G-Dragon in punk style for W Korea

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New Big Bang Lotte Duty Free Shop photos

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Best idols at “singing – dancing – solo success potential” G-Dragon and Taeyang

21 music experts participated in a survey in which they picked the best top idols in 3 different categories, vocal, dance, solos.

Big Bang’s shining “Taeyang” -Dancing No. 1 – Solo potential No. 1 – Singing/vocal No. 2->

Big Bang’s dancer Taeyang topped in the 3 categories of vocal, solo and dance. Taeyang made a full album (EP) containing rhythem-and-blues (R&B) as well as hip-hop and has been working as a soloist since.

Han Dong Yoon, a pop music critic, said “Taeyang’s live singing and dancing on the stage can be performed at the same time very neatly, he is always ambitious to change and develop.” Kang Illkwon, a rhythmer editor, said “Taeyang’s unique black music groove is one of the most well-represented in Korea.”

Big Bang’s “G-Dragon” -Solo success potential No. 2-

Big Bang’s rapper G-Dragon came in at number 2 in the category of “the most potential to go solo and succeed” along with 2AM’s Jo Kwon. They got 5 recommendations from the 21 experts.

Im Jin Mo, a pop music critic said “Although G-Dragon’s written/composed music have been affected by blatant plagiarism controversies and sex scandals, his presence and uniqueness can make him grow from an idol into an artist.’

1) Lee Haeri (Davichi) – 19 points 2) Taeyang – 18 points 3) Lee Changmin (2AM), Taeyeon (SNSD) – 15 points

1) Taeyang – 23 points 2) Gahee (After School) – 21 points 3) Hyuna (4minute) – 19 points

Solo potential
1) Taeyang – 6 recommendations 2) Jo Kwon (2AM),
G-Dragon – 5 recommendations 3) Lee Hongki, Jonghyun, Taeyeon – 2 recommendations


What are your opinions? I’m personally really happy Taeyang’s talent was finally recognized in these surveys. The experts were full of praise for Taeyang. Although I personally think that G-Dragon should be #1 at the “solo category” because I see his style of music succeeding more than Taeyang’s r&b, which isn’t really accepted in Korea.

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Jiyong at the airport...

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Beautiful Hangover on Music Japan




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Big Bang's signatures for Music Station



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100825 NTV PON Capture


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G-Dragon’s “WITH” Magazine Dating & Life Interview

BIGBANG Special!
We want to know who Big Bang is in Seoul Korea, special coverage! Right now in Japan group Big Bang is soaring in popularity! In Korea, the group still attracts attention for being active as a group and as solo artists. This issue of “with” from Seoul, Korea will find out their undisguised appearance. We hit their dance studio, home, etc. This is the very first time local media in Japan does this kind of coverage in order to access their still unknown hearts!

South Korea’s music top representative group
BIGBANG debuted in August 2006 and had a major impact on the country called, South Korea. With their high and bass rap. Distinctive singing, music, dancing, they were equipped with such high quality that no one could believe it came from these young kids. The first time people’s eyes were on them was through the unprecedented, survival mode, documentary broadcasted. It was not only on TV, but as well as on the internet. The people who watched the sometimes happy, other times crying, and giving up appearances of these young boys, suddenly became their prisoner. They released 3 singles over the spam of only half a year and immediately dominated the charts. The 5 of them are a group that have literally swept the entire nation.

But they didn’t reach the top spot easily.
G-DRAGON, SOL spent their life as trainees for as long as 6 years. VI had to audition more than once as he failed the first time made it in the end after experiencing the life of a trainee for a year and a half. He experienced bone-cut lessons and the severity of being a professional he felt it with his own skin. They impressed people with their skills, their personality and the bonds between the members that people called empathic. In addition, their unique fashion and multi-talents received support from the people. Since they had their major debut in Japan in 2009, they have been receiving more and more momentum. On this issue of “With”, we are going to Seoul to look for them, just like they are. At YG Entertainment we are covering all areas, the dance studio, gym, recording studio etc. A talk with their hearts will be conveyed comfortably since they are at home!

Wishing to free the strong mind since the past. G-DRAGON’s sensibility seems to have already been exerted since his childhood.

“I have heard from other people who even when I’m compared to people my own age, I’m more deep and thoughtful. Plus I think I’m a little more on the adult/mature side. From early in my life, I would listen to music, watch movies…and I would get more deeply excited than my classmates, when I found artistic things that were touching to me I even cried. Now if I had to pick what influenced my emotional/sensitive side, it would be Wu Tang’s music that I heard in 4th grader. Since then I had the dream of wanting to rap and I began to write songs’ lyrics.”

Since his start of school he started to make music, produce and his fashion sense….Behind all of his unusual talent the, “I want freedom”, idea has had a great influence.

“The thought of wanting to be free has always been very strong since the past. I think it appears in my music and fashion. As a result of this I’m thankful to the people around me that accept this and that favorably say that’s just part of my personality. I want freedom but at the same time I don’t like doing anything ambiguous. I’m the type that is always certain/determined in everything I do. Basically, freedom isn’t all I want. Rather than that, I want to think that all the choices I make for my distant future have been made by me. “

Wishing to be free but disliking being ambiguous. That sounds like the kind of nature of a leader who presides over his unique members. Also, the trainee time took 6 years, that made him more committed and professional.

“I think that without my trainee period I wouldn’t be where I am now. It’s true that time was painful but at the same time it was a good time. I got through it all because it was what I wanted. Just thinking about music and dance, made me put all my passion on it. Even now I still love music but, other than music there are other things I have to think about. Sometimes I think that I want to go back, it would be nice. To just simply chase what I enjoyed doing. (laughs)”

It’s possible for him to say such things because G-DRAGON isn’t going to escape, because he is on the next stage.

“I’m still only 22 years old. At my age, I need to experience different things from now on. To build myself, I want to take it slowly. Then one day, I wonder if I can become a nice/cool man. (laughs)”


Dating Q&A #1: What kind of person do you become when you are dating?
In the past I didn’t think much of it, just of the person I like, but right now realistically, I think it’s impossible to be together with her or to do something for her. So if I think that way, I think it’s because I’m passive to love.

Dating Q&A #2 What do you think about the thought of distance from the person you like?
Right now I don’t know how to put in words the distance I’m thinking about in my mind….but I think a bit of a distance feeling is needed [for a relationship]. I have to look after my personal privacy but anywhere you go finding privacy isn’t easy.

Dating Q&A #3 Do you find yourself thinking of marriage?
Of course I don’t think of it right now, but I don’t want to think that it will be in the very distant future. However, when I’m married I want to have a good time always, just like the times of when we dated. Even with a baby I would like to make anywhere in the world we go a possible environment to live in.

Drawing for the future, what do you think you need for now?

To not forget the original intentions, take time to create ourselves. What we need the most now is rest, time, novice, and a hungry mind. In Korea groups start going independent or form a group with other members after 4 to 5 years. For Big Bang the timing is close, but us 5 should still pursue for more without forgetting our original intentions and taking time to create our own selves.

Credits To & Translated By: jae In @ ibigbang.wordpress.com

Unseen Photos


G-Dragon’s Interview with the “Creators Project”


Airing: ㄴ2010.08.27 22:00ㄱ


You guys remember that photo of GD in a YG studio posted a few weeks ago? Well it turns out it was for an interview with the “Creators project“.

The creators project posted these photos along with the following message:

“An interview was held with G-Dragon in YG’s new headquarters. G-Dragon, one of South Korea’s most promising creators, discussed his intimate thoughts on music, art, and life.”

The interview will be released on August 27th at 10PM (KST). It sounds interesting to hear GD’s thoughts, and I love how they described him and the fact that they’re interviewing him because they acknowledge his talents. GD looked like he needed some major rest on those photos though ):




Big Bang filming new show “TV Asahi Ontama”

Taeyang: I have to get undressed, HUH?! O_O *the boys giggle in the back*

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BIGBANG interview on MTV Japan



G-Dragon’s Question for VIPs

GD: 10년 뒤에도 자신있어? Even after 10 years will you still be confident?

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It's Amazing MV!  i'm so proud of them  ^^ BB hwighting!!






Big Bang - Beautiful Hangover live

GD's rap  is too short TT but he always do the best even through only dance behind   O.O my boy!


Beautiful Hangover MV Teaser



Jacket Pics of Beautiful Hangover Album


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JinuSean’s MV floating around after six years, why? Because of G-Dragon…


Male hip-hop group, JinuSean’s music video “Phone Number” has become a hot topic amongst fans once again. On August 23rd in a online community site an article with the title, “Gahee found in JinuSean’s “Phone Number” MV” was posted.

Hip-hop duo men, JinuSean, who debuted in 1997 with their first song “Gasoline” introduced a stylish hip-hop genre. Jinusean released their song “Phone Number” in their “노라보세” in November 2004, and the appearance of the many stars in the music video has attracted attention.

After School’s GaHee appeared in the music video during the sexy backdancing with her brilliant dancing skills. In addition to GaHee, member of Big Bang, G-Dragon also appeared, 1TYM’s Song Bae Kyeong, Se7en, Mugadang, Lee Eun Ju, all YG Family members, also PSY and DJ DOC’s Lee Ha Neul did special appearances to add more fun.

The netizens reactions to the photos were, “It wasn’t refined”, “Seeing this now is refreshing”, “that’s the first time so many cameos were done in a music video”. Such reactions were shown.

Video: Watch Here

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Big Bang - Beautiful Hangover





082310 Big Bang at Haneda Airport

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Big Bang 4th anniversary official site : ASK VIP - G-Dragon's part

Translation : Choose one thing that you would like to do together with us?

 Translation : As Big Bang's fan, what do you think is our problem? Let's talk about it..I would like to know if there is any need for improvement?


source : http://www.ygbigbang.com/1460days/
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 Big Bang G-Dragon's radical transformation into punk style in photoshoot

Big Bang's G-Dragon transformed into a fancy street kid through a photo shoot for fashion magazine 'W Korea.'

G-Dragon's photo shoot was part of the stylist special of the September issue of 'W Korea,' and was paired up with Big Bang's stylist Ji Eun. With the theme of high fashion meets street punk with a hot spark for this photo shoot, stylist Ji Eun chose G-Dragon as the model that best fit the concept. And with his overflowing sense and acting ability, G-Dragon showed off how perfectly in-sync he was with his stylist.

An official on set praised him saying, "It was a photo shoot in which Big Bang's strong DNA was evident."

G-Dragon's photo shoot can be seen in the September issue of 'W Korea,' and the behind-the-scenes photos and interview will be released on the 'W' homepage (wkorea.com) on September 3.

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Translation: seungie


One of the prominent trendsetters in K-pop, Big Bang’s G-Dragon, experimented with a totally different style through the September issue of W Korea.

The theme for this photoshoot was ’stylist special’. G-Dragon was personally selected by stylist Ji Eun to be the model who would be able to assimilate the style of street punk.

As G-Dragon started striking various poses, he captured the attentions of those on the set with his acting skills and multifaceted talents.






Punk not dead

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