BIGBANG's Recording Is In Progress
The BIGBANG comeback rumor spreads like a wildfire on-line and off-line,it must contain some grain of truth to keep the rumor mill going non-stop and send many VIPs to frustration day and night,in a piece of news regarding to 2NE1 follow-up promo plan on this halloween,YG representative gave a short word on how BIGBANG are doing right now.I omitted the part that's not BIGBANG related.

"The members have been working hard on the recording everyday.At this state,a lot of good songs are done.After they've been away for a long 2 years' time,they're concentrating on producing a good records more than anything else."

I have no reasons to rush them for the comeback,not just because everybody else is releasing their albums like it's a K-Pop fest out there on a daily basis. It will drop when BIGBANG feel that it's the right time and the market will be always ready to embrace them.So, sit back, chillax and let them work their way.

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YG “Big Bang is recording every single day”
YG Entertainment’s CEO, Yang Hyun Suk, revealed in a call with EDaily SPN, “2NE1’s follow-up track will most likely be revealed on October 31st, on Halloween.”

Regarding Big Bang’s future album release, Yang answered, “The members are recording for the album every single day. There are currently a lot of good songs out. They’re focusing as intensely as possible since it’ll be their first album in two years.”

Source + Photo: EDaily SPN
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PSY talks about G-Dragon, "The most talented out of all the idols"

PSY revealed in a recent interview that he thinks G-Dragon is a very good role model and the most talented out of all the idols.

As a songwriter, he was asked about his hoobaes and he answered, "In terms of talent, it'sBig Bang. Especially, G-Dragon. He's so good. Idols that do real music and just plain idols have different futures ahead of them. If the idols right now can do music independently and compose themselves, they will have the same energy and passion they have right now 10 years later. G-Dragon will be one of them."

He also spoke about the plagiarism controversy surrounding G-Dragon, "It depends on the person who's listening. Regardless, from that incident, I'm sure he's grown a lot."

Psy continued to compliment the Big Bang leader, "Aside from the publicized controversy, I still have big hopes for G-Dragon's next work. If I have any kind of expectations, I just hope for something that is his own and authentic as his next project."

Credit: shinhdeplol@soompi via allkpop

G-Dragon #4 on Ikemen News "Baby Face" Ranking

G-dragon spotted out at dinner with Big Bang members Taeyang and Daesung

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YG Entertainment to hold “2010 YG FAMILY CONCERT
YG Entertainment has got some exciting news for ya’ll! The YG Family will be coming together to perform a special two-day concert at the end of their year for their devoted fans. An official statement from the crew reveals, ”We will be holding the ‘2010 YG FAMILY CONCERT‘ on December 4th and 5th at the Seoul Olympic athletic stadium.”

The YG Family has held their “ONE CONCERT” every year since 2003, however fans were left highly disappointed when the concert wasn’t held back in 2008 and in 2009. Being the first concert in three years, YGE will be bringing together their hottest stars - 2NE1, Gummy, Se7en, and Big Bang. PSY will also be joining them on stage as the newest family member.

2NE1 has consistently expressed their wish for a concert this year, and it seems as if it’s finally coming true. Big Bang also commented, “We’re extremely excited at the thought of being able to meet our fans after such a long absence.”

The two-day concert will seat a 36,000 member audience, and tickets start selling on October 21st at 8:00PM through Gmarket.

If you’re a YG fan and you’re in the area, be sure to grab your tickets. It’s definitely looking to be one of the most exciting concerts of the year!

Source + Photo: Star News
Big Bang to announce their comeback at YG Family Concert?
YGE has announced recently that they'll be holding the "YG Family Concert 2010" this coming December 4 and 5.

For this concert, what is getting the most attention is the possibility of BIGBANG's comeback. BIGBANG is currently working on their new album and it was announced before that their comeback is scheduled during the later part of the year. Anticipation from fans that the "YG Family Concert" will possibly be BIGBANG's comeback stage is pouring in.

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Source: Hankyung
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Rumor of BIGBANG coming back in 3 weeks

This has been circulating around Korean fansites (VIPZ, Bestiz, Daum, etc.) and making a lot of fans excited. The info came from Im Ha Young's (soccer player) minihompy who was present at Enjoy Today's recording. She said on October 16 on her minihompy that Seungri mentioned during the filming that BIGBANG's comeback is in 3 weeks. (Source)

Comment by Flibbertigibbet (A Korean YG fan) @ 6theory forums:
"Big Bang's coming back in 3 weeks according to Seungri during an Enjoy Today recording... Fans are speculating the date will be November 4th on TOP's birthday. Seems like a bad time to be honest because all the music shows will be cancelled due to the Asian Games." (Source)

NOTE: This is just a rumor (for now).

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Big Bang: Idol Fashion ‘Together and Apart’  
[Hallyu★Style] Big Bang ••• idol fashion ‘together and apart’

There’s a saying that Korea’s idols can be divided into before and after Big Bang, and this is certainly no exaggeration.

Singing, dancing, composing - when it comes to all things musical, they have reached a significant level where they are already recognized by experts. Not only that, but in musicals, dramas, movies, and even in variety shows, they have showed their abilities in all aspects of entertainment. As such, their influence is spreading even wider than the musical industry into Hallyu, movies, dramas, and entertainment.

Recently taking a break from group promotions and pursuing solo activities, they are appealing to the public with a charm that is different from what it was as a group. In particular, the boys of Big Bang, who were such it-items in the fashion world that they inspired the phrase ‘Big Bang fashion,’ are receiving much attention with their individual styles that are very different from their style as a group.

They have been the center of attention having been cast in the drama ‘Haru,’ which itself has been popular on internet search engines. The drama was produced by the National Korea Tourism Organization and has been gathering interest with the casting of You-Know Yunho, Han Chae Young, Park Shi Hu, Kim Bum, Lee Da Hae, and other top stars.

Here we compare and contrast the members’ individual styles as seen in the drama ‘Haru’ with their fashions on stage as a group.

Together as a group and apart
When Big Bang released and promoted their albums as a group, they imprinted their image as a group with a single concept, wearing similar colors and materials.

At the time of their first debut on stage, their coordinated their outfits in a young hip-hope style. They showed off a fresh image in all black colors.

On the other hand, during their promotions of ‘Lies,’ the hit track that brought Big Bang to the top, they shook things up with what can definitely be called ‘Big Bang fashion.’ They took their place as fashionistas with colorful outfits and styles that matched the individual.

In particular, their hi-tops and vivid skinny jeans, bold jewelry, accessories, and other iconic items have each become their signature looks.

Unlike other idols who where the same exact thing, the members of Big Bang match their own unique individual styles to a single concept.

Solo activities with their own styles
When branching out into their solo activities, they showed off their own personal styles that they were not able to show as a group.

G-Dragon, who is known as one of Korea’s best fashionistas, was reborn through a iconic styling of his own. Especially during his promotions for his solo album, with his blinding blond hair, an elaborately tailored jacket that would be difficult for most men to pull off, and drape shirt, he garnered much attention with his styling that evidenced his own personal fashion sense.
TOP emphasizes his masculinity with sharp suits and military style looks, and highlights his personal features.

Each of their personal styles can especially be seen in the recently filmed drama ‘Haru.’

Taeyang, Seungri, and Daseung were shown wearing comfortable and simple t-shirts, whereas G-Dragon chose a vividly colored scarf and fedora. TOP again chose a military jacket, bringing his own image up a notch.

Source: bntnews
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[101013] Big Bang FILA EON Making Film

BIGBANG & 2NE1 To Attend 『SBS 20th Founding Anniversary 「SEOUL TOKYO MUSIC FESTIVAL 2010」』

Event title: SBS 20th Founding Anniversary SEOUL TOKYO MUSIC FESTIVAL 2010
Date: 2010/11/03 (Wed)
OPEN/START: 14:30/16:00
Venue; Saitama Super Arena
Line-up: BIGBANG/KARA/4Minute/2NE1/ FTIsland/CNBLUE/U-KISS/TEEN TOP/Rainbow
Ticket sales date: 2010/10/23 (Sat) 10:00~
Reserved S seat price:¥11,000 (tax included)
More information: 03-6804-3355 & Ticketing

Via VIP Japan

Huge G-Dragon FILA poster on Lotte Duty Free Shop Elevator
Credits: 공일이삼 @ bestiz l bigbanghaven




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