Big Bang receives an award given by UN!

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Big Bang on Sakigake! Ongaku Banzuke Eight (100901)




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Weekly Magazine Interview


1. Up until today, what are the things that a girl had said to you that made you happy?

2. Any working experience?

3. If you have a whole week off, what will you do?

4. Which made do you think if the funniest recently?

5.  If a girl that you think is “the one” walking towards  you, you will…?



1. Didn’t say anything, just kept on hugging. That is the happiest moment!

2. Don’t have any working experience, but want to try to work in a liquor store.

3.  I want to go to an island with no people with a friend.

4. TOP’s japanese (laugh)

5. I wouldn’t let her go. I will be straight forward and tell her about my feelings out loud!

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Bigbang’s “Beautiful Hangover” ranked 7th in Oricon Weekly Chart

 On the 25th, Bigbang showed off their huge popularity by ranking 7th on Japanese Oricon Weekly Chart with their 5th single “Beautiful Hangover” released in Japan.

“Beautiful Hangover” ranked 7th in the Japanese Oricon Weekly Chart. They sold about 25 thousand albums in the very first week. Bigbang has been consistently selling their single albums of 20-30 thousand copies in the first week, representing the huge popularity of the Korean idol group. Moreover, considering the new album has not been promoted widely compared to their last albums and it was a released-first single album, their result means much more than they expected. It is a good example of showing Bigbang’s stable fans and their presence in Japan.

Bigbang received the “Best New Artist Award” from Japan Cable Broadcasting Award and Japan Record Award last year. They also showed their popularity in Japan by receiving 3 prizes including the “Best Video of New Artist” from the “MTV World Stage Video Music Awards Japan” held last May in Japan.
However, Bigbang is planning to release a new Korean album in October or November. It is being reported they are working on their album these days. It has been almost 2 years since they released their last Korean album “Red Sunset Glow” in November 2008.

One of the officials of YG Entertainment said, “Bigbang will be releasing their new album in October or November. This album is produced by G-dragon, same as their existing albums. It is 80% complete now.”


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Big Bang receives an award given by UN! [2010-08-30]

Congratulations~ Congratulations~~~ Big Bang attended the 'Asia Pacific Global Tolerance with Music 2010' that was held in Osaka Japan and won the 'Global Unity' award that is given by UN. This is the third Global Unity award in history following the first two given to the former mayor of New York, Rudolf Juliani, and the world-famous singer, Alanis Morissette. Big Bang was selected as the award winner in recognition of their contributions in cultural and social exchanges. In their speech, Big Bang expressed that they will continue to assist people all over Asia in understanding one another and lead in development through music. Isn't that quite impressive? Congratulations on winning such a meaningful award! Tae-yang who is receiving lots of love these days as a solo artist will be holding a solo concert in September, so we'll be looking forward to that as well!

Source: Pops in Seoul / Arirang TV




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