Big Bang in Japan

posted on 11 Jan 2010 15:42 by moomooae

GD me2day 19 Jan 10

[탑] 여기가 우리가 함께할 장소.

TOP:  This is the place where we stay together.

Whoa! After Seungri invaded GD’s me2day, it is now TOP who is invading it.

Translations: zai
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There was a very random poll about GDragon Vs 2PM.

Today I accidently found out the result from Arirang.

Think GD won although the match seemed to be unfair. 1 Vs 6
The poll is radom and kind of they put shinee photo instead of 2pm???

 source :soompi /missARROGANT


* i wonder where is this from?

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Big Bang Auction Event Photo 2009

Credit: samigd @ ibigbang fansite  &


WITH G-Dragon Campaign

During the first solo concert of  G-Dragon’s ‘Shine a Light’, a fund raising was made with the help of the VIPs and other peop