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*After shooting his first solo stage he had a short meeting with the media and said, "I usually don't get nervous but today I did. It's been a long time since I've performed in Korea but when I saw my fans I got less nervous and enjoyed performing. I've prepared 3 months for the 'Heartbreaker' performance. In the past Bigbang performances I haven't showed much of my dancing so it may be a little weird to see me dancing but I'll try my best to show another side of myself. Many people like Yang Hyunsuk, Teddy, Kush, Taeyang etc. gave a lot of advice. Whenever there was stuff that I didn't know I asked Taeyang who had the solo experience. Its natural that I feel a lack of something after my performance; my first stage was delayed a lot so I think the expectancy dropped a little. However I will improve so the fans can look foward to my performances. If I had to mark my stage today I would give it a 4 out of 10."

*G-Dragon said, "My favourite song in this album is 'Boy. For these solo album activities my goal isn't to become more popular, but is to show a more mature side of myself that I wasn't able to do in Bigbang. I have a lot of stories of myself in the album. A lot of people don't really take idol stars so seriously, but I hope they change their understanding of idol artists and realize that its not easy for us."

*Inkigayo hits 14.1% for the average audience share (best I've seen is around 12%)- probably because of GD's comeback stag





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