Shine A Light Photobook Pages 192~271

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G-Dragon & TOP make #8 on Top 20 Forever Cute Stars

1. Jaejoong (TVXQ)
2. Donghae (Super Junior)
3. Sohee (Wonder Girls)
4. Eunhyuk (Super Junior)
5. Taemin (SHINee)
6. Tiffany (SNSD)
7. Sungmin (Super Junior)
8. G-Dragon & TOP (Big Bang)
9. Yunho (TVXQ)
10. BoA
11. Leeteuk (Super Junior)
12. Kibum (Super Junior)
13. Sunmi (Wonder Girls)
14. Taeyeon (SNSD)
15. Dana (CSJH The Grace)
16. Yoona (SNSD)
17. Hongki (FT Island)
18. Heechul (Super Junior)
19. Shiwon (Super Junior)
20. Kyuhyun (Super Junior)

C: Alee@iBigBang

G-Dragon #5 and TOP #23 at “Best of the Best” Fashion




BIG BANG April Schedule!

1st (Thursday)
[TV] [5:00 AM KST] [Star Reality]- Big Bang: The Beginning (Rerun)
[Concert] [8:00 PM KST] Taeyang at Brian McKnight’s concert

2nd (Friday)
[Event] Eversense Big Bang Girls Press Conference in Bangkok, Thailand

3rd (Saturday)
[TV] Big Bang’s song HANDS UP starts airing on Fuji TV’s Mezamashi Saturday
[Magazine] Nikkei Entertainment

5th (Monday)
[Magazine] Non-No

 8th (Thursday)
[Release] Lee Hyori’s H-Logic – How Did We Get (Duet with DaeSung)

26th (Monday)
[Event] Daesung’s 21st Birthday!  ♥

28th (Wednesday)
[Release] Electric Love Tour 2010 DVD

thanks to bbvipz and yg_bigbang



G-Dragon’s Shine A Light concert to play in theaters!

It has been confirmed that G-Dragon’s 1st solo concert, Shine A Light, will play in theaters in Korea.

YG Entertainment stated, ”It will open on the upcoming April 15th in Seoul, including in the five metropolitan cities, through CGV theaters.” The performance will be processed into digital cinema across the country, as the first ‘alternative content’ by CJ Powercast.

Last year on December 2, 40,000 fans attended and were emotionally moved and overjoyed by the style icon, G-Dragon’s stage presence, and specially prepared lighting, sound, and videos at the concert. (In korean, this all basically sums up to.. ultimate satisfaction!!)

YGE explained that this concert was not planned to just end at simply the enjoyment at the actual concert, but everything was filmed with HD sources to produce DVDs and cinema productions in HD. This was in order to show exactly what it is like to be at the concert (so, the concert can be re-lived by fans who couldn’t go).

Furthermore, Shine A Light could be enjoyed by not only fans, but by everyone else as well, without the burden of purchasing concert tickets.


Oh GOSH!! I can’t wait! *_* It’ll be like being at a virtual GD concert :D!

Korean article: asiaenews
Translations: Soleil @ ibigbang



credit: taijizero2


Big Bang and TVXQ nominated for Video Music Awards Japan

Let us rise and celebrate – two Asian-wide idol groups, Big Bang and TVXQ have been selected as nominees under the honorable categories of Best Newcomer’s Video Award and Best Group Video Award, respectively, for World Stage: Video Music Awards Japan hosted by MTV Japan.

The actual show for this award show, commonly referred to as WS VMAJ, will be held on May 29th at Yoyogi Nation Stadium. Following the format of “global music concert,” WS VMAJ will be featuring various Japanese artists, alongside the two Korean boy groups. Big Bang will also decorate the stage on that day as one of the four performers chosen.

Credit: Allkpop

BIGBANG & G-Dragon Nominated for 3 Categories in MTV WORLD STAGE VMAJ 2010


The 9th 「MTV WORLD STAGE VMAJ 2010」 aka VMAJ 「VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS JAPAN」 has announced this year's 15 categories nominations and BIGBANG's got a chance to rub shoulders with many of Japan and International's heavyweight artists from around the globe like Koda Kumi,Taylor Swift,P!NK,Beyonce and TaeYang's favorite,Shimizu Shota, in these 3 categories as follows:

[Best New Artist Video]
Mao Abe "いつの日も" (大喜多 正毅)
BIGBANG "ガラガラ GO!!" (Hyun-Seung Seo)
KERI HILSON "Knock You Down feat. NE-YO & KANYE WEST" (Chris Robinson)
TAYLOR SWIFT "You Belong with Me" (Roman White)
the telephones "Monkey Discooooooo" (スミス)

[Best Pop Video]
BIGBANG "声をきかせて" (Yong Yi)
いきものがかり "YELL" (Miki Takahiro)
Koda Kumi "Lick me?" (Shigeaki Kubo)
LEONA LEWIS "Happy" (Jake Nava)
P!NK "Please Don't Leave Me" (Derek Roberto)

[Best Collaboration Video]
BEYONCE "Video Phone feat. LADY GAGA" (Hype Williams)
JAY-Z "Empire State of Mind feat. ALICIA KEYS" (Hype Williams)
JUJU with JAY'ED "明日がくるなら" (Usui Hiroshi)
Kato Miriya×Shimizu Shota "Love Forever" (Noda Tomoo)
w-inds. × G-DRAGON(BIGBANG) "Rain Is Fallin'" (Sadahiro Sonoda×stereo eye)

The event will be held at Yoyogi National Gymnasium,Tokyo on the day before 「MTV LIVE 05.30.10」 on May 29,2010 at 18:00 onwards.Please support the oppas for their great music and work!We hope you'll all be there for them!BIGBANG FTW!!



Big Bang Schedules:

[Show][March 30th-8.00PM-DaeSung & SeungRi for SBS hahamong show-Live on Twitter
***The air date on SBS hasn't been announced yet***

[TV][April 1st-5.00AM]-[Star Reality]-BigBang The Beginning***Rerun***

[Concert][April 1st-8.00PM]-TaeYang as guest performer for Brian McKnight's concert
***Duet & as Opening act***

[Release][April 8th]-Lee Hyori- How did we get (Duet with DaeSung)

[Birthday][April 26th]-DaeSung's 21st birthday
***22 years old (Korean age)***

[Release][April 3rd]-"Hands Up"-Theme song for Japanese TV show (Saturday Mezamashi TV)

[Release][April 28th]-Electric Tour 2010 DVD release

[Event][May 25th]-BigBang & Top for the launch of IRIS in Japan


***BigBang as a guest performer and nominated in 3 categories***

[Event][June 1st]-BigBang & Top for the launch of IRIS in Japan

[Event & Endorsment][Apr 2nd]-Eversense BIGBANG Girls Press Conference
***Rumor-[April 2nd-4th]BigBang in Bangkok,Thailand***




Shine A Light Photobook Pages 192~271

When we arrived at the stadium to get ready for rehearsals, Jiyong ran his eyes over the empty seats and was silent as he went around the insides of the concert hall.

Even I feel almost lonely looking at the empty concert hall. I wonder what Jiyong’s thinking at the moment?

As soon as he’s given the chance to have a short break, Jiyong lies down on the spot. He raps while flailing his legs like a cranky little kid.

“When I don’t have any money, I go home and sizzle myself a bindaeddeok.” [Korean mung-bean pancake]

The mic in Jiyong’s hands has been custom-made (?) to fit the concert’s main colours of red and white. Engineer Kyeongjoon went and bought the materials and made it himself to fulfill Jiyong’s request. It’s really one of a kind.

The atmosphere suddenly becomes cold. The look on G-Dragon’s face says a lot as he watches the rehearsal video.

Though everything seems perfect from an outsider’s point of view, not even the tiniest flaws escape G-Dragon’s eagle eyes.

Everyone watches G-Dragon in silence, waiting and wondering what it is that’s gone wrong. As G-Dragon points them out one by one and explains how to fix them, even I flinch like a student being told off by a teacher.

Though I know I don’t really have the right to say this as an outsider, it’ll probably actually only make 1 or 2 seconds’ difference. It’s both surprising and scary that he notices and checks all these tiny things. He really isn’t called a ‘crazy perfectionist’ for nothing.

“Of course it would be difficult, but as long as it’s possible I would like to get absolutely everything perfect. Everything......”

His face was expressionless so I was kind of worried that maybe he wasn’t happy about something, but suddenly he cracks up and falls to the ground laughing after looking at the huge screen.

What is it that’s making him laugh so hard?

He looks just like a mischievous little kid. It really makes me wonder if it’s the same expressionless person who was monotonously pointing out problems a couple of seconds ago.

I look at the big screen, wondering what it is he saw. And I see a video of a young Jiyong enthusiastically rapping (you can’t understand much of what he’s saying but yes, he’s still rapping) to ‘Angel with Lost Wings’.

He laughs while watching his younger self, then covers his face with both his hands bashfully before flopping to the ground as if he can’t bear the embarrassment.

He does seem pretty embarrassed.

G-Dragon looks a little flustered after all that laughing, and he asks between giggles:
“How did they even find that? Wow, seriously, how did they find that?”

I wonder. It looks like it’s from over 10 years ago so I’m pretty curious as to how they found it as well. In the video, someone kindly asks him:

“What do you want to become when you grow up, young Jiyong?

Then Jiyong, holding the mic that’s half the size of his face tightly with his two hands, answers in a bright, clear voice:

“Someone who’s good at rapping………….”

I see you’ve accomplished that dream already, young Jiyong!

Let’s take a second here to watch and compare the child Jiyong with the adult G-Dragon.

“If I move from here to here like this, would it be too dangerous?”
“What about this then?”
“That’s ok too, but wouldn’t it be better to move this way?”

He checks the formations on stage, as well as lighting, sound, video and even special effects…….

We see Jiyong continuously talking to the directors of each team in order to create a better performance.

Out of all the countless questions and answers being thrown around, there was one that really stood out and made me stare at Jiyong for a while:

“But if we do it like that, don’t you think the fans on this side wouldn’t be able to see very well?”

Seeing his concern for all his fans was the most impressive thing of all.
Though I’m sure he’s doing it for himself as well, seeing him put his loving fans first was truly more impressive than anything else.

Around about when the rehearsal was nearing an end, we see Jiyong way over there with a serious look on his face. Seeing him sitting there, silently staring at the stage makes me feel a surge of pride and almost pity at the same time.

I know he would’ve had one of the hardest times managing this concert, but he never once let it show and instead always encouraged and cheered on the other staff members. It was inspiring to see him act so much more mature than his age.

“Jiyong, do you want a 10 minute break?”
“No, I’m ok.”

Even after hours of rehearsing, Jiyong doesn’t seem tired at all.
Countless staff members are continuously putting in a lot of effort for Jiyong’s concert, and Jiyong himself is also probably having a hard time having to decide and prepare everything on his own too. As G-Dragon alone, not as one of five members of Big Bang.

I wonder what it’s like to stand alone on stage in front of over ten thousand people.
Not with the other four members like he has until now, but really, I wonder what it feels like to perform alone on such a huge stage.

I snuck on stage next to Jiyong, who was busy discussing something with the staff. I faced where the audience would be, then found myself running back down from the stage not even a minute later.

It’s impossible for me to imagine it.
I suddenly have a new found respect for Jiyong, standing tall up there on stage.

Jiyong, you said you were shy……That was all a lie, wasn’t it.

Because the rehearsal’s been going late into the night, a lot of the staff are starting to look tired.
I mean, I’ve just been sitting here comfortably watching everyone else work, and even I feel tired. It makes me wonder how hard it must be for the others at the moment.

Then, we hear Jiyong’s strong voice.

“Come on, everyone! Keep it up, we’re almost done! Thanks for everything!”

Everyone chuckles at his subtle cuteness and goes on working hard as if they’d never gotten tired in the first place.
If you smile and say stuff like that, noone will ever be able to complain, Jiyong.

Tada! A pleasantly familiar face appears. It’s Se7en, looking hot as ever.

“What’s it like to take part in Jiyong’s solo concert?”
“I’ve known him since he was a young trainee and watched him grow into Big Bang’s G-Dragon, and he’s a dongsaeng that means a lot to me so I’m really happy and proud to be able to help him in his first solo concert!”

“You’ve know Jiyong for a long time, what kind of person is he??”
“Wow, it’s been over 10 years since I’ve known him. Even after debuting as Big Bang’s leader and now a solo artist, he always puts in the same amount of effort and is always trying to do something new. He’s a dongsaeng that has a lot of qualities to learn from.

It suddenly becomes a little chaotic at the rehearsal site.
A bunch of girls rush inside, anticipation etched on their faces.

I hear they won some event and were given the chance to watch the rehearsal.
They look so excited, and they scream like no tomorrow when they see Jiyong rechecking formation on stage.

Jiyong hears them and runs off the stage to where they’re standing and greets all of them eye-to-eye.
The girls just stand there stamping their feet, at a total loss for words. It’s really cute.

“(In a worried tone) It’s really cold today, aye?”

“Everything you guys see today is a secret, okay!”
“(All together) OKAAY!!!!”

Jiyong continues rehearsing, standing where the fans can see him well.

Jiyong performing in front of his fans, who are all watching with a twinkle in their eyes, is probably the brightest I’ve ever seen him shining.

Daesung and Seungri watch the final rehearsal. Their serious expressions make it seem like they feel even more nervous than Jiyong.

“What kind of person is Jiyong to you two?”

DS: “Hyung’s really thorough!! He always gives us a lot of advice so I learn a lot from him. And Jiyong hyung really is a Heartbreaker!! His solo activities were awesome, he’s an amazing artist who fans and the members including myself can always believe in!!!”

VI: “I think hyung’s a person who wants to experience a lot of different emotions in life. Whether it be happiness, sadness, or anything else…
But though it may not seem like it, I think he’s really lonely. And rather than pure charisma like he is when he’s G-Dragon, he’s a person who likes making people laugh, making them happy…

And he likes being different to others in everything he does.

He has incredible leadership skills and he seems like a veteran in every way. Maybe it’s because he was a trainee for so long. He’s a hyung that I can always learn so much from.”

“No matter what anyone says, passion never lies.
That’s what Shine A Light is.”

Scans by: DaragonHideout
Translated by: sjay.x @ BBVIP 

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