EVERSENSE BIGBANG Fan Party in bangkok Thailand

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Mariko Shinoda from AKB48, “Big Bang G-Dragon Is My Ideal”

Mariko Shinoda (24) , a member of the girl group AKB48 regaeded BIGBANG member G-dragon(22) as her ideal boy and was rumoured to be dumped by him.

On the 15th of Japan Daily Sport online version on 15th , there was an article titled ,’Shinoda was dumped by G-dragon?’ . Despite what the title suggested, a gdragon fan responded, ‘when BIGBANG was asked which artist they did like, Gdragon had once replied ,’ I love AKB’.

The newspaper said their relationship could not progress anymore since there is a language barrier. When the news reached Shinoda, she said the Japanese press is exaggerating and said the word ‘dumped’ gave out a wrong message and she would pay attention to the news.

Meanwhile, Mariko Shinoda is a member of AKB48 who debuted in 2006. They debuted respectively in teams A,K and B since a total of 48 members are divided under these 3 teams. This is also the reason why they are called AKB 48.

Source: bsm@mydaily.co.kr
Translated by: Rice@BigbangWorld
Taken from: 21Bangs.com

G-Dragon and his "G-Paddy" hat

BIGBANG G-Dragon revealed a photo of himself sleeping while wearing a paddy hat. It was said that this is a gift form Vietnam fans, who especially went to Thailand to attend BIGBANG's fan meeting. The said fans also drew each of the BIGBANG member's BANGS character on the hats with the members' names