"After you fall asleep""I Need a Girl" TaeYang solar album

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G-Dragon - 'I Need A Girl' on YHY Sketchbook




G-Dragon after the recording of YHY Sketchbook



GD at Taeyang's Sketchbook

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Big Bang on FRaU Magazine (August Issue) Q&A

1. What was your childhood dream and wanted job?
[TOP] I wanted to be a great gentleman. Rather than having the appearance of a cool person I wanted to be an elegant man.
[GD] Singer
[SOL] I had various dreams. When you're a child, you wish to try a lot. One is being a pianist.
[DS] Because of our pastor, I wanted to be a pastor first, then a baseball player, then a bodyguard. I thought of becoming a singer a little after that.
[VI] Because I liked dancing I wanted to be a choreographer.

2. A childhood nickname?
[TOP] Dinosaur.
[GD] Hammer. I use my arm like a hammer.
[SOL] Hedgehog! Because of my pointed hairstyle
강대포 (Kang Dae Po) Gun. there was a risk of it being my real name.
[V.I] Panda. Because of the dark circles under my eyes. (Laughs)

3. If there was a one month vacation given..?
[TOP] I would travel somewhere alone. To a secret destination (laughs)
[GD] I want to stay alone, with nobody. Somewhere where nobody knows where to look.
[SOL] (Trying to imagine) Travel in Okinawa!
[DS] In Shibuya. Go play futsal (indoor soccer) everyday.
[VI] I'll just work and not rest. But if I have to rest? Drive around alone.

4. The most expensive thing you have bought recently, within a month?
[TOP] Louboutin shoes. Both the sneakers and the leather shoes.
[GD] Louboutin sneakers.
[SOL] Givenchy jacket. Really expensive. I waited for a year until it was 70% off. I was lucky that it was still available. (Laughs)
[DS] -
[VI] I bought an Yves Saint Laurent jacket.

5. When thinking of Japanese celebrities who’s the first person you can think of?
[TOP] (in Japanese) Pikachu!
[GD] Namie Amuro
[SOL] --
[DS] Kimura Takuya
[VI] Namie Amuro

6. If for one day you would guide a Japanese women in Seoul [where would you take her]..?
[TOP] A quiet wine bar in Cheondam-dong in Gangnam-gu. It's very similar with Daikanyama in Tokyo.
[GD] I would take her to a delicious restaurant in South Korea, Samcheong Dong. Then a drive around Seoul seeing attractions.
[SOL] Samcheong-dong. Go to the park near the mountain, listen to traditional Korean music and go to a restaurant.
[DS] Korean sauna, where you can have meals, and body scrubs. Where even being there all day long I don’t get tired!
[VI] Go to a river cruise. The scenery in the park is nice.

7. Your favorite word?
[TOP] -
[GD] (in Japanese) nanttonaku (somewhat)
[DS] (in Japanese) ppittari! (perfect!)
[VI] (in Japanese) utsukushii (beautiful)

8. A person you respect?
[TOP] My grandfather, who is a novelist. I enjoy writing and I think this is because of the influence of my grandfather.
[GD] Father.
[SOL] Michael Jackson
[DS] My parents. They're very generous.
[VI] Father.

9. From the members “I’m the most excellent at this”?
[TOP] Being silly
[GD] Powerful sense.
[SOL] Being strong-willed
[DS] Rock paper scissors!
[VI] Dark circles under the eyes

10. A drink that you frequently drink?
[TOP] Red wine.
[GD] Milk.
[SOL] Iced tea
[DS] -
[VI] Apple juice.

11. What is Big Bang to you?
[TOP] To live with the greatest passion. A family.
[GD] A name. I carry the name BIGBANG everywhere I go. Because of this, I have to be careful not to do something embarrassing.
[SOL] SOL: It's hard. A home, I guess.
[VI] Joker card. You can surprise everyone with it.

Translated: alee @ ibigbang.wordpress.com l vic@bigbangupdates

BIG BANG on “Frau” Magazine


G-Dragon reveals, “SeungRi wanted to get married”

Big Bang G-Dragon exposes a lie told by youngest member SeungRi.

This was revealed when Big Bang was featured for an interview in the midst of a photoshoot on KBS Entertainment Weekly aired on 10th July.

During the interview, member DaeSung was asked “When do you want to get married?” and his answer was “I don’t care about when, but I want to when I meet someone who is right for me.”

And SeungRi’s answer was, “Until now, I have no thoughts about marriage.” But G-Dragon responded with, “Last time, you said you wanted to get married. And you said you were troubled over it.”

After the show, netizens commented “GDragon catches maknae”, “SeungRi is a liar haha” etc.

Well we all know Seungri and GD can be very open and frank about things to the point that it’s scary sometimes lol but GD loves to tease Seungri so it’s okay. ^^

But when was Seungri thinking of getting married? more importantly, with who? Hmm, I personally think it might have been that girlfriend he had and he broke up with and the members saw him cry and they said he was devastated, aw<3

Thanks to Kbites

Big Bang FILA Photoshoot and Interview