BIGBANG ‘Tell me Goodbye’

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Big Bang on HERS Magazine Japan

My Korean Wave started with Big Bang.

Everyone, it's Big Bang! In Korea they are nationally big stars with tremendous energy. But they are also a greatly popular group even in Japan, having obtained two "big titled" awards, record and cable television, as the best newcomers of the year.

So far, while Japanese women talk excitedly and make a fuss over K-dramas, Korean movies, and K-pop, my heart had not been completely moved. Only Big Bang has stolen my heart which had been polished for a long time. Anything of theirs is great: lyrics, music, and even up until the choreography, they have the ability to do it themselves. Particularly, it was the music of their single Haru Haru that I deeply like. And when I remember their faces and how they look when they're dancing, I start to chuckle by myself.

Two years before, when Big Bang came to Japan, I was able to dine with them. After the concert, they were starving. They munched down on what they ordered, and while they suited their turtledove-like appearance with their digging, "Kyun!" my maternal instinct was unfortunately tickled. When they spoke in broken Japanese, this was once again cute, don't you think? Well, everyone's feeling towards Korean Wave stars changes too. Afterall, they were really kind. They gave great importance to their family and they went together with their parents to Japan. Also, I heard they went to the onsen (Japanese hot spring) together. This time, after an interval of two years since I met them, from the turtledoves of two years ago, they were completely sophisticated and they gave off the feeling of grown up men. From now on my heart is more than ever filled with Big Bang!

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 BIGBANG ‘Tell me Goodbye’

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BIGBANG ‘Tell me Goodbye’

I can't get over how hot GD looks in Tell Me Goodbye. his acting was really good!   I thought he actually cried  …. tell that he can be an actor , i really want to see him in drama    biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

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The next BIG BANG &/ 2NE1

YG Entertainment opens an online audition sit ( on 18th May to scout for the next generation of pop culture.

YG Entertainment is known debuting some of the top artistes in Kpop including Jinusean, Se7en, Gummy, and also top idol groups Big Bang and 2NE1. However it is known that there has not been a singer who debut through the company’s open audition. The company previously held an open audition for the first time 6 years ago, and their stand was, “YG is a place where it is harder to become a trainee than a singer.”

Still, it is good news for aspiring singers with YG holding an open audition in 6 years. The audition will scout for talent in 3 fields – singing, acting and producing and will be held from 18th May till 22nd June in Korea and the States simultaneously.

The first window of online audition:

  • Korea – 18th Jul
  • LA – 3rd Jul
  • New York – 10th Jul

Those who pass the auditions, will undergo training as a trainee in the company and given the chance to fulfill their dream.

A YG Ent rep said, “We look forward to having new talents join the YG family. If one is able to show one’s charms to the fullest, one will be able to achieve good results.”

The official social media sites for the audition will be:


Source:Newsen/ Kbites




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