meanwhile we were surprised at MBC’s decision to ban “Don’t Go Home”, but considering that MBC has their reasons for the decision, we’ll request for a retrial politely this time.”

YG also added, “We consider TOP’s rap in “Don’t Go Home” to be the problem, but please understand that they’re just lyrics.” They also emphasized, “We are not modifying the lyrics in the process of requesting for the retrial.”

TOP’s rap consists ” I don’t want this awkward atmosphere, Is the sound of the clock usually this loud? I just hear the swallowing sound in my neck. What should I say? Look baby, I just want to greet the morning with you, Before the night ends, a secret party for only the two of us, But you’re like a Cinderella, you wanna leave when the clock strikes 12, A night by myself is too long, callin’ up to your parents, I’m pretending to be strong but I feel uneasy”

Meanwhile the other song “Knock Out” has been banned from the three major terrestrial broadcasting stations for the name of the song is spoiling the national psyche.

G-Dragon and TOP’s duo unit is now performing their 5 title songs, “High High”, “Oh Yeah”, “Knock Out”, “Don’t Go Home”, & “Baby Good Night” of their first full album released on Dec. 24th 2010.

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Girls' Generation, Big Bang win at 52nd Japan Record Awards

Korean idols Girls' Generation and Big Bang have received honors at the prestigious 52nd Japan Record Awards.

The Japan Record Awards, hosted by the Japan Composer's Association, announced that Girls' Generation won under the category for best new artist against Japanese singers ICONIQ, Kikuchi Madoka and S/mileage, while
Big Bang won the prize for best song with "Tell Me Goodbye."

Japanese group EXILE received the grand prize during the ceremony, which was broadcasted live by Japan's TBS on December 30 at the New National Theatre. Girls’ Generation and Big Bang took the stage of the event to give performances of their Japanese hit songs "Gee" and "Tell Me Goodbye," respectively.

Girls' Generation made their debut in Korea with their first album "Into the New World" and since produced several hit songs including "Gee," "Genie" and "Run Devil Run."

They have taken the Japanese music market by storm since making their official debut in the country in August this year, becoming the first Korean girl group to place at No. 1 on the prestigious Oricon chart as well as having sold 100,000 copies of their Japanese singles "Gee" and "Genie" to be certified gold discs.

Big Bang made their debut in 2006 with their self-titled single and have successfully crossed over into the Japanese music market in June of last year with their debut single "My Heaven."

They have toured three cities in the country, attracting a total of 60,000 fans and have performed at the main stage during the Summer Sonic Festival in August. The boys will also concentrate on their singing careers in Japan with a concert tour starting May next year.

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Big Bang on 52nd Japan Record Awards on 101230

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GD & TOP introduce their album

New LG CYON photos
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Anticipate GTOP Stage @ 2010 Gayo Daejun! (101228)
Planned to be broadcasted on 29th, 2010 SBS Gayo Daejun will consist of a wide variety of different stages so the people from all walks of life are anticipating them.

The showbiz of 2010 has been made by many popular top singers and those who made the legend also include the senior singers. These veteran singers are planning to appear on the stage with other singers in this show. Despite their busy schedule, they are now working on songs and performances in order to give the audience an unexpected and fresh stages.

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Baek Ji Yong will work with 2AM, upcoming with GD and TOP' stage. In 2010, 2am has topped the music charts with their sensational music. They are going to pair up with the veteran singer Baek Ji Yong and deliver a fantastic stage performance to the audiences.

The joint stage of the ballad queen and 2AM will definitely give a sweet stage for the audience to expect and enjoy.

The newly formed Duet of G Dragon and Top will also feature on 7 different stages in the show. Their powerful stage performance will certainly give a shock to the audience and make them to enjoy such an exciting stage.

The handsome and hot group CNBLUE will also participate in the programme but the senior singer whom they will sing with has not been disclosed yet.

(Information about Super Junior Skipped)

SBS Gayo Dajun wil be held at 9:55m on 29th with Jokwon, Jong Yunghwa , Kim Heechul and Hwang Jung Eum will be the MC of the programme.

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