Now my big time sunbaes in the music industry! BIGBANG!!!^^ Because it was out of love, I always bothered Jiyong hyung nonstop! Youngbae hyung the solo singer who is full of win! Turtle Seunghyun hyung! Daesung who I laughed in watching Family Outing! Seunghyun ah (referring to Seungri), you’re the best kekeke! Sunbaenim~ Look out for me and be nice to me in trying hard^^

Credits: BEAST is the B2ST Minialbum (SOURCE); seoulfoood @B2ST Rising (TRANS)


BIG BANG! From head to toe they’re stylish~ Busy jiyong hyung and Youngbae hyung, who’s artist mindset I’d like to have. I’m going to be like hyung someday… ^^ Seunghyun hyung who reserved tuna, Daesung who has a lot of talents, and Seunghyunnie who has lots of confidence!

Credits: SHOCK of the NEW ERA Minialbum (SOURCE); seoulfoood @B2ST Rising (TRANS)
Posted by: shinhdeplol of Soompi



Editor's Comment [Update to G-Dragon's Part]

I like girls who work hard for their jobs!

He may look shy, but G-Dragon is actually the one with the most number of different poses.
When showing his expressions for a series of emotions:sadness, anger, surprise and happiness, he would do poses such as holding his head, and screaming. (An imitation of the famous painting, 'The Scream' )
When we asked him, 'Please show the expression when you fell in love.'
He replied, 'That (request) is just what I want!' while starting to put his hands together in front of his mouth. Those actions were really cute.
To accompany the monkey softtoy which would shake its head according to the rythm of music, G-Dragon also shook his head left and right~



To Be Continued*

Photos: 週刊ザテレビジョン via DCDG + 권부장@bestiz
Text: Tisya @
Translated by Jane @
Please credit when re-posting^^

cr: DCDG + 권부장@bestiz
Taken from:


C: DCGD // DCBB // 豆包の饭 @ baidu


Big Bang on Female Weekly," If I Go On A Date... "

Exclusive Interview
Zoom Up ・ Real Voice

Questions directed to 5 of them!!
Things you want to say "Goodbye" to?
Anything pleasant happened recently that caused you to 'hands up'?
If you go on a date this summer...

G-Dragon 21/ Rap
Up till now, the answer is no. If I really have to say one, then it's my old habit of biting my nails. It started when I was 8, and probably would last till I turn 80.
The experience of a ride on FUJIYAMA in Fuji-Q Highland. That was thrilling fun that I could not control myself but to lift my hands up (:D).
I'll choose a park in Japan. It's quite a rare scene in Korea to see couples having food, playing music and singing together. I will make box lunches on Sunday morning and then go for a picnic with my girlfriend. My girlfriend? All of my fans are my girlfriends!

T.O.P 22/ Rap
Instead of abandoning some thing, I have a stronger will to learn and accept new things.
The war film 'Into the Fire', which I put much effort during the shooting, is about to start screening in Korea.
Places such as a wine bar or cafe in Daikanyama area. I want to spend a relaxed day with my date at a quiet place. (Talking in a depressed tone), I have yet to meet my dream girl...


D-Lite 21/ Vocal
I want to become more serious and cautious in the future.
I am happy everyday. Even now (during the interview), I am very excited.
I really want to spend a day at Fuji-Q Highland*, so I will bring my date there. It would be great if I could meet my true love soon


SOL 22/ Vocal
I want to say goodbye to my ruefulness towards lost friends as well as my personally wants. Thus, to become a more mature adult who can create more pieces of good music.
My solo album that takes me almost one year to prepare, is soon going to be released in Korea.
I would bring my beloved one to the sea of Okinawa. The same as D-Lite, wish I could soon find my destined one.


V.I 19/ Vocal
My habit of blinking my eyes too much, goodbye!
That would be receiving awards at VMAJ. Moreover, things like being awaken by energetic songs in the morning or getting drive-through food while driving.
I want to spend my date at the sea of Okinawa with a girl who has scuba diving certificate. Therefore, I can let her teach me diving.

*Note: Fuji-Q Highland is a famous amusement park in Japan. Fujiyama is the longest and tallest rollercoaster in Fuji-Q Highland
Source: 週刊女性
Photos: 가호애미@bestiz
Translated by JANE @
Please credit when re-posting ^ ^


Streaming Variety Shows

Big Bang Documentary (Must watch!)
Big Bang on Star King
Big Bang on KM Idol World
Big Bang on Superheroes (With Hyori)
Big Bang on School Attack
Big Bang on Brain Battle
Big Bang on Quiz Expedition
Big Bang on Manwon Happiness (Seungri vs Yoona)
TOP/GD on Come to play
Big Bang on come to play
Big Bang on Star Live Talk Talk
GD on Yashimmanman
Big Bang on KJ's Chocolate
Big Bang on Madame B Salon
Big Bang on Intimate Note (Some parts are missing)
GD/Seungri on Strong Heart
Taeyang/Daesung on Strong Heart

c: soompi/ andloveyelledno


HMV DVD Charts


cr:dcgd ,  soompi/ missARROGANT


The boys on a Japanese magazine

C: 가호애미@bestiz // Yvonne @ bigbangupdates


There is nothing between those two

The Goyard passport case is the present from GD&H
Here is the pic: (obviously there s no 4.... no forever this and that)

Credit: GD&H

So there r no pics no gifts.... nothing between those two!!!!!!! Those shippers TELLING LIES ..
Some fans said about the laptop things .... that is so false coz that Laptop is also from GD's fan in 2008 ... shippers, they just photoshop and make it like they have couple thingy but in fact they dont

c: soompi/ jeannielam3004


G-Dragon vs. TOP Fashion SHOWDOWN!

Idol Group BIGBANG [G-Dragon, TOP, Taeyang, Daesung, Seungri] came out to the fans after a long time.

At 8:00PM on June 11th, Seoul Olympic Park, Peace Square- BIGBANG cheered on for the 2010 South Africa World Cup official opening ceremony at the HYUNDAI Fan Park.

BIGBANG's fashionista G-Dragon [real name, Kwon Ji Yong] and TOP [real name,Choi Seung Hyun] outfits had captured the attention of the fans.

As one would expect nothing less from Fashionista G-Dragon who takes pride in his fashion sense; this season, trading-in with a simple and fresh style, he wore a Red t-shirt decked with a dark blue Denim Jacket and Jeans.

The red and denim color of the outfit, matches the blue frame shades which is a reminiscent of the colours on the Taeguk [South Korea] flag. Normally, G-Dragon prefers extravagant accessories but for the event, he only wore two silver rings and a simple silver bracelet which is rather mellow yet stood out from the simple appearance.

Now transformed into an actor, TOP radiates a strong charisma, demonstrated a cute fashion. Wearing a red t-Shirt, a black biker jacket with unique zipper details, dark denim pants and topping it off, a red cap with horn-shaped design revealing his peculiar fashion sense.

The red cap with horn-shaped design drew a lot of attention. Seemingly like a 'sun cap', it is fitted with a red shade which the whole look completes TOP's "American Fashion" style.

Thanks to: 승리(YG.21) @ Bestiz
Translation: ♠Jy. @


GDragon and Sohee new evidence?

 Sohee has been using the customized bag with two stars on it since Nobody days. One has the letter "S" on it, the other one has number "4". There was a fanaccount that said something about GD ordered the customized bag for his gf and the "S" and "4" mean "Sohee 4ever" but i didnt believe it 100%. Just recently(100608) GD wasspotted holding a wallet/passport holder with the exact same pattern but with the letter "G"(for Gdragon)which can be seen clearly but the other one is blocked by GD's thumb which i believe it could be the number "4" that probably makes "Gdragon 4ever".

i believe these two are really dating because;
-they share way too many same stuffs(most people said it's a coincidence though)
-when the Sony laptop rumor surfaced , people said she put the stick note to prevent from free advertisement(??) for Sony but funnily enough the stick note didnt even cover the Sony nor Vaio word and both Yubin and Yeeun who appeared in the photo were seen using the Macbooks without covering the brand logo.
-the Goyard bag and wallet. These are the customized ones, so it's almost impossible to share the same pattern and coincidentally enough it's GD and Sohee again.
c:allkpop/ black ocean


"maybe it's just a coincidence but maybe it's true"

G-Dragon Photos at Hyundai Park Festival

100611 HYUNDAI FanPark Festival - Lie (G-dragon)




G-Dragon - Gara Gara GO!!


ah!! I love this hair now!!  it  so messy! but i love it ^^

C: [ㅎㅁ] @ DCInside


C: Nate // S @ BBVIPZ

C: Nate

G-Dragon voted as "The man I wanted to be neighbour with the most"

Idol Group BIG BANG and Diva, Lee Hyori was voted "The man/woman I wanted to be neighbour with the most".

There were 119 people who voted for the poll that started on 3rd June and ends on 9th June. At last, BIG BANG member, G-Dragon and Lee Hyori was voted as the Number 1. G-Dragon got 36 votes and Lee Hyori got 42 votes. They were ahead of the other artist that were on the list. Both artists are very stylish and are the trend-setter. Their adorable personality is also what their fans love the most about.

2nd on the list is Thai Prince, Nichkhun who got 25 votes and SNSD's YoonA, who got 14 votes.

cr: xxinyq@baidu
translated by


G-Dragon voted as 3rd Korean leader idol Japanese fans want to follow

 A recent poll on a Japanese website," WOW Korea", asked fans to name 6 Korean group leaders they would follow if they themselves were idols.

This survey had nearly 900,000 votes.

In sixth place was SHINee’s beloved leader, Onew! With 809 votes, the cheerful boy captivated the hearts of around 0.1% of the web page visitors. After Onew came Jung Yoonhak of Supernova, in fifth place. With 1159 votes, this idol successfully proved that he was popular even in far-away Japan.

Super Junior’s dimple-faced leader Leeteuk managed to beat the bottom two contestants by quite a large difference. With a little more than 102,000 nominations, Leeteuk tore off a large portion of the votes – 11.4%! Right before Leeteuk came one of Korea’s most famous celebrities. With exactly 300 more votes than the leader of Super Junior, Big Bang’s G-Dragon received 102,463 votes, giving him 11.5% of the total!

Kim Hyunjoong was next in line for the nomination, and with 323,939 of the votes, the pretty-faced leader of SS501 was able to place an impressive second in this popular survey.

And in first place, with a whopping 40.6% of the votes was DBSK’s charismatic leader, Yunho! With more than 360,000 nominations, Yunho was able to make quite a statement, and showed that despite the difficulties that his boy band is currently facing, the leader is still admired and eternally respected.

Translated By:
Credits To:


Translation for Big Bang on Television Weekly Magazine's 'Tell Me' Talk

Big Bang with Big-Size Lemon*
Release of new single after 7 months of wait, Big Bang is finally here!

New Song 'Tell Me Goodbye' - 'Tell Me' Talk
-- A talk about LOVE and more

The Song that portrays Ultimate Love, for Devoted Lovers

Big Bang's new song Tell Me Goodbye was an imposing ballad written as the theme song for Korean drama 'IRIS' (TBS).
VI: The lyrics are really sad which fits the image of the drama nicely.
TOP: I would say that's beyond sadness but more like a tragic feeling. We put in a lot of effort during recording to make ourselves emotionally involved.
SOL: Hey, would anybody get so attached to this song that you become sentimental and start thinking about your beloved ones as if you are the character depicted by the lyrics?
VI: (Sure.) If you truly loved some one before!
DL: I will, too. But will definitely become disappointed and think about my past wounds afterwards... (biggrin.gif)
TOP: I have never been in such a sad love so I do not know that kind of feeling.
GD: In deed, those who were once in an unhappy relationship would easily feel connected to the lyrics. However, I am going to make my beloved girl happy so that none of us will get hurt. (happy.gif)
VI: GD is nice to everyone, no matter you are a girl or a boy!
GD: Yes! I am SUPER nice. (biggrin.gif)

The PV is a great display that vivifies the melody of Tell Me Goodbye. Do not miss the sad expressions on their faces.
SOL: The desert-like shooting location is an Island in Korea named Chebudo (J: in Kyongido). We spent roughly three days for shooting the whole PV, right?
TOP: You are right. Furthermore, since I went for the filming of my movie the day before, I did not sleep for almost two days. But I managed to maintain my tension by chatting with my fellow members and eating delicious food.
DL: The waiting periods were also very long. For me, I once waited for 14 hours!
GD: Another thing to mention was the freezing temperature. Though it was April, we were all quivering because of the bad weather. We had to make grief expressions in front of the camera but we were just too cold to even open our mouths. (J: covered by logo, not sure)
SOL: The wind almost turned into blast. The leaves flying around us in the scene were not blown by fans but by the wind itself.
DL: Because of all the above severe conditions, every dishe of the catering food tasted so great. I stuffed myself with Curry.
GD: More dainty dishes would be provided during PV filmings compare to other normal days. (biggrin.gif) Especially for cold weather, Korean style soup or Jjigae can warm your body up.

VI: Yup. Speaking of warming up, doesn't our coupling song Hands Up send the same message? Everybody @ live, jump, jump, 'HANDS UP' please!
DL: I have been doing my "Hands Up" since we did our recording. The song is really exciting.'
GD: Since I have other works to do, such as direction and engineering (as a co-producer), I calmed myself down during the recording session. It is always hard for me to concentrate if the tension gets too high. I guess this is a typical characteristic of all leaders. (biggrin.gif)
TOP: GD, what kind of thoughts inspired you to write this song?
GD: I hope it conveys the feeling of friends gathering together, raising their hands up and having fun as a group. At this time of early summer, It is the best timing to play this song. Anyway, I will be thankful if you simply enjoy listening to it!

Next issue on 6/16, Wednesday. Please look forward to private questions and the best solo shots of Big Bang!

* J: It is a tradition for people to take photos with lemons when they made their first appearance on the Television Weekly. Lemon is believed to represent the freshness and zest of these new faces.

Scans from: 週刊ザテレビジョン via bestiz + DC gallery
Translated by Jane @
Please credit when re-posting^^




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