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G-dragon Lollipop 2 Me2Day Updates

Original message:

미(투데이)친(구) 여러분~~ 안녕! 오늘 마지막 개인

사진의 주인공은 말 안해도 다들 알겠죠? 바로 빅뱅의 카리스마 리터

G-Dragon이에용~ 꺄~ 상큼한 사진 보고 다들 즐점해용 ^-^

In English:

me(2DAY) friends, everyone~~ Hello! Today is the last of the

picture presents, you know? Right here we have BIG BANG’s

charismatic leader, G-Dragon~

-translated by aa-chan :)

heehee… ^^ jiyongie sure looks adorable there, dont you agree? ^^


G-Dragon is completely innocent of charges

On March 16th it was announced that Big Bang’s G-Dragon has been cleared of charges regarding children’s protection law and the performance of banned songs.

As for the “bed scene” performance of Breathe, it was decided that the performance was just trying to express the song dramatically, so that issue was cleared of charges as well.

However, the police demanded around 3,000,000 won ($2,600 USD) as a fine; as a performer, G-Dragon and his associated staff have taken care of the matter.

YG Entertainment also said, “[The issue] didn’t go to court or anything so we consider it basically a pretrial disposition.”

The investigations took place on the 15th when police realized he didn’t technically violate any sort of law under children’s protection law and performance of banned songs. However, he is free of charges regarding performance laws.

Sighhh…I can breathe (pun intended) now ^^



JJ’s new minialbum features composer scouted by GDragon