Big Bang Thai ASIANISM Hilarious Interview

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9th May GD's me2day update


남자라서 보내요! 거미누나 화이팅~~

 ‘The Man’! Gummy unni, fighting~~


Aww, that’s really sweet! 2NE1 and Big Bang sent Gummy flowers for her Music Core return she had today. YG Family is amazing! ^^ The juniors supporting their sunbae! I love Gummy’s album, all the songs were daebak! I recommend you go check it out if you haven’t :)   c:ibigbang/aleee



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Gummy's me2day update mentioning Big bang

G-Dragon Ji Yong, Youngbae, TOP, Daesung, Seungri. And spoke to Dara, Minji, Bom, CL and Se7en yesterday!! Thanks for cheering me on at my first performance and even our trainer Hwang Ssa Bu (find him in the picture^^) thank you! I’ll work hard.

Translated by AA-CHAN:




 c: taijizero2

Goo Ha Ra , Jo Kwon & G-DRAGON chosen as the best fashionistas

Recently, in the TV program, Mnet ‘Trend Report Feel’, announced on the ‘Best & Worst’ fashionistas among the idols of the music industry.

As a result,
Ku Ha-ra from KARA, Jo Kwon from 2AM and G-dragon from Big Bang defeated all the top stars and were selected as the best fashionistas.

From the fresh girlish look during KARA debut period, Ku Ha-ra transformed into every man’s desire with her attractive long hair, seducing smokey makeup and sexy style. No doubt that she is the fast rising fashionista.

And despite the short height, Jo-Kwon from 2AM impressed everyone with his neat and simple semi-suit look.

Never forget the one that ruled the fashion world of the music industry, G-dragon from Big Bang. Handling printout clothes and fancy accessories is never a difficult job to him. His unique fashion sense keeps him the best fashionista of all time.

Do you agree?

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pics capture from eversense CF

c:herlaboratory   , ibigbang/aleee

Interviewer: What are you guys doing here in Thailand this time?
Taeyang: We’re doing a commercial for Eversense.
Interviewer: Oh I heard there are 3 girls that will be featured in the commercial too, now I wanna know what are your type of girls?
Taeyang: I like girls that suits the image of Eversense. (totally staged, that’s why he and Jiyong laughs).

Interviewer: Is that so? But what about your personal preferences?
Taeyang: Ummm, not particularly, but when I meet her, she’d be the one that gets me to say Lovely!
Interviewer: How about G-Dragon?
G-Dragon: *thinks* *smiles* *ends up passing the mic to TOP*
Interviwer: What about TOP?
TOP: *smiles* *passes the mic to Daesung*
Daesung: WHAT? *smiles* I like girls who likes to smile and has pretty smile.
Oh oh and she has to suit with the Eversense image too. (LOL again)
Interviewer: Ok, that was a little awkward now that I asked about girls, isn’t it? So how about you guys getting a week of, what do you want to do in Thailand?
TOP: Elephants! I want to ride an elephant. (Awwwwww)
Inteviewer: Does anyone want to go to the beach? Have you been to our beaches?
Taeyang: No we haven’t. Would you take us there?
Interviewer: Of course! If you want to, I can do that! But before we travel, you should learn Thai first. Any Thai word you wanna learn?
G-Dragon: Saranghaeyo
Interviewer: Pom Ruk Koon
G-Dragon: *imitates* Pom Ruk Koon
Daesung: What about ”brilliant”?
Interviewer: Sood-yod!
Daesung: Sood-yod! *smiles*
Seungri: #$%$%)$($##
Interviewer: What doest that mean? Is it in Thai?
Taeyang: It’s Seungri’s rap, doob doob (Idk what is this, but he said it).
G-Dragon: I think he means Dek-dek (means easy in Thai) *does the hand*
Interviewer: Now I’m sure the audience wants to know your personal habits. Who takes the longest time in the shower?
ALL: *points at TOP*
Seungri: He takes the longest.
TOP: Really? *nods*
Interviewer: What do you do in there other than showering?
TOP: Observing my body. (LOLOLOL) *imitates the way he looks at himself*
Interviewer: Hahaha ok, now tell me who’s the most jealous in the group?
G-Dragon: I don’t think there is.
Taeyang: Me neither.
TOP: There’s no jealous person in our group.
Interviewer: Since you guys are like a trend setter, can you tell me of the design you might design in the future?
TOP: Something that suits Eversense image (totally joking).
G-Dragon: Umm, something easy to approach, I think.
Interviewer: As you already know, Thailand is very hot, can you suggest some clothes that will do us good?
G-Dragon: I think you should wear light textured clothes.
G-Dragon sprays Eversense and smells.
Interviewer: What about in Korea? It’s cold there, what do you do to keep warm?
G-Dragon: I hit myself. *hits himself*
Taeyang: I think hugging helps. *hugs G-Dragon*
Interviewer: You guys have so many songs, do you have any song that mean to you more than the rest?
TOP: No, every song means to us.
Interviewer: Will you ever sing in Thai?
G-Dragon: *nods* Maybe someday.
Taeyang: Yes, we’d like to do that someday.
Interviewer: I think Daesung has already mastered the word Sood-yod.
Daesung: *laughs* Sood-yod
Interviewer: How about using Sood-yod as your lyrics for the whole song?
Daesung: *laughs*
Interviewer: Ok, we’ve runned out of time now, so lastly, do you have anything to say to Thai fans?
G-Dragon: Yes, I’d like to say thank you for supporting us and it’s been a pleasure to come back here again. And please support our Eversense commercial too!
ALL: We’re Big Bang!
Interviwer: Thank yoooooou!

Thanks herlaboratory




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