GD come back KR & NYLON Sept. Issue - G-Dragon Interview

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NYLON Sept. Issue - G-Dragon Interview

Before the shooting team arrived, there was already another shoot going on. G-Dragon was shooting pictures for the jacket of his first solo album. However the scene where white gowns and needles were scattered was quickly clean up and started the cover shoots. G-Dragon's face was darkish. His new concept for his solo album is his blond hair, but since he wanted to keep it a secret until the release; he said that we wore black hats even on the very hot days. He was quicker and calmer than I thought, and he enjoyably posed various poses so that the photographer didn't even need to order him around. He was the first male model decorating the cover for so make-up artist Im Hae-Kyung wanted to give a strong feeling. "Since G-Dragon's eyes aren't that big we always pay attention to his eye make-up and this time he's the cover model so I paid more attention to his eye lining to give a more stronger feel. The key point of his look today is the blond hair so I barely put any color on his lips." I asked G-Dragon if he wasn't hungry and tired because of the shoots since morning without eating. G-Dragon gave us a manly answer "I have a lot of energy and I think of photo shoots as playing- I enjoy it