G-DRAGON me2DAY 4Nov.09

톱사마의탄죠비를기념하여 비끄방이직접케익을만들었다!근데망했어..ㅜ암튼 생일추카해 맹∼∼ 

Translation: For TOP sama's birthday Big Bang (GD actually wrote 비끄방 instead of 비방 because 비끄방is how you pronounce Big Bang in Japanese hehe) made a cake all alone! But we screwed it up.. *sob* ANYWAYS happy birthday maeng~~


Translation: It's TOP sama's birthday

Credit: Gd's me2day & BB's Soompi/  & http://bbviplover.exteen.com

Pics from the Official Big Bang Japanese Site


credit: http://www.bbvipz.com/

 ‘Hite Beer CF’

credit: http://www.bbvipz.com/

Happy Birth Day to TOP 04nov.

Big Bang - Hallelujah MV

credit: TheYGmusic

G-Dragon’s album no longer suitable for minors

If you were planning on visiting Korea to buy G-Dragon's first solo album in person, don't count on it. That is...if you're a minor. On the morning of November 3rd (KST), G-Dragon's solo album Heartbreaker was declared unsuitable for children or anyone under the legal age (which is 19 in Korea).

After analyzing the lyrics of G-Dragon's songs "She's Gone" and "Korean Dream" off his album, officials deemed the lyrics too inappropriate for children. According to officials, "She's Gone" has an underlying suggestive meaning of drug use, while "Korean Dream" promotes an inappropriate "dream" of Korea. The title track of the album, "Heartbreaker," was said to be an automatic no-no for the young adult community. It's funny that they don't mention the most obvious one--"Breathe." G-Dragon clearly says, "You and me hardcore, baby. Let's do it some more. I can't breathe..." which I think is more suggestive than the other three songs.

These songs will not be available on television before 10pm, and his album cannot be purchased by anyone under the age of 19. The album, after selling nearly 200,000 copies by the end of September, will soon have the "19 only" sticker on it. Distributors who fail to comply will be issued a severe punishment or a heavy fine. Koreans seem to really take censorship seriously, don't they?

credit: allkpop.com .   http://bigbangvip.net

YG “There will be no modifications made to G-Dragon’s songs”

Earlier G-Dragon, leader of Big Bang, had two of his songs, from his first solo album, declared as ‘harmful to the youth’ by the Youth Protection Council.

To this YG Officials stated, “We should respect the decision made by the Committee of Protection for the Youth,” but “we will not modify or correct any of the lyrics.” that was their position on the matter.

According to the Youth Protection Council, they recently examined the two songs, “She’s Gone” and “Korean Dream” from G-Dragon’s recent solo album “Heartbreaker” and came to the decision that they are harmful to the youth.

YG clearly stated, “Those songs are the song itself as it is, there will be no changes, so no modifications will be made to the lyrics of the songs.” he reiterated.

Credits: Aleee @ibigbang.wordpress  :    http://bigbangvip.net/

Big Bang’s new ‘Hite Beer CF’ Behind-the-scene Photos!

Some pics of the boys filming their new ‘Hite Beer CF’ have been going around. Once again we don’t see Seungri because he is underage. That pic up there, haha priceless.eww wtf is that?haha GD what did you see? I wonder. Anyways his hair looks hot! He would melt that ice in a second! TOP looks so sexy with that long hair! I’m loving these pictures, the guys look extremely hot! The set for this CF looks really cool and fancy, I can’t wait to see it, I’m loving the concept.

http://ibigbang.wordpress.com/ by alee

 G-Dragon and Sandara Park chosen as idols who could pursue acting

Sidus HQ Training Center C.A.S.T. by iHQ, a center for training actors in Korea, took a survey of which idol star would succeed in acting.

The survey was open for 5 days from October 28th to November 1st and in the end Big Bang's G-Dragon won 217 votes taking the lead for the male category and 2NE1's Sandara Park won 292 votes doing the same for the female category.

The runner-ups were Ok Taecyeon of 2PM and Sulli of f(x). Taecyeon earned 174 votes while Sulli earned 143 votes. Though SHINee's Minho lost by a lot he came in third with 16 votes. SNSD's Yuri was third for the girls with 114 votes.

The people who took the survey reasoned that G-Dragon has given great acting performances in Big Bang's music videos and he always gives a powerful performance on stage. People also commented that if he became an actor he could take on any kind of role from a cute boy to a charismatic guy.

For Sandara Park, she has already had some experience in acting and she looks very young for her age so she could play younger and older parts. She's also famous for having all kinds of facial expressions which could come in handy for her acting.

2nd place Taecyeon was chosen because of his acting as a "beast" on stage as well as his ability to pull off many different styles. Sulli has also had past acting experience when she was young and always manages to look camera-ready.

Minho has the looks that could get him a part on Boys Over Flowers, which in people's opinions affects one's acting skills. For Yuri, she seems to have a pure and innocent image that could work well with acting.

I know G-Dragon or Sandara Park will most likely win this one but think about it. This is not a poll on who has the most amount of play counts on your iPod.

credit: allkpop.com.   http://bigbangvip.net




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