BIGBANG @ FIFA World Cup BIG Concert

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100524 2010 FIFA BIG CONCERT - G Dragon - dance choreography


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100524 2010 FIFA BIG CONCERT - G-Dragon - Last Farewell


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BIGBANG&Queen Yuna「The Shouts of Reds part.2」


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Big Bang first Korean dance group at Japan music festival

Boy band Big Bang will be the first Korean dance group to take the main stages of Japan's Summer Sonic Festival 2010 in August, according to the group's agency YG Entertainment.

YG announced in a press release that the group is set to perform on the Ocean Stage of the Maishima Summer Sonic site in Osaka on August 7 and on the Marine Stage of the Chiba Marine Stadium in Tokyo the following day.

The boys will be singing on the stage which is also set to be graced by international recording artists including Stevie Wonder, Taylor Swift, A Tribe Called Quest and Sum 41.

A representative at YG explained, "We are happy that the boys have been invited to this international music festival. The audience can expect to see an energetic performance."

The quintet will be the third Korean artists after rocker Seotaiji in 2001 and four-member rock band Nell in 2008, to take part in the event but the first local dance group.

The Summer Sonic Festival is an annual two-day rock festival held simultaneously in Osaka and Tokyo. The line-up consists of many Japanese rock musicians as well as international acts.

Big Bang made their debut in 2006 with their single "Bigbang" and is known as one of the biggest cultural icons in Korea. They have released numerous singles and albums featuring their biggest hits "Dirty Cash," With U," "Lies" and "Haru Haru."

The group officially launched their singing career in Japan in June last year and is currently promoting themselves in the country for two weeks.

They are also competing at the MTV World Stage Video Music Awards Japan, which will be held on May 29, under the categories for Best New Artist Video and Best Pop Video.

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Idol Fashion 2010: Mnet’s Best & Worst

Idols start all the trends these days. They have the hottest dances, songs, fans, videos, shows and more. One thing they surprise their fans with is their fashion sense.

On Mnet Trend Report Season 5, viewers got a look at idols’ fashion in an episode titled “Fun! Best & Worst” as Mnet rated different idols’ fashion styles. Here are the reporters’ choices!

For the Best Dressed…

First Place: Big Bang’s G-Dragon
Second place: Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-in
Third place: 2AM’s Jo Kwon
Fourth place: KARA’s Goo Hara
Fifth place: SHINee’s Key

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Bigbang@ FIFA World Cup BIG Concert


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[240510]GD @ FIFA World Cup Big Concert

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Taeyang’s Star Diary Part 4 “G-Dragon and I Have Only Fought Once”

Taeyang(23, real name Dong YongBae) and G-Dragon(23, real name Kwon JiYong) have been close friends ever since they met 10 years ago as trainees. Asiae was curious after learning about their history as friends and wondered, is there any rivalry between them? Have they ever fought with each other?

“We fought once.” Taeyang admitted. “It was while playing basketball…”

Taeyang and G-Dragon played basketball against dancer trainees, who they kept losing to. With his natural competitive nature, Taeyang thought “I’m going to win this” but G-Dragon’s thoughts were “This [game] isn’t even fair” and wanted to quit.

“We kept on losing and Jiyong said ‘Let’s just stop’ but I told him ‘Let’s play until we win’. We eventually started to argue about whether we should play or not and then we started fighting.(laughs)”

The two of them are almost polar opposites in their personality and tastes. For example, while G-Dragon has changed his hairstyle over 200 times since their debut, TaeYang has only changed it twice.

“Jiyong has no fears when it comes to trying new things. I’m the type of person who has to think things through carefully. I think that’s part of the reason why we get along so well. I hold him back and Jiyong shows me things that I wouldn’t usually try.”

Even when it comes to picking out their food from a menu, Taeyang wants to eat “whatever is good” but G-Dragon has a more detailed menu inside his mind where he thinks “for this occasion you eat this and for that occasion, you eat that”.

“I’m indecisive, so I can’t pick things so easily. But Jiyong isn’t like that. Even so, we still respect each other [in our decisions]. When I see Jiyong, there’s things that I naturally accept about him and vice versa. I really think that I have no other [close] friends besides Jiyong nowadays.”

Ever since their trainee days these two have become close friends and have been there to comfort and cheer each other on through the rough times. Because of their friendship, they are never lonely while working in the entertainment business. “While we’re working, there’s definitely times when we clash. But like it or not, I think Jiyong and I have done well so far.”

Source: Park
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"The  beautiful friendship"

BSX World Cup poster



Big Bang for BSX


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