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100726 Returning to Korea



 credit: GD&H

Taeyang’s girlfriend has to introduce herself to “YG, Se7en, Teddy and G-Dragon in order to start dating”

Big Bang’s Taeyang explained his blind date with SNSD’s Yuri on this past episode of SBS ‘Strong Heart’ which aired on the 20th.

Seungri revealed that, “Taeyang had gone to a SNSD concert without telling anyone,” and Taeyang explained, “It took a long time preparing for my album. I didn’t get to go out much and because of that, my personality got darker.

So the people around me thought it would be a good idea for me to meet someone of the opposite sex, and they introduced us,” and, “They said there was a girl they thought was alright, so I went out to eat without much thought and it turned out it was Yuri. She’s bright and even though she’s young, we get along. She’s a really good person. She’s one of the few friends I have, so I consider her dearly. We ate together once, and going to the SNSD concert were all special experiences.”

Since she has a good body, Taeyang’s girlfriend will wear jeans while eating kimchi fried rice that he made, after which she’ll have to introduce herself to president Yang, Jinusean, Teddy, Se7en, and G-Dragon in order to start dating.


VIVI Magazine Interview G Dragon's Part

Q: Which kind of girl do you like?
GD: Those who will devote themselves to their career. Since their charm is unresistable.

Q: What if this kind of girl really appears ?
GD: I will not be too nervous. (laughters)
If we do not understand each other well, the relationship still will not work. Therefore, I want to get into her heart step by step. However, when I reach a certain distance, I want to know whether she likes me or not since I don’t want to be her burden. That’s why I will follow a comfortable rhythm to approach her.

Q: Some newly learnt Japanese words?
GD: Nothing…(laughters)

Q: What fashionable stuff do you want to buy from Tokyo?
GD: Kimono! Because I like soft material. I want to make a langja (a kind of kimono, wore to keep the body warm and as a wedding custome) to match with the coat!

Quick Q and A Sessions about other members

Q: Who has changed most?
GD: T.O.P.

Q: Who takes a bath for the longest time?
GD: I think it is me since I will sleep when I take a bath.

Q: Who sleeps the most?
GD: I think it is me again since I will sleep when I take a bath.

Q: On the contrary, who does not sleep?

Q: Who has the most beautiful camera face?
GD: T.O.P.

Q. Whose room is the cleanest?
GD: I think mine is like that belongs to a person who has mysophobia. Joking! (laughters)

Q: Whose room is the dirtiest?
GD: V.I.

Q: Who is the best cook?
GD: All of us don’t know cooking much but if I have to choose, I will choose myself.

Q: Who is the most pornographic?
GD: V.I.

Q: If you have to date in Tokyo, where do you want to go?
After I entered the showbiz, I have great difficulties in doing normal things in Korea, like drinking tea or reading books in parks. In a place where there are not still so many people can recognize us like Japan, this shop does not only enable us to buy CDs but also read books! (laughters). I want to go to TSUTAYA of Roppongi.

Q: How do you think about the fashion trend nowadays?
GD: Wear a JEREMY SCOTT jacket and a pair of ZOZOPEPLE shoes.
Since I am a bit slim, I can wear both males and females clothes. The very first chance that inspires me to be interested in fashion is my mum’s great interest towards it. When I was 4-5 years old, she always brought me to go shopping clothes with her. Now I do not only know how to cut my own hair but also further process the clothes by myself in order to personalize them!

Q: As the leader of BIGBANG, what do you find is the most disturbing?
GD: If I really have to talk about that, I think it should be other members are more gentle than me. ( a bitter smile) They all know my personalities well,they speak only after thinking the issues thoroughly and deeply. Then , they will follow my words.

Source: VIVI Magazine
Chinese Translation: http://www.bigbangtw.com/
English Translation: rice@Bigbang World
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071910 Big Bang @ Gimpo Airport Departure


y_line l 无良欣 @ baidu l shinhdeplol@Soompi


 GD-880818.com l 小鬼AI→_锡帅 & 少女天下_抽答@ baidu ,   bigbanghaven 

T-ara Jiyeon, "I'm a fan of Big Bang's Kwon Jiyong~"

Recently T-ara's Jiyeon was in a photo shoot of the August issue of Elle Girl fashion magazine. During the interview she made a surprised confession that she is a fan of Big Bang's Kwon Jiyong which drew the attention of the public.

Source: nate.com
Translated by: Miseremei @ bigbanghaven


Ji's handwriting

 cr: misa@TheGDragon / saishi_gackt@LJ

출처: blog.naver.com/maxlover88


출처: 지디갤  ,  soompi

G-Dragon and Seungri Interview on Mina Magazine

Q. What do you think of Japanese women?
A. I think they’re all very kind and sensitive.
Q. What type of girl do you like?
A. (looking at the cover of 「mina」’s June issue) I like girls with a natural look (atmosphere), like Aoi Yuu
Q. What kind of fashion style do you like on girls?
A. I think that people who, with a natural stance, wear clothes that suit their own style and features, are fashionable/stylish/elegant. Though they look at ease/comfortable, their dress sense is good… But, that’s really muzukashii (in japanese: difficult), right? (laughs)
Q. What do you usually do on your days off?
A. I rest (laughs). I love to sleep. If nobody wakes me up, I can sleep for two days straight.
Q. If you could take just one thing to a desert island, what would it be?
A. V.I. ! I would make him do everything while I would just sleep (laughs).
Q. Tell us how do you feel about performing at Japan’s rock festival 「Summer Sonic」 in August and send a message:
A. I’m really happy that BIGBANG can perform in such a big stage where a lot of people will gather. I wanna make a performance that can impact many people. Please, cheer for BIGBANG as you do for other artists!

Q. Did you already get used to Japan?
A. Yes. I’m already an 80% Japanese. Sometimes I don’t even understand Korean… I was joking (laughs).
Q. What surprised you the most when you came to Japan?
A. Meal ticket vending machines. You don’t see them in Korea. Also, the amount of magazines in convenience stores. But, since I can’t read kanji, I just look at the pictures (laughs).
Q. What has gotten you hooked on lately?
A. I got my driving licence, so now I’m interested in cars. I’m in love with cool and fast sports cars. That’s cause I’m still young (laughs).
Q. When can you relax yourself?
A. When I listen to music I feel completely at ease. When we come to Japan I bring my own speakers to play my favourite music in the hotel.
Q. What are you collecting?
A. It’s a little bit embarrassing but… LEGO (construction toys). I have lots at home. After I complete (finish) them I feel so good that I wanna boast in front of my friends. Something like 「This is my son」.

Thanks to susifq!/ aleee.ibigbang


TaeYang Feat.G-dragon - I Need A Girl (Jul,17,10) @ Yoo Hee Yeol's sketchbook


TaeYang & G-Dragon - Talk 1/3 (Jul,17,10)


TaeYang & G-Dragon - Talk 2/3 (Jul,17,10)


TaeYang & G-Dragon - Talk 3/3 (Jul,17,10)



Japanese TV Guide with G-dragon

Besides from group activities, we would also like to do our individual music. When we think “READY!” then we will go do own solo activities.

I have plans for a solo album next year. Currently listening to the Japanese CDs that fans gave me, while listening, I’m also learning from them.

Each members are not only singers, but are in movies, variety shows, and other activities that help them carry out as a soloist.

There’s a new song called HANDS UP, I will contribute to the rap. So, please listen to it!

-Which Big Bang song would you like the person you like to listen to?

is it a lover? I want her to listen to “WONDERFUL”

-Do you have any Japanese songs in your ipod?

there’s many. recently listened to PERFUME. also the song that Sol worked with Aoyama Thelma.

-The moment when you feel the most handsome is?

I don’t know if this sounds strange, when I look at myself in the bathroom mirror, “so handsome” kind of feeling comes in.(laugh) The times when I look in the mirror seem different then how I normally look…looks more LIVE in the bathroom. (laugh)

- If you were a girl, which Big Bang member would you date?

(pointing at D-lite) him. has a good body ah (laugh.) Just kidding, because he can make me happy. Like me, always honest no matter what, and it’s fun playing together.

-Japan and Korea, the kind of girls that seem cute to you from each country.

Japanese girls, dress up very carefully. and make us [men] feel reliable, feminine women. In Korea, there were a lot of very strong, leading man type. Now I feel that Japanese women are more tender, will give an impression of you wanting to protect her.

-Where do you want to go on a date in Japan?

Okinawa, heard the sea is beautiful.

-Favorite product in Japanese convience stores.

I go to the convience store everyday, love it very much. Love snacks. Somtimes in our schedules, because there’s not much time for us to eat, during our break we will eat eggs, and what was it…?…scallop biscuits sort of snacks. (laugh)

- ( members love it) what type of topping do you like on curry?

used to eat them a lot. Haven’t had any recently.

- what do you usually keep in your bag?

Because I often lose things, so I don’t carry bags. Only carry my wallet and cellphone.

- 10 years later, what would you be doing?

would probably be very decadent?(laugh) probably won’t change much in 10 years. However, don’t know what it will be like in 20 years. (laugh) After 10 years, we would still probably together, then each of us will be in different places doing different actitivities.

Source: Baidu
Translation: Maggie@ ibigbang
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