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BIG BANG to attend MBC's 50th Anniversary concert in Thailand!

Top Kpop Idols MBC’s 50th anniversary concert in Thailand!

MBC’s 50th anniversary concert which is also know as the Asean Charming Festival Concert will be held on 12th march 2011 at the Rajamangala National Staduim, Bangkok, Thailand between 7pm-11pm.

Top idols such as Girls’ Generation, SHINee, Big Bang, 2NE1, SE7EN, 2PM, 2AM, KARA, T-ARA, Secret, 4minute, BEAST, MBLAQ, miss A, and After School are scheduled to attend and perform at the concert.

With so many idol groups attending the concert could be a huge success.

Tickets will go on sale February 2011.

Source: HelloKpop
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The United Group of BIGBANG - GTOP born to be Hippies


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Editor's note: In the ever changing showbiz, the expiry period of the popularity is very short. You can be in the headlines today but tomorrow you might have already been replaced by the latecomers. However, no matter what ways they are heading to finally, the time when they are sparkling the most should be always remembered. Sina Korean Star news is here to lead you to find out their ways of success.

The weekly stars of this week are GD and TOP who came back as a united group. They have become the 'big bang' in the music industry recently with their irresistible music power.Although we have been prepared already, we have still fallen for their charisma due to the happiness and sincerity that we can find in their music. GD and TOP do not like lecturing us with a long face, since for them, the golden period of life came and will pass fast, it would be better