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posted on 09 Nov 2010 21:57 by moomooae
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BIGBANG, 29th G-Dragon+T.O.P Unit Group Comeback
On YG’s blog ‘YG-LIFE’ an unidentified timer appeared, curiosity has risen that BIGBANG members— G-Dragon and T.O.P formed a unit group and their debut is influential.

22th, YG-LIFE timer stop time 29th 0hours. This has garnered the attention of the netizens, people are waiting for the debut. The fans have been uploading recent photos and news on BIGBANG’s fan cafe about BIGBANG’s whereabouts. According to the article published on the fan cafe, the BIGBANG members— G-Dragon and T.O.P have gathered for the “High High’ party. One fan who attended the party said, “In the club, G-Dragon and T.O.P’s new song is rap-oriented. Two raps without vocals were alternately on fire.”

In addition, many sites have been uploading G-Dragon and T.O.P’s radical transformations. T.O.P had platinum hair while G-Dragon had a black perm. Both Mohican hair-styles are clean-cut.

Fans said that all the BIGBANG members were present. The two people (GD&T.O.P) singing were doing a funky rap. If you had witnessed it, the club party looks like a MV.

The two of them point out that everything is done in secrecy because of the difficulties faced previously. Fans write that the shooting day was private and the invited people were invited a day ago to listen to the MP3 audio.

YG stated, “BIGBANG members recently shot a music video at a club, that’s right.” and “An album may be released in Japan but is disclosed. It is time to discuss with President Yang Hyun Suk, except no one knows this will happen.”

A/N: My translations may not be 100% correct as I am not professional at Korean. So if there are any errors, I’m sorry!! but I hope this helps. hehe!

Credit: babycome@bestiz
Translations: Xuan @ allbigbang