Big Bang web drama “Haru”

posted on 24 Sep 2010 14:38 by moomooae
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Big Bang wants to create music of the new century!
Every time the powerful music group Big Bang releases a new album, it will become a topic. After their Japanese promotions end, Big Bang will have their comeback to the Korean music scene in November, to continue creating new music to bring glory to the Korean music industry.

Big Bang "With criticisms then only one will grow up!"

As the leader of Big Bang, besides writing songs for his own group, G-Dragon also often write songs for his juniors under the same company. As for the difference between writing songs for others and for himself, G-Dragon openly shared, saying, "I feel that it is more interesting to write songs for myself!" It's because G-Dragon feels that only he himself will understand what the album needs. At the same time, only in his own album can he truly express his ideas! Just like his debut album [HEARTBREAKER], although it is well received but there are also a lot of negative comments. For those who criticized, G-Dragon is only holding on to an attitude that is to readily accept it. He said, "I think that if there is criticism, then only I will grow up." In addition, G-Dragon also revealed that Big Bang will have their comeback in November. He spoke frankly that this time he will break free from the tradition, "Korea's electronic