G-Dragon is the #4 Star people would want a “Candy Kiss” from on White Day

Singer Rain shined to the first place of the star who people wanted to do mouth to mouth transfer of candy on the white day.

As a result of having carried out questioner survey to ask, “The male star who you wish to do mouth to mouth transfer of candy on the white day” at “Monkey 3″ site which specializes in music in Korea, Rain was chosen as the first place according to the site that announced it on the 12th. The survey was collected from 3,093 members of “Monkey 3″ music site from the 5th until the 11th of March.

Rain got 1,234 supports which are 40% of the total votes and suppressed his rivals and shined on the top.

As for the second place, Yuchun (Micky) of TVXQ, received 23% (708 votes), for the third place, Jang Geun Suk (Actor), and Nichkhun of 2PM received equal number of votes (11%, 333 votes), and G-DRAGON of BIGBANG scored the next (10%, 323 votes), followed by Minho of SHINee (5%, 162).

I agree with everyone on th elist except Rain and Minho. haha Jang Geun Suk is my second love after GD and yoochun has really cute lips! but not rain nor minho. GD is my #1!! ^^ Do you all know what a Candy Kiss is? There was an example of it in a scene from drama IRIS, click here to see it.

Thanks to Junsulv @ onetvxq



lots of releases at Tower Records in Osaka.



HotCha member Regen Cheung's blog entry about her meeting with Big Bang

HotCha member Regen Cheung got a signed CD from Ji
* HotCha is a Hong Kong cantopop trio group. Regen Cheung attended Big Bang's BIGSHOW concert and took some photos with Big Bang members. They even signed the albums for her.

G-Dragon's limited CD, WOO~ it is signed~

thanks to HKYAHOO and baidu bigbang
translated by Miseremei @ bigbanghaven.blogspot.com
credit if re-post

source:soompi/ ncly



translations :-
BLOG content :

Wooo~~ BIG BANG!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone wanted to see my photos with big bang!!
Ok I will post for everyone to see!!
I myself am very excited too!!
say B I G to the BANG!!!!!
Big Bang Rock The NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hahahahhaa

(1st photo)

at the entrance of the concert hall !! wow so nervous~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Actually I wanted take photos, but Korea does not allow phototaking,
There are tight securities walking around you
So I dare not take...afraid will be dragged out...
Previously watching SPEED also the same, cannot take photo..so sad..
But, I took a lot of photos at the entrance.....

Had to wait until the show is over then only take the photo
you see, it looks like snowing,
because at the ending part, they released a lot of small pieces of papers from the top,
so beautiful, so romantic!!!

(2nd photo)

are you ready???

BIG BANG!!!!!!!
original I thought of what to request,
such a rare chance to see them, let's request for a hug...
but once I saw them...
I dare not say it and am very shy...what's worse is that I don't know Korean..........
but the moment I saw G-Dragon walked over,
I really want to scream!! ah~~~~~~~~~~
to cry out loud!! unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!
I saw them in person!!!!!!
everyday listening to their songs...watch their live and mv on youtube..
finally seeing them in person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
G-Dragon is cool, very stylish..........very well-mannered..

Daesung is equally funny,
they were very surprised to know that I came from Hong Kong to see them..

(3rd photo)

T.O.P !! so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so fluent in English,
not knowing Korean, I wanted to communicate with them with my poor English,
but I was stunned by his English...

(4th photo)

didn't take a photo with Seungri...so sad..
he went to change his clothes....
during the concert, his solo performance is good,
added marks...
at that time, they waited for me to speak...
I was too shy....................
so sad......................
and so hard to believe, they are of the same age as me, one is older than me for a year,
another one is younger than me............
too exaggerated...............

(5th photo)

their signatures!!

(6th photo)

I Love their music...
brings me happiness, energy, dreams....
all the songs are well written, well composed..
personal opinion, I prefer this genre of music......

Note :- Although this is written in Chinese but Regen expressed it in Cantonese so some of the words and phrases used are rather difficult to translate into English. I tried my best to make it as comprehensive as possible.

thanks to HKYAHOO and baidu bigbang
translated by Miseremei @ bigbanghaven.blogspot.com
credit if re-post
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