GD with fans




Earlier we reported on YG Entertainment's decision to give fans a triple dose of G-Dragon, and on October 23, the heartbreaker will be giving his last installment for this set of promotions!

GomTV posted the MV release date recently and a representative just confirmed that the music video is scheduled to be released this Friday. First we had Heartbreaker, then Breathe, and now... Butterfly? That's right, GD's turning in the falsetto voice for the

Many fans are probably scratching their heads as to why Butterfly was chosen for the last MV of the threesome, since previous sources plus the teaser at the end of Breathe was clearly pointed to A Boy. What do you think, are you disappointed that you won't be hearing more of that falsetto in Breathe, or are you excited to see the GD crooning Butterfly to you this Friday?
sources :alkpop


credit: taijizero1


 credit: 0818.@ dcgd, erorgirl,The G @ BBVipz gonyang, bigbangpop ,soompi // bbviplover

 Bang Lotte Duty Free Shop Photoshoot

 Credit : 쏘쏭 @ bbvipz
           : Bigbangaholic @

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