“Electric Love Tour” TBS Broadcast!

posted on 28 Mar 2010 09:56 by moomooae
G-Dragon at the Jeremy Scott Party


Recently designer Jeremy Scott had a party in Korea which many stars attended, such as 2NE1 who even performed and G-Dragon.

Nobody knew G-Dragon was actually going to be there, but I had a feeling he would. I mean come on he is such a huge fashion icon in Korea and he has been seen wearing clothes designed by Jeremy Scott left and right! Looking good GD ^^



Big Bang “Electric Love Tour” TBS Broadcast!



ELT Part1

ELT Part 2
ELT Part 3
ELT Part 4
ELT Part 5
ELT Part 6
ELT Part 7
ELT Part 8

ELT Part 9

ELT Part10

ELT Part11

ELT Part12

ELT Part13

ELT Part14



if you miss GD rapping..have a listen to this...YG artists/BB intros will never disappoint you^^
I always wish their intros were longer..lol

Gummy - Intro - work it now (feat. G-Dragon)

G-dragon Put Your Hands Up

more fast and sick rapping from 13-year old GD..why be normal is Gummy's song featuring GD
Perry, Masta Wu, G-Dragon - Why be normal [mnet] 11.26.2002

[Audio]Gummy-Why be normal ft G-dragon

D-2 to G-dragon-Heartbreaker(ft Flo-rida)

credit: soompi/ Alla


Big Bang “Good and Bad Examples”

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