GD performed @ Pierrot Strike Grand Openning party12/12/09

posted on 14 Dec 2009 14:47 by moomooae

Shaun Evaristo blogs about GD's concert+ extra.

Source:Shaun Evaristo's tumblr

QUOTE ( @ TUE Dec 8 2009)
GD’s sold out concert. 15,000 people. sold out show and screaming that made me go deaf. jk. a great audience esp, the 2nd day. the show was great!! fun, funny, exciting are just a few of the things the concert brought forward.
i really like what this dude has to offer, its like he’s got a bunch of personalities and plays each part really well. from rapping, to singing, to dancing, acting and creating something thats challenging for him. i appreciate artists that push themselves because i do the same. even if people like it or not…..if its violent, or t