Shine A Light Photobook Pages 104~191

posted on 22 Mar 2010 14:26 by moomooae

 G-Dragon was seen bowling with 2PM’s Junsu and Nichkhun

I saw 2PM Junsu, Nichkhun, Big Bang Kwon Jiyong, Se7en, Park Hanbyul, Lee Hyuksu, and the 2NE1 coordi (yanggeng)! I had heard that they came here to hang out but seeing them in person was so amazing T_T They were all so cool looking. Prince Nichkhun was extremely cute. Kwon Jiyong and Junsu were so hot… They were very friendly and close looking. They bowled for a really long time… Se7en and Park Hanbyul were just holding onto each other the whole time. They were all so close!

#2 2010.3.24
Today must be my lucky day or something! It was around 11 PM, I went down to Apkujeong’s bowling alley. I went there for the first time and saw 2PM Nichkhun with some girls bowling! About an hour later, there was a whole group formed! Big Bang’s G Dragon, 2PM Junsu, Se7en, Park Hanbyul, Lee Hyuksi, 2NE1’s coordi. I was so surprised, thought I was going to faint.
Nichkhun, Junsu, and G Dragon sat together and talked for about 10 minutes, then Junsu, GD, and Junsu’s friend, and 2NE1’s coordi