[MV] A Boy - Let Me Hear Your Voice

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G-Dragon #1 Best Style in All About Celebrity


If you remember a few weeks ago G-Dragon and Seungri attended the Phillip Lim Store Opening, among other famous stars, known for their fashion. TV Show ‘All About Celebrity’ went over the celebrities there and picked the Best Dressed one.

They did it by rounds, G-Dragon against Shin Hyun Joon first which G-Dragon won (4-0) then G-Dragon proceeded against Seo In Young, again G-Dragon won (4-0) and the last round was G-Dragon against Yoon Eun Hye, however G-Dragon won (3-1) with his unique and hip-hop style. It helps that two of the judges were girls & they were G-Dragon fans, they said they liked him a lot and found him very cute. At the end G-Dragon claimed the ‘Best of the Best’ style!

credits to: alee @ ibigbang.wordpress.com & http://bigbangvip.net/jamie09

 NEWS:Message from YG [2009.11.12]

GD-me2day 12 nov.09


짜잔 이게뭘까∼요!?ㅎㅎ 전이제한국이에요 열심히준비해야될일들이 산덤이ㅜ 응원많이해주시고많이오셔서 즐겨요!미치게해줄께^^

How about this∼yo!? Hehe. I get back to Korea now. It’s going to be hard to prepare for it ㅜ Come cheer me on at the concerts if you can! I’ll make you crazy about me^^

The Set List can be read:

G-Dragon Concert Set List

1. Boy Band Install a mock up of a recording studio on stage. - Video technician. 
2. Heartbreaker (Original Version) Band Remix the original intro/the opening of the song
3. Breathe MR Perform with a bed
4. Butterfly - -





Well, not just crazy about you, you have me at hello, Ji Yong!


The original tweets by Ji Yong can be found <>

Credit: Ji Yong@지드래곤님의 미투데이   &  http://teambigbang.wordpress.com/

The huge title caption quoting GD as saying "my ultimate goal is to marry a Japanese"

GD mentioned that he was surprised by how beautiful Japanese women were ^^ He told the reporter that he was going to start studying Japanese right away! [lol] Dae then said that GD had been looking through a Japanese magazine that day and had been captivated by what he saw ♥ In response, GD stated he was going to marry a Japanese woman. Taeyang then reminds everyone how GD just decided he was going to do this today [haha].

Translation:seiji gaku@omonatheydidnt

yo ma heart heart heart heart breaker!!!!...lol
I see many heartbroken non-Japanese fans=(..including me..lol..jk
let me guess that beautiful girl must be Aoi Yu

oh yess..he looks hot here..and that smile is cute^^

credit: http://www.soompi.com/GDCL

「魁!音楽番付Eight」091112 BIGBANG


{NEWS} G-Dragon is Psy’s Champion

PSY revealed in a recent interview that he thinks G-Dragon is a very good role model and the most talented out of all the idols.

As a songwriter, he was asked about his hoobaes and he answered, "In terms of talent, it'sBig Bang. Especially, G-Dragon. He's so good. Idols that do real music and just plain idols have different futures ahead of them. If the idols right now can do music independently and compose themselves, they will have the same energy and passion they have right now 10 years later. G-Dragon will be one of them."

He also spoke about the plagiarism controversy surrounding G-Dragon, "It depends on the person who's listening. Regardless, from that incident, I'm sure he's grown a lot."

Psy continued to compliment the Big Bang leader, "Aside from the publicized controversy, I still have big hopes for G-Dragon's next work. If I have any kind of expectations, I just hope for something that is his own and authentic as his next project."

091108 Big Bang at FM Yokohama [Kira Kira Time]

English translation 091108 Big Bang at FM Yokohama [Kira Kira Time]

English translation Bigbang on BAY FM radio 09/11/06

Big Bang in The Television Weekly 「週刊ザ・テレビジョン」 Magazine

091112 YG's Message
- G-Dragon's stopping all broadcasting activities & shows so he can concentrate on his solo concert on December 5th & 6th.
- GD's also planning a huge surprise event of some sort (YG's a tease so he wouldn't reveal what exactly it is)
- News about Se7en & Gummy's albums is going to be out soon
- You can tell YG's a tease because he says "That's all for today, I just wanted to leave a mysterious hint about the surprise event." UGH.
- And at the end he says "Youngbae~ HWA! I! TING!"

Credits: bigbangnyuh @ therealivipsubs         http://bigbangvip.net/

091109 LQ bigbang

「ミヤネ屋」091110 BIGBANG


[MV] A Boy 


Boy MV seems have a lot of hidden message. But it's no right or wrong answer about what you think of this MV. I'm not the type of person that think really deep but I still want to share with you guys what I think about this MV. And I hope to read yours too. I'm not really good at English so bare with me biggrin.gif
The whole concept of GD's solo album is the apple, representing his heart. I think it has another meaning in this Mv. There are 2 apples in the beginning, a red one and a glass one. The foetus is inside the glass apple, take nutritive from it. I think the glass one is his passion for music.
GD uses 2 things to symbolize him in this MV, the golden face (sorry don't know what it's called but you know what I mean right? biggrin.gif) and the robot. The golden face is only what people in the outside think of him, the truth is that face is not gold, it's rusty metal. The lives of celebrities are not all luxury like what people think. They are You can see the golden face and the robot were both tied by a lot of wires, so tight that the golden face was damaged. The wires as many of you may guess, are the criticisms. The criticisms are also like the bullets that shoot at the apple at the beginning.
The part that interests me the most is when the glass apple is broken. His passion for music was hurt so much that it's broken. GD keeps singing "Come back to me now". He reminds himself not to let his passion go. And the pieces stick together. The golden face comes back to its form. The robot fights to be free from all the wires. GD recovers from all the harsh criticisms and be even stronger
There are many other interesting details in the MV too. Like the part "fighting against the worsened headache", we have a brain inside the apple means it's actually his heart that hurts a lot. That's why the heart transfered into
a pen. He writes lyrics that are his philosophy. He pours out his heart, like the apple is sliced into pieces. Or a green apple turns into a red one. I think it's the transformation, the grow up as a person and as an artist.
That's my thoughts about the Boy MV, what do you think? I've never write this much before in this thread biggrin.gif
CREDIT:http://www.soompi.com// ;heartsongs

G-Dragon's Perfectionism Delayed His Music Video Release

Source: Daily K Pop News

Big Bang member G-Dragon released the music video for his song "A Boy" on Monday.

This is the fourth music video he is releasing from his first solo album following the videos for songs "Heartbreaker", "Breathe" and "Butterfly."

"We were going to release the video back when he had been promoting the song but G-Dragon requested to hold additional shoots for it so its release got delayed," his agency YG Entertainment said. The 21-year-old singer had promoted the song in mid-October.

YG went onto explain that they combined actual video of G-Dragon with 2D image for the music video, like was done for "Butterfly".

G-Dragon, currently in Japan to promote his group's third single, is set to hold his first solo concert titled "Shine A Light" at the Olympic Park on December 5 and 6.

The "Light" concert will feature performances from the singer and songwriter, plus a candid look into his 10-year journey turning from a YG trainee into the leader of boy band Big Bang.

Source: asiae.co.kr




Big Bang - Let Me Hear Your Voice Eng Sub

the track “Let Me Hear Your Voice” has been selected as the theme for the new Tokyo Broadcasting System romantic comedy Ohitorisama




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